Vampires are supernatural creatures, found in various myths and folklore around the world, that feed on the life essence of humans- most commonly, blood. Vampires in Hellsing have notable traits such as sharp fangs and hunger for blood. They also are harmed by sunlight, although very strong vampires, such as Alucard, are mostly resistant to such weaknesses.


Super StrengthEdit

Vampires are greatly stronger than a normal human being, able to use and lift large weapons that a normal human could not.


The vampires are immortals but can be killed.

High InvulnerabilityEdit

Vampires are extremely resistant to conventional injuries. Decapitation or impaling their heart is often understood as only real killing chance against a vampire, though Alucard is able to almost instantly reform from seemingly any damage with little to no effort. Blessed or silver weaponry are extremely effective against all but the most powerful undead such as Alucard or Seras Victoria.


A vampire can read and speak directly into the minds of those they have sucked blood from. This power was said to extend to all beings in the TV series, but is never used this way in the Manga or OVA. A Vampire can also manipulate the minds of weaker-willed beings, an ability Pip referred to as a "Sex Beam" (since the waiter Alucard used his telepathic hypnosis on had a strangely blissful expression afterwards).


Shape-shifting or polymorphing is an ability of true vampires in the series.

Ability to commandEdit

A vampire has the ability to create and command several different kinds of underlings, including Servant Vampires, Familiars, and Ghouls.


True vampires can levitate and sometimes fly.

Blood taking/lettingEdit

Upon taking blood into themselves, a Vampire can take the entire essence of a person or non human into themselves including their memories and powers.


Silver and blessed weaponsEdit

Most vampires as well as ghouls and werewolves are susceptible to injuries caused by weapons containing silver, such as bullets or blades, or even becoming in contact with it. Blessed weapons and holy artifacts are also extremely harmful to them. The exact requirements and effects of various blessed and/or silver-alloyed weapons are not explained.

Blood dependencyEdit

Most vampires must take in blood in order to maintain their power. Even Alucard was reduced to corpse-like state during his hibernation over many years after the second world war until rejuvenated by Integra Hellsing's blood.

Crossing moving bodies of waterEdit

Vampires cannot cross open bodies of water, which are implicated to be fatal to them.


Some vampires, usually lesser ones, are harmed, to some extent, by daylight.

Other weaknessesEdit

The usual legendary methods of defeating a vampire are mentioned by Integra to also work in the Hellsing world including "Garlic, Holy Water, Wooden Stakes, and Decapitation". However, none of these are ever shown in practice in the series.