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Jessica Lockhart-Dusk



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Also Known As Jess
Bundle of Sunshine
The Princess of Chaos
Lady Nyx
The Cardinal of Erebus
Cancer Jessica
True Saint
Wardeness of the Sanctuary
Patron of the Palaestra
Age 20 (July 7th)
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weight 121 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Chaos
Occupation Saint
Level 42
Experience 18,750/42,000
Bounty 533,900
Family Gabriella Raki Lockhart (great-grandmother)
Rebecca Lockhart (maternal grandmother)
Tristan Solo (maternal grandfather)
Madeline Kido (paternal grandmother)
Nicholas Alberich (paternal grandfather)
Rhea Lockhart (mother)
Illias Alberich-Lockhart (father)
Briana Elaine Ravenswood (foster sister)
Rayneira-Lockhart Dusk (wife)
Mia-Lockhart Dusk (daughter) Cleopatra Dusk (mother-in-law)
Eli Dusk (great-grandfather-in-law/deceased)
Iskander Dusk (grandfather-in-law/deceased)
Violet Dusk (great Aunt-in-law/deceased)
Leanna Dusk (aunt-in-law)
Aster Ashtorn (uncle-in-law)
Roman Ashtorn (cousin-in-law)
Lucida Ashtorn (cousin-in-law)
Allies Astrea
Status Alive
Image Gallery
There's no way we can restore faith in humanity if we don't even have faith in ourselves...

—Cancer Jessica Lockhart-Dusk of Erebus, Princess of Chaos

Jessica Lockhart-Dusk is a twenty year old descendant of the Muvians, a largely extinct offshoot of the human race with a natural aptitude to Cosmos as a Saint of Erebus, and is a Saint, Mage and Knight from the Kingdom of Chaos, a region once considered to be the embodiment of strife and terror that plagues all. Jessica worked alongside and led the allied forces of both major clans to end the civil war that engulfed Erebus, leading her to be regarded as a "Legendary Saint" of Erebus, and a young woman worthy of the titles "Lady Nyx", "The Cardinal of Erebus", and most recently and perhaps the most politically important, "The Princess of Chaos", despite the desire of the people of her Kingdom to simply make her the Queen. As a Legendary Saint of Erebus, and by extension, of Chaos, Jessica has been granted the permission by whatever force guards the Sanctuary to impregnate the building with her Cosmoenergy, one of the highest honours one can achieve as a Saint of Erebus. As of now, Jessica is, by extension, quite the influential figure on her Kingdom, and has put that influence to use in the dispelling of the tensions between both sides. Currently, Jessica has a notable influence over the remaining Saints of Hyperion due to Chaos' role in assimilating some of the Saints and creating an expansive diaspora and acting as a place of refuge for those who wished to maintain their closeness to their old way of life while simultaneously being taught the true meaning of being a Saint and how fundamentally connected a Saint's philosophy should be to the will of humanity. Jessica and is considered by many to be the current representative of both the Sanctuary and the Palaestra, two sacred locations for all Saints whether they be traditional or non-traditional.

Despite all of her accolades and accomplishments, perhaps what she is most famous for internationally, are her nigh-mythical singing talents and vocal capabilities known to the general public as a household name and one of the biggest, if not currently the biggest artist in all of the Shinsekai, "The Lyrebird". Jessica's unquestionably legendary gift in this particular field has allowed her to become for all intents and purposes a world-renowned and outstanding superstar, no, megastar, and will be recorded in history as one of the greatest and most popular celebrities of the current age, effectively immortalized as the demigoddess of what it means to truly be able to sing. Some see Jessica as a rolemodel, an icon, an idol, and some even go so far as to view her as a deity and to absolutely deify her, believing that a woman capable of her singing talents deserves such praise and honour, with some even claiming that she is the quintessence of the musical arts. Due to this outstanding level of popularity and fame, Jessica's current relationship with her wife Rayneira and her daughter Mia can be considered to be public news, Rayneira's proposal to her effectively broadcasting and confirming the theory of her fans from around the world. Jessica has witnessed crowds from around the world all managing to reach her when she decides to make her performances, and has even occasionally noticed that persons she has not met yet but may be important to her in the future within her role as a member of Astrea may be at one of her concerts. The zenith of the singing industry, Jessica is also noted to rake in ridiculous figures of money from her occupation which tend to be distributed to the poor, hungry, the elderly, orphanages, other humanitarian organizations, the Sanctuary and the Palaestra, as well as some going towards her sister and even then still receiving such a large sum of money that if asked, Jessica may claim she has no idea what to do with except for letting it sit in the bank and collect interest, easily being enough to support her family and then perhaps some others (and with both parents in the nuclear family being royalty, it reduces the need for this money once more).


