Taikei Senju
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Also Known As The Cocky Warrior

The Blue Senju

The Silver Eagle

The Fastest Man Alive

Age 20
Gender Male
Height 6'7"
Weight 261 lbs.
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Kingdom Acedia (Formerly)

Luxuria (Formerly)

Occupation Shinobi
Level 43
Experience 20,000/43,000
Bounty Beli 1,129,535
Family Katu (Cousin)
Allies Dusk
Enemies WA
Status Alive
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Taikei SenjuTaikei, or simply Tai is a shinobi and hunter from the kingdom of Acedia. He is also the main RP character of Tobi 7900


Tai is a well built man of average height, with a fair complexion. Tai is usually depicted as having unusual light-golden eyes that shine when in sunlight. Along with these eyes, he has an unusual hair color of light blue; in which his hair is also naturally spiked up with one large bang falling to the left.

For clothing, Taikei wears a dull silver armor created out of steel. His shoulder pads are large metallic plates which have multiple silver rectangular pieces coming from them for decoration. Under these he wears normal blackish-grey katchin straps. For his chest he wears armor of the same silver substance which is depicted with two leaves for decoration, and over this he wears a light blue scarf/stash thing. On his forearms he wears two guards w/ gloves, the arm guards have a design which appears to be two curved lines interlapping with eachother, and a diamond shaped plate just above them over the black gloves. For protection on his waist he wears metal plates that go with the before-mentioned armor. For pants, he wears normal black cloth-pants that stop at his ankles and are covered above the knees by four katchin straps bolted together. Tai also wears leg guards that match his before-mentioned arm guards in that they have the same curved interlapping lines pattern with diamond shaped shin plates from above. These guards connect with his silver boots.


Taikei is a very arrogant person; believing himself to be above all others in both skill and intelligence, and he isn't far from wrong with intelligence. Even as a child, Tai has shown to be extremely smart in both battle tactics and economic teachings. Tai was always very spoiled and rich, so he grew to be arrogant and cocky. Under this superiority-complex, Tai is actually a very kind person who wishes he wasn't so arrogant and that he would be able to actually make friends. But he denies all suggestions of this, saying that it's "pure blasphemy". Tai seems to make an exception around his cousin Katu, treating him with more respect than he does to a complete random stranger, but still believes himself to be above his cousin. Even though he feels this, he can actually hide his arrogance extremey well and actually usually only shows it in battle.


Tai was born in the kingdom of Acedia to a Uzumaki/Uchiha mother and a Senju father who was indeed, the dictator of Acedia, so they were very rich. Taikei grew up spoiled by his parents and lived a very happy life. Tai almost always got what he wanted; no matter what it was. But due to this, he grew to be a snotty child, and therefore, did not have many friends to keep him company. Tai's mother was a very kind woman, and she was kind of one of those fun mothers who would tease you, yet make you laugh. However, she believed in discipline and did not like it when Tai's father spoiled him when he did nothing to earn it.

When Tai was only six years old, his mother began training him to become a shinobi. Tai nearly excelled at everything he was taught; although the training was very rough. Eventually, Tai's mother (named Selan) threw him out into the forest while Taikei was sleeping. Tai, lost and confused, easily panicked without his parents; calling out their names rapidly. However, Tai's unnaturally large levels of chakra and magic circuits attracted many hunters; who also learned he was the prince of Acedia. One night, they hunted Tai down and ambushed him while he was picking berries. Shocked, Tai was beaten rather easily in the beginning. However, using his instincts, he knocked a hunter down and stole his kunai, stabbing him in the throat, then throwing it into another hunter's neck. He grabbed the bow and arrow of the previously killed hunter, and aimed carefully; shooting an arrow straight into one's eye. Tai grabbed the other arrows and fled.

Tai lived for several months on his own, constantly training both his physical ability and his archery skills. He became an excellent marksman; commonly hunting deer and rabbits. However, he also tried farming; but due to his poor farming knowledge, this failed. So, Taikei just continued hunting whatever animal was in the forest. He liked his life relatively well, but he indeed felt that his parents didn't want him and became depressed.

Two years later, at the age of nine, Tai was once again found by the hunters; but this time they came prepared. They paralyzed him by sending a strong electrical charge throughout his nervous system; strong enough to knock him out. They captured him and put him in a cell somewhere in Luxuria. Trapped there for weeks, Tai was only given the tiniest bit of water and food. Eventually, his father talked with the Luxurian government and in order to prevent war; they ordered the release of his son.

