Sunny Fowl is a young Mage/Shaman who is best known for his "arsenal of friends" called the Fowl Support Squad. Sunny Fowl is not his real name, for no one really knows what it is. He gets Sunny Fowl from his Support Squad being mostly bird-like creatures and how he specializes in fire. 

Sunny Fowl
Also Known As
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 140 lbs.
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Mage and Shaman
Level 30
Experience 0
Status Alive
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Sunny is a cheery and sprightely soul and he is very bright. Sometimes he can be very sociable but he is also a loner sometimes and only likes to mingle with his Support Squad. He is intelligent can be very rash and bold sometimes but he is usually a mellow and level-headed person.


His most notable feature is his amber-orange-brown hair that spikes up. He usually wears an orange and white hoodie with jeans and fingerless gloves. Whenever he begins to use his powers, he emits a bright red and orange aura of spiritual fire and a small flame appears on his hair. His eyes also turn bright orange. If he calls on the power of his whole squad simultaneously, a vortex of bright orange and red fire will spurt from his torso.


Sunny grew up in a well known family of fire mages and was often mentored by various family members in the magical arts. He was always ambitious and so he became skilled in the blazing techniques very easily. He decided he was going to become an independent mage and so at 15 he set off on his journey alone, with nothing but food, water, and a book.

A few months later, he was training in an open field one day and his Magic Power was completely depleted and he passed out. A group of flaming, red foxes discovered him and brought him to a tribe of mystical shamans. He lost all his memories and didn't even remember his friends, family, and even his name. The shamans knew he was a mage by his aura. They raised him as their own and used his magical powers to teach him the ways of the shamans. He picked up the ability to communicate with spirits and eventually formed his own team of fire-related spirits. He eventually set off to harness his abilities, and most importantly, find out who he really is and where he really came from.


Sunny possesses the power of Fire Magic and the ability to summon and communicate with beings in the Spirit World around him.


Sunny is able to control and generate fire, heat, and lava at his own will. This involves creatin constructs, walls, and blasts. He can melt objects with a simple touch and can engulf himself without being injured. He is also able to control the temperature and heat of objects. His most notable ability is his Phoenix technique where he creates a huge fire bird construct that he can ride on and can blast fire and create heat waves. 


Sunny has the ability to communicate and work with spirits. He has the ability to fuse spirits with his own essence and take on the abilities of them. He also can communicate with plants and animals as every living thing has a spirit. They can allow him to take control of them, so in a way, he has plant and animal control. Being a shaman also grants him psychic powers, but limited. He is known abilities are telepathy, essence sensing and navigation, and also the power to see only see one world (he can see both the spirit and mortal world simultaneously. His most notable ability is psychic persuasion, or the ability to influence someone's actions.

Fowl Support SquadEdit

The Fowl Support Squad is a team of fire-related spirits that Sunny had the strongest bond with. They are spirits that have committed to helping Sunny Fowl as long as he lives. They are good for certain aspects such as offense, defensive, and healing. He uses a ton of different combinations. He can also call upon them for certain tasks such as chatting or transportation.

Fowl Support


Mars, the Sailor - Mars is a female warrior in a sailorfuku that serves as the Squad's main offensive members.

Mercury, the Nomad - He is most commonly paired with Mars in Sunny's offensive techniques. He also used to be a mage in life.

Phoenix - A legendary fire bird that roamed the land in ancient times and used mostly for offensive and transportation.

Pyra - Phoenix's ancient partner that can fly at the speed of light. She is used most for healing and transportation.

Yuleflame - A Christmas bird in ancient times that would give out presents to children. He is used for healing.

Hiferno - A small chick that always seems to be waving. He is used somewhat for offensive but is best for defensive.

Trailblazer - A small scouting owl that is used in defensive techniques.

Swiftspark - A small scouting fletchling bird that is used in offensive techniques.

Hana Honoo -  A medium size bird that is almost always seen with Hiferno. He is a great scouting bird and also very ninja-like which makes him ideal for both offensive and defensive tactics.

Talon Tori - A shaman humanoid bird that was the spiritual icon of Sunny's shaman tribe. He is an all-round unit that can be used for almost any task. He is also the strongest. 

Hickorette - A tall dome-like bird that is very awkward. She is the best defensive unit and will, half the time, not even move an inch when attacked. She does not feel anything, most of the time.

Inferno InfinityEdit

When Sunny achieves max power and can summon his whole squad and spiritually fuses with all of them. He becomes a spiritual being made completely of magic and fire energy and can unleash his full power. This is similar to the Ninetails. His speed, strength, stamina, magic, and shaman powers at fully unleashed and uses the wrath of nature and an army of spirits. This drastically depletes him of all his energy, so he rarely activates this.