Jessica has a quite unique personality, as she

  • Very cheerful
  • Quite kind/generous unless being playful for the most part
  • Bubbly energetic young girl
  • Giggles
  • Is curious
  • Not usually shy in itself but can stutter occasionally in common speech
    • She is shy for letting her friends know she sings publicly, relatively famous.

      • Similarly cheerful and energetic on stage, with seemingly no stage pressure, main problem stems from having people be actually knowledgeable that the person singing is indeed her, has no problems with resemblance
    • Exception Two: Jessica reacts shyly to being shown too much attention and somewhat struggles with receiving compliments, something one would assume she would get often based on her more secretive occupation. The level of her reaction is usually directly proportional to how she sees people in her mind.
  • Is actually much more intelligent than she lets on
  • Can hold grudges..kinda, is usually too kind to actually act on them and only mutters and complains about it
  • Is a free spirit, with her main reasons for anger or sadness being the restriction of her own personal freedoms without operating on her own volition, damage to her personal property, or damage to her friends.
  • Has a mostly fixed moral stance and can also get irritated from the violation of that



On Erebus, an island within the Kingdom of Chaos, that seemed very close to the true nature of Cosmo itself with most individuals for the region having an inherent genetic potential fo utilize Cosmoenergy, those born under the Cancer sign were to be taken note of, especially because of the nature of the sign and the numerous events that had occurred around Saints born under the Crab constellation. Erebus itself was the seat of power for the Kingdom of Chaos, but due to the civil war ongoing over which faction should rule the Kingdom most of the actual governing was carried out by the forces of the Eastern Conqueror, Kreed. It was an incredibly fertile land, and due to being the location of the Palaestra, would naturally imply great prosperity in a Kingdom where each individual could be trained free of any cost but responsibility in the art of cosmoenergy manipulation, of  the Lockhart and the Alberich, had been locked in a war older than their respective councils, their elderly, could remember. Each Cancer Saint held what Erebus considered a destiny upon birth, but it was up to the person in question to decide however this was done. However, it would appear that Jessica's destiny weaved together multiple destinies, being an amalgamation of things present and far gone. The newest successor of the ability to harness the realm of Yomotsu Hirasaka, Jessica's path was titled, Aether, after the light begotten by darkness. However, not that it would have been noticeable right away, but Jessica's affinity to light was so strong that instead, it cast a powerful shadow on her Cosmo, giving her the cosmoenergy affinity of Darkness, which allowed her to blend in with the element of her father.

Jessica Lockhart was born during an incredibly intense civil war that engulfed the entirety of the island she hailed from, being born as the offspring of a forbidden union between the two warring clans of Erebus at the time. While is is uncertain the exact circumstances that these two clans got into a war over, or even how Jessica's parents ended up in a position where they birth Jessica out of wedlock, it is known that Jessica had lived a subterranean life for most of early childhood years, needing to stay underground to avoid the detection of an ensuing conflict. From birth, Jessica seemed naturally in tune with the power that was Cosmo, seemingly being birthed and actively utilizing the occupational powers of a Saint without even realizing she was doing so, going so far as to demonstrate potent elemental affiliations. Despite the child's incredibly calm, and happy nature, Jessica for a reason not fully comprehended by the Saints of the modern day was born with a Darkness Cosmo, manifesting at a very young age. While it was known that those birthed under the sign of Cancer naturally demonstrated a prodigious talent and inherent affinity to the arts of Sekishiki and Praesepe, Jessica was also born quite close to the sign of Leo, a sign known to have birthed an incredibly legendary Saint according to the mythologies of Erebus. Regardless, while Jessica's sign might have explained her element to some degree, it never quite explained why she was born with such naturally powerful Cosmo.

