Soul Eater Req
Meisters (職人, Shokunin; Literally meaning "craftsman," "mechanic," "worker") are people with exceptional soul wavelengths and are paired with weapons.


There are three different levels of a meister, with each designated with a star, one-star being the lowest and three-star being the highest. The difference between the ranks is evident from the focus in battle, types of skills used, and desire to harvest evil human souls, rarely straying from these types. This likely stems from the fact that most new meisters strive to gather souls and create a Death Scythe. Two-stars and above seem to be sent on specific missions that have nothing to do with harvesting souls, often possessing a skill that would prove advantageous to them. Sid, for example, is normally sent on missions as a spy. Needless to say, three-star meisters are the best meisters for fighting without weapons and being common wielders for death scythes. Enrique shows that its possible for animals to be meisters but how this goes about happening is unclear.


Wavelength communication: Allows communication on a spirit level with their Weapon and, most importantly in combat, allows them to receive or give energy.

Generator: Meisters generate a small amount of energy. However, only high level meisters generate sufficient energy to fight with it, most fighting with their weapons.

Perception: An extra sense which allows to search for wavelengths and identify them. Mainly of use for localizing people and gauging their potential strength and intentions.

Injection: A small amount of energy obviously energizes the target but an overdose can be used to cause damage, bypassing external protection.

Utility Meisters: Mentioned often, an Utility Meisters is one that can perform acceptable soul ressonance with multiple weapons, which gives him/her a wide array of choices when deciding which weapon to handle and the limit of the ressonance. Two examples of Utility Meisters are Kirikou, who already handle Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, and can also ressonate with Liz and Patty, and there is Stein, who is famous for ressonating with any weapon given due his natural, morbid curiosity and easy adaptability to different wavelenghts.

It seems to be a prerequisite that a meister be physically fit. In fact, nearly all meisters revealed appear to be physically fit. The need to be fit is given credence when Nygus noted that it's a shame that Patty is a weapon after witnessing her take down numerous opponents without a loss in form. This is further evidenced by the fact that many of the meisters seem to be able to run the 100m dash in under 9 seconds, with Black Star coming in at under 6 seconds. The real world world-record for the 100m dash is 9.58 seconds.

Although not exactly an ability in the true sense of the word, it would seem to be common among meisters to have their "themes" present during the use of their abilities. An example of this is Sid, who has an undead theme. This theme of his is present in the name of his attacks, the changing of his weapon into a tomb when performing a resonance, and the fact that he is a zombie. Stein, a scientist who loves to dissect, has stitches present on the blade of Witch-Hunt Slash when he performs it with Spirit. Kid, too, has skulls present on his death cannon when he performs a soul resonance with his two pistols.