Takeshi Yotora
Takeshi Yoyo
Also Known As The Iron Meister
The Blue Knight
The Blue Dragon
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 6'9"
Weight 280 lbs.
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Kingdom Luxuria (formerly)
Occupation Knight

Demon Hunter

Bounty Unknown
Family Alicia (Sister)
Cade (Brother)
Jack (Brother)
Allies The WG
Enemies The RA
Status Alive
Image Gallery

Takeshi Yotora or simply Takeshi is a powerful Meister, Demon Hunter, Shinobi, and Knight originally hailing from Luxuria. He eventually left Luxuria in order to travel around kingdoms as a nomad, but after the second crisis he soon became part of the World Government, where he operates now. 


Takeshi is usually depicted as being a finely built man with many "unusual" features, being shown to be very tall, standing at 6'9", and he is also very muscular, even more so than Grey. Takeshi is depicted as having white, somewhat-spiky, slicked back hair which is believed to be natural. Along with this he has tanned skin, compared to the pale and somewhat fair skin of others in the Requiem Universe. His eyes are a light crystal blue, almost silver, that are considered stunning by most females and is even considered a charm.

Takeshi usually is depicted as wearing a black, sleeveless, katchin-like armor vest with silver steel trimmings. Over this he wears a blue cloak-thing that is held on by two decorated pins and a single string, it also seems to make up for his vests' lack of sleeves. For pants he wears normal, black pants to go with his vest, which it is also covered by many belt-like katchin straps; in which it is unknown if it is for protection, or simply decoration. Over this he wears a blue waist-cape that goes with the before-mentioned cloak, in which it is held on by a metal plate. Another metal plate is seen at his collar, but is just for decoration.


Not much can be said about Takeshi's personality; as he isn't a very open person. Originally a kind child, the constant abuse from his father and the constant mistreatment by his peers left him as a cold person who has gaven up on the world. Takeshi is a very silent man, preferring not to talk in battle unless he absolutely feels the need to, and it's usually a response if he feels the need. Takeshi does not talk much, but it is shown when he actually speaks that he is an arrogant person who believes his skill to be above all others. He is, however, obedient to his higher-ups and does not disobey their orders...usually. 


Takeshi was born in Luxuria to the king and his wife. He was spoiled, all his life, with many things. He got basically everything he wanted. But, he was abused at the same time by his father. Along with abuse, he was often left out of many activities with his friends, due to his special "gift" they believed it would be unfair if he participated; as he would have the advantage. Because of this, he shut himself off from everyone which lead to him eventually being bullied, despite being the prince. Takeshi never told anyone of this, not even his father, which lead to even more bullying. He finally responded by using his "gift" to harm them, but he couldn't control it and it infact killed them. He kept this a firm secret, burning the bodies so they wouldn't be found.

Takeshi's life seemed to go back to normal after the incident, and he started taking an academy for meister's, which he excelled at and was considered a prodigy amongst students, his weapon partner's being his three siblings, Cade, Alicia, and Jack. He graduated years later, and left his kingdom to travel amongst others with his siblings. They encountered many challenges throughout their journey, but always prevailed and kept moving on. Takeshi became world renowned as the man who has killed over a million knights; a title he is proud of.

After the Second Crisis; Takeshi woke up in the middle of an island with his siblings, wondering what had happened. He searched around the island, but did not find anything that could tell them where they were located. About a year after, the new Area's had just been established, and he was living peacefully with his siblings in Area 7.  After a few months, he was located by the World Government, and they requested that he join them in order to catch several criminals. He at first refused the offer, but after they promised to pay him a very large sum of bounty, he grudgingly accepted and began his life as a soldier for the World Government.


Takeshi, as a member of four occupations, has many useful abilities that he uses to their fullest extent. These abilities range from kekkei tota to even holy items such as black keys. Takeshi does his best to make sure that he picks out his abilities to use in a fight carefully, as he has a wide variety.

