Sakoto Uchiha
Katu's dad
Also Known As The Black Hawk
Age 30 (Deceased)
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 135 lbs.
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Kingdom Acedia
Occupation Shinobi


Level Unknown
Experience Unknown
Bounty Beli 9,328,920
Family Kato Uchiha (Brother)

Kira Senju (Wife)

Katu Otsutsuki (Son)

Allies Those loyal to Acedia
Enemies Those against Acedia
Status Reanimated
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Sakoto Uchiha or simply Sakoto was the father of Katu Otsutsuki, husband of Kira Senju, brother of Kato Uchiha, and former jinchuriki of Yin Kurama.  


Sakoto is usually depicted as having medium-dark blue hair like his son Katu and pale white skin. Without his sharingan activated, Sakoto's eyes appear a light grey with somewhat of a glimmer in them. Sakoto wears a black cloak with hood and with a white inside. Sakoto wears this over a bear chest and normal blue pants with blue sandals.


Sakoto was a very kind man who was extremely caring to those around him. It was rare for Sakoto to get angry, unlike his son Katu. Despite the fact he rarely ever got angry, he would get extremely serious in a deadly situation. Sakoto cared for his wife, brother, and children with all his life and would gladly die for any of them.


Sakoto was born in Konoha at 3 B.M. (Before-Merge) to a Uchiha father and an Uzumaki mother. Sakoto was born only 3 years after his older brother Kato. As a child, Sakoto had an extremely close bond with his parents and brother, and got along with them extremely well. Sakoto lived a happy life with them until he was 18, then which he moved out and started his life on his own. Sakoto eventually met a girl named Kira, whom he became close friends with, and eventually they started dating. Sakoto and Kira dated for about three years before they got married and moved in together. Eventually, they had five children; Hiro, Kat, Katu, Hera, and Gabriel. With whom they lived a happy life. Eventually after about 7 years, Sakoto became a general in Acedia's military because of his quick thinking and the fact that he was the jinchuriki of the Yin half of Kurama. Two years later, Sakoto was killed by "pirates" along with Kira, but in reality was killed by the oldest of his children, Hiro, who wanted revenge on his parents for always paying less attention to him and always focusing on his other siblings. His son, Katu, is unbeknownst to this as Hiro put an illusion on him. And eventually, Sakoto was reanimated by a man, but this is also unbeknownst to Katu..