Tai returned home proudly, however he became far more distant from his mother and instead grew closer to his father. His father himself began training Tai, and he did a very good job at it. Again, like with his mother, Tai excelled at nearly everything he was taught; learning the ways of the shinobi quickly and becoming a warrior in his own right. However, Tai wasn't even the best he could be because he had learned to greatly distrust his parents; and so was very upset on the inside which prevented him from doing everything he could. Tai became very distant from everyone, except for his cousin and best friend; Katu Otsutsuki. One day, Tai had met Katu when their parents were speaking to each other about family business. They just began talking and soon started hanging out. Taikei commonly went to their house to hang out, as everyone in the family seemed to like him.

Eventually, the slaughtering of the Otsutsuki family took place, and Tai was once again alone. However, he did not show his pain openly; rather bragging about his skill to the people he knew. On the inside, Tai was very alone and depressed; and a lot of times even crying himself to sleep. In order to make sure that he would survive in the world due to his insecurity, he joined the Demon Hunter organization at a very young age.

About four years later, the hunters from long ago had come to take the head of Tai's father and Tai's family after the Luxurian government became slowly more corrupted, giving the hunters a chance to kill the family. The hunters seemingly assassinated all the guards of the castle and then moved into the house itself. They spotted the sleeping king with his wife, but due to Taikei's status as a sensor type, he found the hunters quickly and alerted his sleeping parents. The hunters quickly decided to take out Taikei first, and so they shot an arrow into his shoulder and knee, causing him to fall to the floor. The king quickly took out his dagger and fought off most of the hunters, killing some in the process. However, he was quickly knocked out when a hunter pushed his head against a wall.

Taikei picked up a bow and arrow from one of the dead hunters and aimed it; however a hunter grabbed his mother and held her in a chokehold. This hunter, the leader, was bloody and had multiple stab wounds. Tai nearly dropped the bow and arrow; but then he remembered what his mother had done to him years before. Overcome with hatred and anger, he shot the arrow quickly into her head. The leader, shocked, let go of the dead queen as another arrow shot through his eye; two more following and hitting his forehead. The leader dropped dead as Tai rushed to help his father up, however, due to his knee injuries, fell and hit his head on the floor; knocking him out.

Taikei woke up in a hospital with most of his injuries nearly fully healed; however, he did not remember much of the incident that occured beforehand. Tai was allowed to leave the next day; where he returned home to his father. His father welcomed his son home warmly, and let him back in. Taikei soon enough learned about what had happened with the hunters, and was extremely angry at the fact some got away unharmed. Taikei was ready to get revenge on every single one; packing his things and letting his father know that he was leaving for Luxuria. His father was already in somewhat of an argument with the Luxurian King. Taikei left some days later to Luxuria.

The journey was a rather easy one as Tai knew many of the shortcuts to get to other kingdoms. When Tai arrived in Luxuria, the guards of the entrance to the main city were very skeptical to letting an outsider such as Taikei inside. The guards decided to test Taikei's strength in skill by putting him against an elite task force of the Luxurian military. Confident he would lose, they even gifted Taikei a red lance to counter the task forces' weapons. The battle was fast; with barely any blood left to be seen on the ground. Taikei had used his speed tactics to use a hit-and-run approach; quickly killing the taskforce. He slit the neck of the first with his lance, then moved quickly to the second and threw the lance through his chest; moving past him and grabbing the bloody lance as it exited his body. He then took out the third and fourth by using water release to splash them; then quickly using lightning release to shock them and ended them both by slitting both of their throats with Gae Bolg. The fifth and final member, terrified, backed up slowly on the ground until he reached a wall; where the last thing he saw was Taikei's devilish smile as he stabbed his lance into the member's heart.

The soldiers, completely terrified at Taikei's pure skill and power, allowed him into the city. At first, Taikei simply travelled the city for days; sleeping on the rooftops of random houses. However, Taikei soon enough began his search for the hunters that had assaulted him multiple times. He finally found answers when he went to the King himself and asked him about where he could find them. The King decided to use Tai's hunt for his own advantage as the hunters had become a nuisance to him, by telling him their most possible hideout and promising large sums of cash and even a reward for killing them. Tai went to the location and found the hunters rather quickly; grabbing onto his new spear and getting in his fighting stance. The hunters were specifically angry with Taikei for all the times he managed to humiliate them in battle; and charged him recklessly. Tai's victory was swift and almost inevitable. He charged chakra and mana into gae bolg and threw it from above, and using his instinct, created multiple chakra copies of the lance that rained down upon his opponents and slaughtered most of them.