Dust ReleaseEdit

Dust Release is an advanced nature kekkei tōta, an advanced version of kekkei genkai, which is created through simultaneous use of the earth, wind, and fire natures. The techniques of this nature initially form as a small three-dimensional object (e.g. a cube, a cone, etc.) composed of chakra that forms between the user's hands. When the technique is released, the form expands and surrounds the target. This nature allows the user to manipulate molecules, giving them the ability to disintegrate anything on a molecular level within the boundaries of the three-dimensional form. Dust Release techniques seem to require a certain amount of time when preparing the three-dimensional object, making it possible to prematurely halt the technique before it is completed, but once it's finished, the technique can be fired with astonishing speed. The hands also play a crucial role in preparation of techniques, interfering with the user's arms can hinder the technique. Dust Release techniques also appear to be rather chakra-taxing.

Dark ReleaseEdit

Dark Release is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that can be used to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from an opponent. Takeshi used techniques of this nature through a mark on his left hand. This mark resembles two diamonds, one overlapping the other. Chakra is absorbed through the upper square, while it is released and manipulated through the lower. It is unknown what elements this nature entails.

Scorch ReleaseEdit

Scorch Release is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai. This nature creates chakra that is capable of heating up an enemy to the point where all the liquid inside their body evaporates, killing the victim and leaving them a desiccated corpse. It is suggested that this nature is comprised of fire and wind elements. Soul WavelengthTakeshi has a strong soul, meaning his soul is powerful enough to be worth at least 99 normal human souls. Takeshi is very skilled in using his wavelength in combat without even using a weapon partner, only using his body. This makes his strikes insanely powerful, especially when combined with his already large level of strength. He can very easily shatter cement and pretty much any metal (not to mention bone) while using his wavelength. With a weapon partner, he becomes even stronger, mostly when he has all three of his weapon partners.

Soul Wavelength AbilitiesEdit

Soul Menace: is a move originally created by Stein but used later by Black Star, Grey, and Takeshi. The technique is a form of self resonance which is only known to be usable by a select number of individuals. By resonating with one's own soul the user can drive their own soul wavelength directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them. The incompatible Wavelength can cause strong direct and internal damage, it is even capable of damaging someone who is being protected by black blood. It is later discovered by Black Star and Kid that the Soul Menace technique is enhanced by water as water seemingly conducts soul wavelength energy better than air does. Soul Enhancement: This basically allows Takeshi to channel his Soul Wavelength through his body to greatly increase his speed and strength. It only works for short bursts, but it can be incredibly effective, mostly when coupled with Takeshi's already amazing strength and speed.


A bible is very dangerous in the hands of a Demon Hunter like Takeshi. For one, it lets him have an unlimited number of Black Keys, a powerful weapon for the hunting of demons and monsters. It also gives him the power to give any weapon holy properties, allowing it to kill demons and the like as well. Finally, when a certain verse of the bible is spoken by Takeshi, he gains a massive power boost. This multiplies all of his abilities, not just the ones to hunt demons. This is of course very useful, as even without the power boost Takeshi is incredibly powerful, but with it he's nearly unbeatable.

Black KeysEdit

Black Keys are charms used by Demon Hunters to repel demons. They take the form of long rapier-like swords (although they are generally thrown as a dagger or used to stab opponents). They are considered to be symbolic and have weak attack power, but its attack power is still enough to pierce through concrete walls. The amount of skill required to properly wield them causes the Black Keys not to be used often. They excel at interfering with and damaging spiritual phenomena rather than damaging them physically. The effect on beings like Servants is minimal but they are very effective against the creatures that are being hunted down by the organization, like the Vampire's and Ghouls. If they hit the shadow of a target, the target will be unable to move their body, leaving them to the mercy of Takeshi. It could also be used to track down and seal or injure a target until Takeshi tells it to stop doing so, or unless it is destroyed or neutralized by an outside force.

Pandora's BoxEdit

Pandora's Box is an extremely important spell book held by Takeshi and Takeshi only. The book holds an almost infinite number of spells which can do a variety of things. It can be used to summon monsters, demons, etc. It also grants whoever wields it an infinite amount of chakra, something that can be extremely useful. The book can very well be destroyed, but only by a holy/demonic weapon, or by a very powerful attack. Takeshi wields this book with great pride, even calling it his greatest possession.