Kobalt Wagstaff
Also Known As the Rebel



Age 24
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 191 lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Kingdom Superbia (but he is nomadic)
Occupation Alchemist


Level 25
Experience 0/25000
Bounty 100,000
Allies TBT
Enemies TBT
Status Alive
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Kobalt Nicolai Wagstaff is a twenty-four year old alchemist and hunter. Hailing from Superbia, Kobalt is nomadic and prefers to live on the move as opposed to staying in one place. He dedicates his life to traveling, practicing and learning more about alchemy, and seeking new places and objects of lore.


Kobalt is a tall young man of twenty four, with messy wheaten blond hair and bright green eyes. His build is wiry, thin and slender with some musculature. He is garbed in mostly yellow and can be seen carrying a blade.


Kobalt (being from Superbia) is fond of animals and somewhat distrustful of people. Ironically, Kobalt has something of a reputation for being a "Fleecer", swindling people out of money to either give to the poor or use to aid his research. He has a charismatic way of speaking he uses to sway his targets into buying whatever nonsense he needs to get them to buy things from him. Intelligent and independent, he lives a nomadic lifestyle to carry out his adventurous ways and continue to gain information. He is fairly composed and cool, at times becoming lackadaisical with things he believes don't concern him. Beyond his very solitary life, he secretly desires having friends or being part of a team.


Kobalt was born in a small village in the kingdom of Superbia. He was born a posthumous child; his father (a known bandit) having been killed in retaliation for his crimes, while his mother died giving birth to him. For his early childhood, he was brought up in a poverty, living a relatively simple life. His grandfather, an alchemist, began to teach him the ways of alchemy. Kobalt was diligent even as a boy and threw himself into studying and practicing alchemy. To earn enough for food, he assisted his grandfather in making wooden sandals, laundering clothes, and even scrubbing down and sweeping porches.

When Kobalt was nine years old, he was assigned an important task: to deliver some scrolls to a nearby village. On the way there, he narrowly avoided a group of raiders, who attacked some of the homes of the village and set them on fire, looking for the very scrolls Kobalt was out delivering. When Kobalt returned, he found the house broken into and his dying grandfather inside. He tried vainly to rescue his grandfather, but couldn't. His grandfather gave him the family sword and Kobalt set the house on fire, both as a funeral pyre to his grandfather and to eliminate any reason for him to return to the village. On the way out after tearfully watching his former home burn, he was attacked by a rather greasy and uncouth bandit that was trying to proposition him. Panicking, Kobalt murdered the bandit and fled, choosing to live a life of solitude ever since. He became nomadic and independent as he fended for himself in the wild, always on the move for fear of being found by raiders and slaughtered the way some of the people from his village were. He earned food by either forging, stealing, or swindling items for money.

As he grew, he developed a fond interest in rare objects and locations and became not only a skilled alchemist, but a hunter. To this day, he continues his nomadic lifestyle.