The small number that survived nontheless charged at him, ready to kill him. Tai stood in one position and grabbed an explosive kunai, throwing it infront of them. They took this as an actual attack; when in reality it was just a diversion. The only thing they heard afterwards was Taikei's voice saying "Water Style: Thick Mist Jutsu!" as heavy mist polluted the area. The hunters were unable to see in the dark, as Taikei slammed his hand down onto the ground and many sharp wooden stalks rose up and pierced the hunters rapidly. One hunter, pierced with wooden stalks, stood in a stationary position; completely immobilized. Taikei recognized him as the new leader, and approached him with Gae Bolg in his hand. The leader laughed at Taikei as he coughed up blood, looking up at him and smiling devishly in a mocking way. Tai, grabbed a kunai and threw it at his head; it hitting him square in the forehead. Tai remarked "bullseye" and cut off the head of the leader. He walked back to the king and held the head up to him victoriously; dropping it to the floor.

The king was very impressed with Taikei's prowess as a warrior and hired him as his own official guard. Taikei accepted, and he was rewarded with the three-horse driven chariot originally given to the Greek hero Achilles by the God Poseidon; Trojas Tragoidia. Tai then began his job as the king's official body guard and leader of his military. Tai led the military with prestige and honor for many years, eventually becoming known as a legend throughout the world for his speed and power. He soon enough earned the moniker The Silver Eagle. Taikei fought in many tournaments around the world on behalf of the king; and he won nearly all of them. He became known throughout the world as an invincible warrior of his time. But because of this, many assassination attempts were focused on him. But due to his sensor skills, all of them failed, with Taikei tracking down the people who attempted to assassinate him and killing them himself.

After two years, Taikei, now 17, had been there with the king to discuss the multiple "terrorist" attacks on their military's main bases. Tai was specifically tasked with training a small group of soldiers himself in order to make them stronger, faster, and overall, better. He took the soldiers in and trained only them for months; giving them FTG kunai, among other things. One day, he led his soldiers in a small battle against the rebels. The battle, although small, was fierce and bloody. The rebellion by this point was fairly used to fighting the normal, poorly trained soldiers of the Luxurian military; but Taikei's small group were like nothing they had imagined. The use of the Flying Thunder God technique completely overwhelmed the rebellion forces, and they were forced to retreat.

A month after the small skirmish and after many that had taken place between, a general in the Luxurian military named Sira was tasked with meeting Taikei to discuss military plans. Upon first seeing her, Taikei was almost instantly entranced by her beauty, although he chose not to admit it and simply began discussing plans with her. Over time and time again, Tai and Sira constantly met eachother to discuss plans; but after a while they began to reveal more things about themselves to eachother; and eventually fell in love. Despite both of them being fairly young; they decided to marry. And so they did.

A few months after the marriage, Taikei and Sira were both tasked with an important mission to stop the large rebellion force moving towards them. They brought their best soldiers and started off. Getting to the battle, they noticed the rebellion soldiers were very well prepared; as were their own men. A bloody battle began soon afterward; with both sides taking many casualties. Tai proudly led in the front of his men, killing rebel soldiers quickly with his red spear. After two nights in total, the few soldiers on the opposing side were left; but his own military force had been completely defeated; save for Sira. They both began fighting the remaining soldiers; however more soon arrived and they were without reinforcements. The truth was, the King of Luxuria had planned this all along. Growing paranoid with their budding romance, and the fact Taikei had his own group of soldiers, the King thought they were going to overthrow him. A soldier of the other side charged towards Taikei with his sword. Tai, of course, took this as a challenge and charged back with Gae Bolg ready. However, Taikei stopped, and charged his prana and chakra into the spear as it began to rain. "Gae Bolg: Barbed Spear that pierces with Death!" was heard as Taikei charged forward and appeared infront of his target, ready to strike. But the King decided to use this opportunity to take out Sira; and using his own special form of magic, switched her place with the soldier's. Blood spilled across the ground as Taikei thought he had killed the soldier. It was not until he saw the face of his wife that he died inside. She coughed up blood and grabbed her wound and the lance. Her own fingers marked with blood, she placed her palm on Taikei's cheek before telling him one more time that she loves him. She then dropped to the floor, dead.

