Rasetsu Head
Rōmaji Rasetsu
Also Known As The Demon Bancho
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 6,5
Weight 103kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Kingdom Indvidia
Occupation Demon Contractor
Level 1
Experience 0
Bounty 0
Family All Deceased
Allies N/A
Enemies Numerous
Status Active
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Rasetsu(羅刹, Lit. "Man-Eating Devil") is a Demon Contractor from the kingdom of Invidia. His ultimate goal is to perceive "Requiem's Will", a power which he believes can assist him in furthering his own goals and achieving his own desires. For his enormous physical power ans eemingly matchless strength throughout his high school career, Rasetsu has obtained the infamous title of The Demon Bancho, being acknowledged as a legendary force to be reckoned with even by the standards of other powerful individuals whom have heard of his legend throughout the course of his life.





Martial ArtsEdit

A teacher and professional practitioner of the path of martial arts. Rasetsu is a man who's ability to brawl and directly take on his opponents serves as the center pillar of his roster of numerous skills, having a level of skill and understanding of fighting and the way people behave within the realm of combat and warfare in general which far surpasses that of even the greatest of martial arts masteres and seasoned combat veterans that exist within the known kingdoms of the world. From a young age, Rasetsu has lived the life of a dedicated and devoted martial arts practitioner, and quite easily achieved the status of a master at a very young age, easily standing within the realm of the grandmaster in terms of skill with the current level of skill and combat understanding that he has amassed by this current point in time.


Though it hasn't been demonstrated as of yet, Rasetsu claims to be connected to the oldest and darkest of the warriors of hell, noneother than Lord Satan himself, so much so that many have mistaken the power granted to him on behalf of his contract with a demon to be noneother than that which belongs to the great demon king himself. It is worth being noted that "Satan" and "Lucifer" are actually two different beings when referred to in this context, Rasetsu's particular "Satan" being completely unrelated to the "Lucifer" used by another demon contractor such as himself.