Having been couped up for pretty much most of her early childhood years, one would be surprised to hear that Jessica also appeared to lack no social skills, and would not be afraid even when placed in an illusion before an entire crowd. The training to utilize Cosmo was rigorous if one was to truly consider themselves an official, traditional Saint, something that Jessica's parents wasted no time in forcing upon her, immediately teaching her the basics of Cosmoenergy at an age where most would not quite understand it due to her showing her potential much earlier than the average child. Jessica awakened the ability to utilize the Cosmo fully at about two to three years old, and as a result, was considered to have a near divine affinity for it's manipulation. Even then, women were known to make some of the strongest of Saints and had a much more natural affinity to the energy. Maybe that explained Jessica's talent, having after all come from a matriarchal lineage of women who demonstrated a prodiguous talent in the manipulation of Cosmoenergy on one hand, and men who channeled the power of Nature through Cosmo and dabbled in sorcery (magic), allowing them to blend both as a fighting style as well as awaken the strange phenomena that those of the Saint occupation would call magic despite not using any mana. To the young couple, Jessica was what could be achieved should the war be ended, a fusion of both clans and the best of both worlds. Which would end up being ironic, as she became the one to end the war herself.

Jessica's lack of true social awkwardness was not simply due to sheer luck and without a deeper explanation, as it was completely intertwined with exactly how her skill with Cosmo had even become noticed. Jessica, as a small child, just like many others, needed imaginary friends, though perhaps for different reasons than most. Hearing of the war raging on above her head at night terrified her, and in the same way that any other child would imagine things that are not there to comfort themselves, so too did Jessica begin to conjure up these beings, manifestations of her own elemental Cosmo and shadow that revealed themselves in three forms, each representing a different aspect of her and her fears. 

The first of these to be brought into life was the Knight, a noble being conjured out of the best portions of his princess' shadow, incapable of lying or being dishonest in the least with immense physical capabilities, capable of shattering rock without even being fully formed. The second of these was the Damsel, a shadow that took on her very appearance with the only method to distinguish them being the yellow eyes that she possessed against Jesica's own blue, seemingly representing the magical abilities she held latently from her father as she would later turn this aspect of herself into her Darknight Identity. Finally, the last of these was the Stallion, the companion of the Knight, capable of an incredible speed and made to protect Jessica no matter what, imbued with a consciousness by Jessica's focus and Cosmo .This shadow displayed quite the ability to utilize Cosmo, the energy Jessica would subconsciously be activating, replicating most feats Jessica was actually capable of and occassionally adding it's own flare. Jessica would often sing to them, harnessing a naturally melodious voice and singing talent.

However, despite all of this, neither Jessica, or her parents were truly prepared for the roof to come crashing down, quite literally. Immediately being sensed, the intruders immediately began to break down the entrances to their hiding spot, as Jesica's parents immediately told her to run. And run she did, quite like the wind. Cosmo, after all, was a power that made individuals without a similar power stand no chance, and even if a young girl was to awaken it, she would still be capable of accomplishing feats that no normal child possibly could at that age. Speeding away from the cave, Jessica was nothing more than a pink blur, trusting that her parents would remain safe. However, despite Jessica's best attempts, she was caught in the crossfire of the attacks of opposing clansmen, and albeit her potential and aptitude relative to her age, she was hit with a powerful gust of Cosmo enhanced wind and sent flying, with her own Cosmo protecting her from the impact.