Taikei found himself on a single hill surrounded by all of his dead comrades and even his mother and Sira. Taikei seemed to find himself back into reality when he looked behind him and saw the overwhelming number of rebellion soldiers. Overcome with much hatred, anger, and pure rage, Taikei seemed to go completely berserk. Taikei charged through the soldiers and killed them all savagely, making sure none stayed alive. A single soldier with only his torso left, crawled towards the rising sun. Tai went to him as he crawled and stuck Gae Bolg through him as he reached the cliff.

Taikei left Luxuria the same morning and began to travel around the world in a short period of time; hoping to find a better frame of mind. After a few months he realized this wasn't working; and so he returned back home to Acedia. This time, Taikei was not treated with a warm welcome; instead, his father after hearing all of these things, charged Taikei with treason for becoming a citizen of another Kingdom. Taikei was locked in a special cell by his father where he was chained up and tortured.

Taikei, now 18, found himself in the worst area he could possibly be. However, breaking free of his cell, Taikei instantly found his own way to his father. Questioning him why he would lock up his own son; his father simply responded with "..traitors are not allowed in Acedia." Taikei nearly took his spear and killed him; but he stopped himself. He left Acedia the very night that the second impact had occurred.


Tai has a wide variety of abilities that he isn't afraid to use, but usually supresses some to give his opponents a shock. Tai is not afraid to use his abilities to harm innocents if he has to, believing that "no one is innocent". These abilities include multiple kekkei genkai, senjutsu, and other things of sorts. This makes him a very adapt fighter who's ready for anything. Due to his uzumaki heritage, Tai has superb levels of chakra and stamina, being able to fight for an extremely long period before tiring out. Now after two months he has become a demon hunter, meaning his range of abilities has increased quite a lot.


Taikei, as a member of the senju clan, is very adapt with all kinds of ninjutsu. Originally starting to learn ninjutsu at age 7, he soon became extremely skilled with it. Tai uses his ninjutsu frequently in battle in a mix with his other abilities. Tai is a master of four of the five chakra natures: water, fire, earth, and lightning. Tai usually uses his lightning based chakra to make himself faster and protect him; even making Lightning Based Armor which electrically stimulates his nervous system to make him faster, more durable, and stronger. He uses the earth nature to make walls, shields, or even small fissures in the ground. His earth release is especially useful in the former and latter; and he can even create large earth quakes to throw his opponents off balance. With fire release, Tai usually uses it offensively to burn his opponents.

Wood ReleaseEdit

Wood Release is an advanced nature kekkei genkai formed through simultaneously combining earth-based chakra in one hand and water-based chakra in the other. The Wood Release can create wood as well as various plants, from simple seeds to even flowering trees. Wood and plants can be produced from any surface, including the user's own body, as the user's chakra is literally converted into a source of life. Wood Release Techniques are commonly affiliated with the Snake seal. Tai seems to possess Hashirama's version of the technique.

Lava ReleaseEdit

Lava Release is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that combines fire and earth-based chakra to create lava and related substances that can serve multi-faceted purposes. Takeshi can use this kekkei genkai to it's fullest extent, appearing to be quite experienced with it. His lava release can take the form of both Mei Terumi's and Roshi's.

Explosion ReleaseEdit

Explosion Release is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai. This chakra nature seems to give the wielder the ability to utilise explosive chakra in combat, allowing them to cause explosions in objects they come into contact with. The only known users of this nature were members of Iwagakure's Explosion Corps, but Tai later obtained it through unknown means. It is unknown what elements this nature entails.

Sage ModeEdit

Taikei has studied in the art of Sage Mode since he was 18. and has excelled at it. Tai went to Ryuchi cave at some unknown point in time and gained, of course, Snake Sage Mode. This special form of Senjutsu, or Sage Jutsu, drastically empowers all of his techniques. With sage mode came many powerful techniques, such as the ability to summon his own very large snake that he can use in battle, inorgamic reanimation, and many others.

Curse MarkEdit

Tai also has another form of senjutsu; his curse mark. Tai holds the Cursed Seal of Hell, which was considered a "failed" experiment of Orochimaru, but Tai did his research and was able to obtain it through unknown means. Tai basically perfected it into what it was supposed to be: a curse mark that turns it's user's body into an indestructible force. However, he can only use this curse mark for exactly half an hour, as with incredible power, it comes with incredible chakra to hold it.

