Kanji クラウス
Rōmaji Kurausu
Also Known As
Age 17 (Pre-Timeskip)
19 (Post Timeskip)
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 191 lbs
Blood Type
Professional Status
Kingdom Luxuria
Occupation Vampire
Level 29
Experience 19,500/24,000
Bounty Beli194,400
Allies None
Enemies Everyone
Status Alive
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Klaus (クラウス Kurausu) is the very manifestation of darkness itself. His name is spoken with fear, if spoken at all. He is known for committing murders in his kingdom through several districts and high schools.


Klaus has dark grey, spiky, messy hair that sometimes sticks up. He has bright green eyes that turn red when using his dark malefic powers. His skin is pale and he wears a white ripped t-shirt that hangs below his waste, under a long black leather jacket. He has also proven to be quite conditioned when his shirt is off being a very fit man.


Klaus is quite a cold individual; often not caring about anything anyone says, no matter how special they claim they are. He sees them as any other person and treats them like any other person, which is like crap. A lot of times when he is about to kill his victim; his victim tries to tell him things to convince him to stop. No matter how sad their story is, how much details they put in, or how much they tell him, he will still simply not even reconsider keeping them alive. Nothing phases him, as it would be like basically talking to a wall. This also proves how merciless he is, not caring about how rough he murders his victims.

Klaus has also proven to be a very perverted man. One time sneaking up behind one of his fellow female classmates while they were bending over and pulling up their skirt to squeeze to grab and squeeze their butt. Even when he kills his victims; he leaves them dead in a "bending over" position. Though he doesn't change their position after he kills them; he simply always somehow manages to make them land in that position after he makes the killing blow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Super StrengthEdit

Being a vampire, Klaus's strength is supremely impressive. Being able to shatter a wall with a smack of his hand crush through buildings with a dive of his body. His strength has been shown to be able to lift up many high objects.


Klaus is immortal and cannot be killed by normal means. This allows him to receive fatal injuries that would normally kill people regardless of if they had powers or not. This also allows him to be killed many times from all the souls he has taken from blood sucking.

Advanced RegenerationEdit

Klaus can be completely obliterated and reform from completely darkness and shadows. Klaus's regeneration allows him to reform from darkness. For example he has been splattered into a pool of blood (which he let happen) and the shadow turned into darkness which slowly reformed his body.


When Klaus sucks blood from someone, he can speak directly into the mind of them. But his telepathy is on a whole different level where the messages he sends are visual. Where the person can actual see a vision of him in their head. This is done by having a direct connection with the person's soul. This telepathy only last temporary since the person he is sucking blood from will either die or live from stopping the process of the bloodsucking for a long period of time.

Another way telepathy can be established is by biting a person. This telepathy is permanent since he is not attempting to kill the person by sucking all their blood out, and biting keeps them "alive" in a way. This allows him to speak telepathically to his fledglings.

  • Fledglings: Being a vampire; a person that Klaus bites and doesn't suck blood from becomes a Fledgling. With a person being a fledgling, they now have a connection to Klaus and he is able to telepathically speak to them, as stated before. This means he can give them orders and teach them, even having them fight for him. This allows Klaus to have people under his control, since they now respect him as their leader.
    • Ninjas: Klaus has four ninja as fledglings. During the Quest:Coup d'état, Klaus bit four ninjas, obtaining them as fledglings. These ninjas have the power of a vampire and a ninja.
      • Kunai: The four ninjas each have kunai knives for close combat.
      • Shurikens: All of the four ninjas have many shurikens.
      • Fire Ball Jutsu: The four ninjas can all use fire ball jutsu.
      • Shape-shifting: Now having vampire powers, they are able to shape shift into different things, without wasting their chakra doing transformation jutsu.
        Giant Ninja
        • Giant Ninja: Giant Ninja is a combined transformation, when the ninja shape-shift together to create one ultimate creation. The ninja shape-shift into globs which combine into one big glob that forms into a giant beast called a Giant Ninja. The power of their souls absorb into the transformation coming in long turquoise steams giving the body power and the ability to be able to move with all four ninja controlling it. At full strength it can transform into a 60 ft ninja, and at minimum strength it can transform into a 12 ft ninja.
          • Multi-Fire Ball Jutsu: The Giant Ninja can shoot four fire ball jutsus from their mouth at one time, which is one from each of the ninja that form the transformation.
          • Fire Style: Nuclear Fusion Inferno: The jutsu is started by another jutsu, which is Multi-Fire Ball Jutsu. The four fire balls collide into each other fusing at rapid speeds, with the chakra combining together. The rapid force of the collision, plus the speed of the fire ball, plus the speed of the fusion, creates nuclear force, eradicating anything the ball hits.


Klaus can shape-shift into different forms, including sizes bigger than him. Like other creatures and machines. Klaus has other transformations too, with special abilities.

  • Cloak of Shadows: Klaus can shape-shift his cloak into pure darkness. This allows him to move at extreme speeds and move as a shadow on the ground and even merge with someone else's shadow. Merging with someone else's shadow allows him to stay there and hide, and come out at any given time. The Cloak of Shadows not only transforms him into darkness but allows him to control shadows too. But only shadows that are around. He cannot create shadows. Meaning he can use his shadows and his opponent's shadows and turn it into physical matter to attack.
  • Claw of Essence: Klaus can transform his right hand to a claw, containing the essence of all the people's blood he has every sucked. This claw is very powerful and glows with blue energy, which is the power of the people's souls he has. The claw is very durable being able to take powerful blows and sharp enough to slash through objects and subjects with ease.
  • Vampiric Night Impaling Sphinx

    Vampiric Night Impaling Sphinx

    Vampiric Night Impaling Sphinx: Klaus can shape-shift into a 10 foot Sphinx with sharp fangs and huge hands with sharp four inch claws. This gives Klaus a super jumping ability, highly increased strength, increase speed, and increased durability. The Sphinx has a main with thick long strands of hair that can be moved around to grab and throw the opponent. A distinct feature on the transformation are the three claws that stick out of nose and chin, which are shaped like Katana blades and can easily slash and impale the opponent. This transformation gives Klaus the ability to blast lightning, enhanced with dark vampiric power, out of his hands.

Branch of Sin: Vampire VineEdit

Vampire Vine

Klaus using Vampire Vine

Klaus can manifest his blood into a vine with thorns that are sharp on the ends, which he calls Vampire Vine. An obvious reference of the fact that he is a Vampire. Klaus draws blood from his hands and can wield the vine as if it was a weapon. Although Vampire Vine is a long range Branch of Sin, he is still able to restore his blood quickly due to the fact that he is wielding his Branch of Sin. Due to the many thorns of the vine and the pointed ends, Klaus can use it to cut and scrape the opponent repeatedly.


Klaus vs. Jeff

  • Winner: Klaus
  • EXP Earned': 400