In the meantime, Jessica's trio of manifestations seemingly slowly crepy into the background, noticing what had occurred and later becoming the three individuals who would become known as the Dark.

Second BeginningsEdit

Jessica would reawaken in the sandy shores of a beach on the edges of Erebus, which would in turn mean it was at the very boundaries of the island of Chaos. Awakening with no memory of exactly what had occured, Jessica remembered all her skills, all her talents, but could not for the life of her remember the event that had previously occured. As far as she could remember, her name was Jessica Lockhart, and based on her ability to manipulate Cosmoenergy, it would mean that she would be a Saint of the island's female clan. Attempting to brave her way further into the villages of the small island, Jessica would come across a strange looking person, dressed in silver armour. With, or without her memories, Jessica's cheery nature never changed, perhaps only become greater due to her being oblivious of everything that was going on around her.

Simultaneously, as the reawakened Jessica emerged at the edges of Erebus, her old friends were up to something. Having been tasked specifically with Jessica's protection and friendship, these manifestations immediately placed protection as the more important one of the two objectives, needing her safe before they could become "friends" with her once more. Possessing the knowledge of Jessica, what these individuals did not wholly possess, was her personality, being mostly rational entities with portions of Jessica's personality reconstituted to fit what they each meant thematically to her at their point of creation. It might have been childish logic, and it might not have made sense had Jessica created these beings while older, but they operated on a perverted logic of protection. Believing that it was better that the girl's parents were to be kept away from her for her own good, and that she should go live with the family of her mother, Jessica's parents were abducted as the Dark painted themselves as malevolent beings to attain the level of concentration need to continue to sustain themselves in the future, and guarantee Jessica's further protection. After doing so, they could set their sights on ending the war.

However, it would appear that all was not lost for Jessica. With a cosmoenergy signature that, to those advanced in it's perception, clearly keyed her in to the Lockhart family, Jessica had bumped into what appeared to be a fellow clanswoman, who appeared not to be hostile towards her. Despite Jessica's cosmoenergy signature being close enough to the Lockhart's, it was surprisingly like her own, as it was, different. Jessica simply watched the woman dispatch several assailants in awe, as she stretched out her hand as if for Jessica to grab it afterwards. According to what she could sense, nothing was wrong with the woman. She was genuine. Jessica took the woman's hand herself and grabbed it, feeeling any confusion she had slowly being comforted. She walked Jessica to a small cabin, and asked her to stay there, for her own sake.

Every now and then, the silver armoured woman, otherwise known to Jessica as Elaine, would come and visit Jessica, and to Jessica, this woman was no different from an older sister. Elaine and Jessica quickly bonded over singing, as whenever she was around they would dramatically sing to each other as if apart of some Disney film, Jessica still being completely unaware of what exactly was going on around her. The skills Jessica had obtained prior to becoming an amnesiac would come in handy during her cabin life, as Jessica would cultivate a natural talent with plants that she encountered, a skill yet again usually related to those of the light Cosmo element, as anything she touched appeared to spring to life and flourish. Even for Elleen, Jessica was a weird one, seemingly not worried at all about her own lack of memories, and instead seemed fine living life the way she was currently. Maybe it was for the best? She was atleast a few miles away from combat zones, and she was under her own protection, in Elleen's mind, Jessica was probably the safest she would ever be.

Regardless of this, Jessica was still a small bit, lonely, with her memories gone and having grown a bit, as well as the Dark being somewhere out there, she had to find something to occupy her time. Whenever Elleen visited, of couse she had a very fun time, but occasionally having fun and just taking care of a garden was not very Jessica like. So how very convenient was it when Jessica came across what appeared to be, in Elleen's room, a small studio, outfitted with a small camera and a microphone. Already enjoying singing, she much rather preferred pretending to do it for an audience, reasoning that if singing made her happy, then maybe her singing could make others happy. Sitting on the small stool that happened to be placed in front of the camera, Jessica imbued a small amount of her Cosmo into the microphone as it suddenly came on, as she began to put together lyrics. Every other week, whenever her foster sister was not around, Jessica would continue to do this, and slowly got more invested in doing so, going so far as to sit down in her spare time and attempt to come up with lyrics for her singing time.