Life Force, Longeivity, Chakra, and Chakra ControlEdit

Due to being a member of the Uzumaki and Senju Clans, Taikei's body possesses vast amounts of powerful chakra and he has an extremely strong life force which also grants him incredible longeivity and the ability to heal from any wounds his body takes much faster than that of any other humans. He has a lot of endurance, stamina, vitality, and physical energy as well. His healing abilities are so great that he can heal from minor wounds in a few minutes and major wounds in slightly less than a day. His endurance is great enough to the fact that his body can withstand a lot of punishment and damage such as being impaled, losing limbs, or even being choped in half without giving out immediately. His stamina is great enough to the point where he can fight for about a maximum of 3 days before his body gives out. However, this is dependent on how strong his opponents are. Overall, this has granted Taikei the ability to fight for extremely long extended periods of time without becoming tired at all and still having plenty of chakra left. 

Flying Thunder God Edit

The Flying Thunder God Technique is a technique created by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, which allows the user to transport themselves to a given marked location instantaneously. Due to his use of Minato Namikaze's version of this technique, Taikei has gained the moniker of "Area 11's Blue Flash". Tai most commonly applies the formula in advance to his special kunai, which he scatter's all over the battlefield when fights commence, so that they can be teleported to at any time.

Heels of HermesEdit

Heels of Hermes is a pair of boots granted to him by his sensei who died sometime ago. HoH grants him the ability to run at speeds at the speed of lightning, and also allow him to fly that fast, by growing chakra wings on them. He can also make the wings turn into pure chakra to wrap around his feet in order to make his kicks more powerful.


Tai's servant is none other than Obito Uchiha, the legendary shinobi famous for posing as Madara Uchiha and starting the Fourth Shinobi World War. Obito's noble phantasms are his eyes, the rinnegan and sharingan. He usually wears his warring states uchiha outfit except with both sleeves and no mask.

Noble PhantasmEdit

Tai holds his own Noble Phantasm that is not recorded to be held by any in history; Riptide. Riptide is a strange sword in the fact that, it adapts to it's user in order to fit their fighting needs. This makes it the perfect weapon for Tai as he can use it for many things; by charging chakra through it, he can create powerful blasts of energy similar to that of Excalibur.


Kiba is one of the famous swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. It is a pair of swords, each with slim and straight double-edged blades. Both blades also have an upward-curved bladed prong near the tip of one side of blade and another one near the base of the blade's other side.They each have been imbued with lightning, displaying enhanced cutting power in a manner similar to the high-frequency vibrations of lightning-based chakra flow. It is this capability that has resulted in these "thunderswords" being claimed as the sharpest swords in existence.


Kubikiribōchō is a massive broadsword shaped like a giant butcher knife, earning it the title of "seversword". Like the other weapons belonging to the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, the sword is passed down from generation to generation amongst the group's members, but is now in the possession of Tai.

Nine LivesEdit

Nine Lives: The Shooting Hundred Heads was the most trusted of all of Heracles' Noble Phantasms, but it is not utilized during Fate/stay night because he lacks the motor skills to use it while in the Berserker class. It originally had the form of the bow and arrows used to simultaneously exterminate the one hundred heads of the Hydra, an immortal nine-headed serpent, that would grow back no matter how many times they were cut down.Upon slaying the Hydra, he became able to utilize techniques that emulate the ability of the Noble Phantasm with other weapons, transforming it into an all-purpose Noble Phantasm capable of adapting and changing how it appears depending on the target and circumstances of its use.

Gae BolgEdit

Gáe Bolg is a cursed spear with an ominous design that was obtained from Scathach in the Country of Shadows by Cú Chulainn. Its name is derived from the term for "serrated throwing weapon", ga bool’ga, evoking an image of lightning. Scathach had wished for him to slay her with the spear, but she had already ceased being mortal by the time he received it from her. It is a glory given to only the most gifted of warriors, and it was not utilized once after he left the Land of Shadows until his fight with his close friend, Ferdiad. He later used it again on his son, Connla, when he was backed into a corner during their fight. The spear leaves behind but one regret: that it has only taken away the lives of his loved ones. It killed his one and only close friend and his son that grew up in a distant land, even though it was meant to have killed one woman before them.

Dromeus CometesEdit

Dromeus Cometes: Comet Form is an ability of Taikei that is normally triggered by stepping out of his chariot, the embodiment of his fabled speed that he has claimed to have. It allows him to run through a giant battlefield in a single breath, and obstacles on the field will not slow him. Its usage with the cursed seal of hell, allows his curse mark to be disabled in the period that he does this technique; rendering him vulnerable. But few can keep up with his speed.

