Luxuria, The Kingdom of Light.

Luxuria - the Kingdom of Light
 is one of the seven kingdoms of Requiem. It is incredibly fascist in nature, being highly discriminative and oppressive to all. They were very racist, homophobic, and believed they were superior to all. They said they were "The light that illuminates the world" and everyone else was nothing more than feeble shadows created from their own overwhelming greatness. Everyone born in this country was born with one unique innate ability, known as "Flash" which grants the individual the ability to create blinding flashes of lights from their eyes. 


Luxuria was created by the Hikaru Royal Family, who are direct descendants of the Twentieth King. They created Luxuria as means to obtain power and control others. Originally luring in many people with their lies about peace, happiness, joy, and equal rights for all things quickly changed once they had obtained a large amount of citizens. Displaying great amounts of oppression, segregation, and discrimination. They hated anyone with tan or dark skin, anyone who's sexuality was not straight, and even people who were poor and had disabliities. They were truly the worse, and believed themselves to be above all others, even referring to themselves as "The Gods of Light" and eventually forced all of it's citizens to join the military. 

Once the Second Impact occured, the World Noble had attacked Luxuria, as well as the other kingdoms and had managed to wipe out the royal family. Liberating it's oppressed citizens and freeing them, only to take over in it's place and recreate the Areas and get rid of the kingdom entirely. 


The last known king of the kingdom was Taiyo Hikaru, who had ruled the absolute monarchy and was in complete control of absolutely everything. He ruled with an iron fist and slept with numerous women even if he had to do it by force and impregnating nearly all of them. Having multiple princes and princesses with only the eldest prince destined to take his spot when he died. Eventually, once the World Noble attacked he alongside many of his children and spouses were brutally murdered. However, due to having so many of them, some of his children survived and escaped before the noble could kill them all. 

Geography & ClimateEdit

Luxuria was a very large kingdom, about the size of California, and was mostly surrounded by water although it had a good amount of land too. It was almost always very sunny, although kind of like the sunrise in the morning, and it was usually very warm all year round.