It was only about the tenth week of doing this that Elaine would come home earlier than expected, checking the Shinsekai's equivalent of the Internet as well as the tone dials that she bought recently to try to listen to some new music, that she would see Jessica, her sister, for some reason on both the tone dials and the webs. Rushing into her room at an incredible speed, Ellene would ask Jessica if she was trying to get herself discovered. Jessica expected a bad reaction, but this was a tad bit worse than she expected, unaware at what exactly she got herself into. However, upon seeing Elaine angry, Jessica couldn't resist the urge to mimic her voice, repeating every word she said. Elaine of course, freaked out, confused as to what the hell the younger girl was doing.

Never in her wildest dreams would Jessica believe that this camera wasn't just storing things on it's personal memory, but rather was meant to begin uploading what she was doing. Elaine sat down and explained to Jessica that through deductions and investigations she had been carrying out for the past few months since she found her, she learned who Jessica's parents were, and her true family, going so far as to explain to Jessica her personal status. Unlike Jessica, who had not yet been discovered, Elaine herself was the child of an affair between the two warring clans over atleast a decade before she was born who was found out during the heights of the war. Elaine planned to either come together and end the war, or to search for a way to make a name out there in the outside world so she could escape from the conflicts that befell their island before meeting the girl. Jessica, had inadvertently ruined her plans, by revealing her own voice to the world, Elaine explaining to Jessica the fact that no matter how hard she tried, her vocal prowess would never quite match up to the younger girl.

Jessica was overwhelmed of course, and began to fire questions at her older sister based on all of these relevations. Who were her parents? What were their names? Why were they not around? How did Elaine find this out? What happened to them? With everything being revealed to her so quickly, Jessica was confused and desperately needed answers, this eventually setting the stage for Jessica's desire to find out exactly what had happened to her parents. Elaine sadly did not have the answers to all of Jessica's questions, which disappointed Jessica, but at the same time inspired her to go figuring out what had happened. Additionally, Jessica would offer quite childishly to continue singing, and put the money she got from her singing into Elaine's goal, feeling bad for robbing her of her plans. While it wasn't the safest thing, Jessica as a singer would be way safer than her as a singer, and the girl already had a superior voice, so instead of scolding her in anyway, at this point, all Elaine could really do was cry tears of joy.

As time passed, Jessica managed to slowly accrue fame, having started from childhood andworking her way up to becoming one of the most influential names under the age of eighteen in the singing industry, while utilizing her singing career for multiple purposes, including but not limited to obtaining the money for Elaine's travels, as a means to be allowed to travel outside of the island without suspicion to investigate, as well as to earn herself a livelihood.

After the events of the final arc of Part Two of Astrea's story, Jessica once again left in the hopes of finding her parents, her original goal, slowly regaining her memories to such a point that she could call out to one of her shadows, or perhaps, her constituent shadows, the Damsel, having only appeared in the Part One by emitting the wail of terror and fear that gripped the night. Slowly bringing out the shadow, Jessica gazed into the identical shape and figure of the shadow as well as it's inversely golden eyes staring directly into her own eyes. Conversing with and eventually learning of the location of the others, Jessica headed all the way back to Erebus, being informed of the type of leadership power they had exerted on the island and her shadows affairs. Encountering them, Jessica was subjected to an explanation that connected the missing dots to her own memory, as she realized that to some extent, she was just as guilty as any one portion of her shadow. Forgiving them, as they were naught but mere extensions of herself, simply separated aspects of her former personality, and then released them from duty. Indirectly receiving the amount of focus that they needed to stay materialized, the Dark would continue to manipulate the persons on the island so as to slowly begin the end of the war, which would not actually be ended till roughly six years, upon the temporary return of Jessica to Erebus, and then definitely after the reasimilation of the Dark another two years after, with Jessica being given the title of "Lady Nyx", as one who brought both order and chaos, brightness and darkness, to the island, following her regaining of memories once lost to her.