Trojas TragoidiaEdit

Troias Tragoidia: Tempestuous Immortal Chariot is Taikei's three-horsed chariot drawn by two immortal divine horses originally bestowed by sea god Poseidon to Achilles, Xanthos and Balius, and a great horse pillaged from a city, Pedasos. Using it, he tramples throughout the battlefield with godspeed, increasing in damage dealt proportionally to its increase in speed. It can be likened to a "giant galloping lawnmower" at its highest speed.

Excalibur GalatineEdit

Excalibur Galatine: The Reborn Sword of Victory  is the shining sword that Sir Gawain possessed, and now Taikei. It is the sister-sword of Excalibur, also originally owned by the Lady of the Lake, but it is not as well known as a holy sword and rarely mentioned due to having its legend hidden in the shadow of King Arthur's holy sword. While Excalibur collects the lights from the planet, Taikei's holy sword is said to represent the rays of heat from the sun with a Pseudo-Sun contained in the hilt. Grey has the providence of the night from the pedigree of the goddess of the moon, Alto and Artemis, and Taikei is the warrior who receives the blessing of the sun. It is similar to its owner in that it shows its greatest power at noon, making visible the unsurpassed sharpness of the edge that can slice cleanly through both a shield and full metal armor of an enemy soldier. Differing from Excalibur's centralized slash of light that destroys castles, Galatine brings forth a broad wave, radiation-type attack that completely annihilates an enemy army. Its sun characteristic is reflected in its activation like rays of heat from the sun.

Eight GatesEdit

After five months, Tai has learned to use the ability Eight Gates. This ability allows you to open a specific amount of the eight inner chakra gates. Each gate you open, the more your physical ability is increased; but the more damaged your body becomes. As if you open all eight, you will die and your body will turn to ash. 1. The Gate of Opening (開門, Kaimon), located in the brain, removes the restraints of the brain on the muscles so 100% of the user's strength can be used whereas normally, a person can only use 20% of their muscles' strength to keep them from disintegrating. Unlocking this gate allows the user to use the Front Lotus. 2. The Gate of Healing (休門, Kyūmon; English TV "The Gate of Rest"), located in the brain, forcibly increases the user's physical strength and temporarily re-energises the body. 3. The Gate of Life (生門, Seimon), located on the spinal cord, allows the user to use the Reverse Lotus. The increased blood flow turns the skin red. 4. The Gate of Pain (傷門, Shōmon), located on the spinal cord, increases the user's speed and power. May cause muscle tissue to tear on use. 5. The Gate of Limit (杜門, Tomon; English TV "The Gate of Closing"), located in the abdomen, increases the user's speed and power. 6. The Gate of View (景門, Keimon; English TV "The Gate of Joy"), located in the stomach, increases the user's speed and power. Opening of this gate releases such enormous amounts of energy that it can cause nearby water bodies to form a vortex around the user. Once opened, capable users can perform the Morning Peacock.


If a student creates an object in the water in the glass during their water divination, they are a Conjurer. Conjuration is the ability to create a physical, independent, material object out of one's aura. Once a person has mastered the conjuration of a certain object, they can conjure it and dispel it in an instant, whenever they want. Conjuration is the only way in which Nen can create things that ordinary people (unaware of Nen) can see and touch. Furthermore, objects or entities created by this technique have a subtle "independence" to them. This means that they can continue existing even if they were at a considerable distance from the Conjurer, or even if the Conjurer themselves are not aware that they have yet to be de-materialized. However the use of In can hide an object materialized from aura from experienced users of Nen.

Conjured objects can have special abilities imbued into them. For example, the Phantom Troupe bandit, Shizuku, is able to conjure a vacuum cleaner that can infinitely suck up objects, but with the condition that it can't suck up living things and things made up of Nen. Similar to Manipulation, Conjuration abilities tend to be very specific, complex, and conditional. Conditions can be imbued into conjured objects to make them stronger. Kortopi and later Taikei, for example, is able to materialize a perfect copy of any non-living object that he touches. However, the copies of all objects generated will automatically disappear after 24 hours. 

When Tai touches an object with his left hand, his Nen ability allows him to conjure an exact replica of that object with his right hand, or vice versa. He cannot replicate living things except as inanimate objects, meaning the copies will look like corpses, and Tai is also unable to replicate another user's Nen. The replicas that he creates vanish after 24 hours, regardless of their size.