Also Known As Witch Boy
Age 14
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weight 130lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Kingdom Acedia(formerly)
Occupation Mage
Level 1
Experience 3000
Bounty Beli}4500
Family TBA
Allies Camelot
Enemies UKA
Status Alive
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Klarion is a 14 year old mage hailing from the Kingdom of Camelot, however he used to be a member of Acedia. He, like many other warriors dream of finding Requiem's Will.


Klarion is a young man of average height with blond hair and golden eyes. He has a short, thick ahoge. He usually wears a traditional Arabian outfit with a sash around his waist to hold his knife. He also wears a small red rope tied around his neck at all times. Klarion wears black boots with blue stripes, and one earring in each ear.


Klarion is a Mischievous little devil. He likes to cast spells on people for his own amusement such as, Shape Shifting, object constructing etc. But, Klarion is also very lazy he fights for the side of good but he's willing to rob a bank every once and a while to get by. Even though Klarion is a playful person he does know when to shut up and get serious, he also has a VERY short Temper.



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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dragon Slayer MagicEdit

Klarion's signature Magic is that of the lightning element. It allows him to produce, control and manipulate lightning and electricity at his will. Through its use, Klarion can not only generate lightning from his body, but also make it appear from almost anywhere to strike his opponents, taking them by surprise. By generating electricity on different parts of his body, he’s capable of making his attacks in melee deadlier, and of propelling himself around to gain extra momentum. The bright light from his lightning can be also used to momentarily blind enemies. In addition, much like other Elemental types of Magic, Lightning Magic allows Klarion to turn his own body into lightning, in order to evade enemy attacks, move around at high speed and strike every opponent crossing his path.