Taking the credit for both removing them, returning her parents to their own clans, as well as utilizing to some small extent the fear and respect generated by her shadows to persuade the people of Erebus to stop fighing, the shadows already having unified themselves both against and under her. With the shadows now, Jessica, having halted their fight, assimilated those shadows into herself, one of her eyes reflecting the golden colour of the damsel, some form of heterchromia. As Jessica's influence slowly increased in Erebus, so did too a sense of normalcy, or atleast, what they might consider normalcy.

With her now distinguished position within the society on Erebus, it was not an understatement to say that all of Erebus itched for her hand in marriage, and with their desire to take her into their families and bloodlines, Jessica consistently refused all attempts. However, it would not be long before the council of Erebus themselves stepped in, hoping to, "consolidate the peace" Jessica worked so hard to accomplish, crafting words in some manner that they hoped would sway the young woman to their side, but Jessica was no four year old.Being arranged to marry a member of her father's clan, the youngest and most spoilt heir of said clan., Jessica vehemently refused, shocking the entire council, as well as the councilwoman who happened to be that young man's mother.

Jessica then continues on that by storming out and grabbing her parents,and going so far as to leave Erebus, taking her parents along with her for the sake of training should anything altercations arise between her and both her maternal and paternal clans. Over time and in between training, Jessica is barraged by question after question by her parents, asking her if she doesn't want to settle back into the society in Erebus, even attempting to blame Astrea for her decision not to marry him. Jessica had no problem dealing with the other questions, but upon mentioning Astrea, Jessica drew the line. Uncharacteristically irritated, Jessica lets her parents know that she is against the backwards cultural and social traditions of Erebus, especially forced marriage, and additionaly, was not into him to begin with due to being a lesbian. Continuing her sentence, off the slip of her tongue Jessica delcares that she'd marry a sharp-tongued woman over him any day of the week and reminded them that their own union was an act against the council, much less her simply refusing an arranged marriage.

Leaving abruptly, Jessica goes off at the end of the four months to pursue both Astrea and a valid excuse to get away from an unwanted partnership. A little while after Jessica leaves, a minor conflict occurs once more on the Kingdom a few days Jessica's declaration of having found love outside of the Kingdom over a wide variety of issues, such as the circumstances of her birth, the status of her parents as married despite being the leaders of both clans before the treaty of peace signed in the aftermath of the civil war, and whether or not children birthed then should even be allowed to live. Due to the vast majority of persons in Erebus finally settling down and becoming more tolerant of each other at the time with many interclan marriages occurring, it was less of a civil war and more of a successful revolution in the name of "Lady Nyx", placing Erebus into phase two of the revolution, a rule without the corruption of the Council. The people of Erebus, and even the larger Kingdom upon hearing the feat she managed to accomplish wished to instate Jessica as the new Queen immediately, however, due to Jessica's current escapades with Astrea, they figured that it would be better to instate Jessica's parents and spearheaders of the second phase of the revolution as the new reigning monarchs of the Kingdom as she may not be around often enough to actively take the full role of monarch. This decision bestowed upon Jessica, formerly a highly esteemed noble, the title of Princess of Erebus, and by extension after the civil war had come to an end and the decision had finally been made, Chaos.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Natural ProwessEdit

  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Superhuman Speed and Reflexes:
  • Superhuman Agility, Dexterity and Flexibility:
  • Superhuman Durability, Endurance and Stamina:
    • ​Supernatural Healing Factor/Regeneration:
  • Immense Longevity:
    • ​Limited Contaminant Immunity:
  • Superhuman Senses:
    • Night Vision​
    • Thermal Resistances:
    • Gravitational Resistances:


Cosmo, is the force that exists in all living beings and is universally considered by Saints to be the reason that all matter in the universe exists, being fundamentally related to atoms and even to some extent the sub-particles of atoms. As a result, the nature of almost any object can be altered, whether it be simply destroying them or stopping their motion at will. By elevating and burning this force, Jessica can produce cosmoenergy, or cosmic power, the visible part of which forms her aura.  During the Big Bang, a primordial force known as the Big Will emerged in the universe. As life evolved, each individual was born with a small universe that exists within them and all living beings. By elevating the cosmos, one can expand this universe and create the phenomenon known as aura, and if the aura is powerful enough, the inner universe can be expanded to maximum volume and explode, allowing them to access the seventh sense.  As a full-fledged Saint, as well as because of her personality, Jessica has an intense love for humanity and people in general, being one of the core values of a righteous Saint. A Saint is supposed to represent peace and justice for all of humanity and assist in defending them from threats that they otherwise could not handle as well as the arrival of beings from beyond with an immense level of cosmic power lest they be unworthy of the power of the cosmos.

Most Saints require intensive training to even become capable of accessing the Cosmo, much less expanding it to the point where they are worthy enough to be mentioned as Saints in history, but Jessica was special. Even before she was trained in any shape or form, Jessica awakened to the power of her Cosmos at the incredibly young age of roughly three and a half years old, with it coming as naturally to her as breathing. Despite not being conscious that she was manipulating her Cosmo, the mere fact that Jessica managed to awaken it by herself at such a young age is a mark of exceptional talent, and reason alone for many a Saint to check into seeing whether or not the young girl was a demigoddess. In fact, Jessica has such a mastery and affinity to the occupational potential to harness cosmoenergy than it is considered almost impossible to find another in this day and age with such a capacity, being born with the capability to become one of the most powerful Saints in this era. Born under the constellation of Cancer with a close proximity to the constellation of Gemini, Jessica Lockhart's immeasurably powerful status as Saint renders her one of the few individuals to have a statue in the House of their constellation before having completed their journey. Not only did Jessica awaken her Cosmo early, but the sheer size of her internal universe and power of the aura generated as a result is considered to be quite astronomical, almost beyond that which is supposed to be able of being contained within her body. As a result, Jessica was capable of producing tremendous levels of cosmoenergy even before awakening the seventh sense, and now upon its awakening, remarks that the feeling is akin to removing a barrier that was blocking the flow of clean water. At this level, Jessica's level of Cosmoenergy is considered "infinite", or at least approaching infinity itself, drastically amplifying her physical capabilities almost by default.

It is said that the level of talent Jessica has stems from several factors, and are the reasoning between her talent that stands teetering over the edge of the talent of the divines. Jessica is born from the union of two Saints, who were the unions of two Saints before them, going onto an unknown number of times spanning the entirety of her heritage. As a result, the genetic occupational potential for a Saint was immensely powerful and perhaps inevitable. In addition, Jessica is a mixture between the regular type of human and the race known as the Muvians, who are usually best identifiable by the way they tend to have a preference to shave their eyebrows, and as a result, had a naturally higher level of competency with some aspects of the Cosmos that regular individuals could not possibly dream to achieve with the same level of ease she did. Thirdly, apart from Jessica even having the potential to awaken the Cosmos at the young age she did, her natural awakening from such a young age gave her copious amounts of time to master and be experienced with Cosmo, allowing her to elevate her Cosmo surprisingly to infinity. Fourthly, simply by being female, Jessica naturally demonstrated far more potential and learning capabilities with this particular form of power. Fifthly, due to being trained to the level of a full-fledged Saint after having awakened and learned how to manipulate her Cosmo on her own, Jessica is miles ahead of those at her age. Sixthly, Jessica constantly emits the emotions that her Cosmo is most reactive to, empowering her cosmo on the most fundamental of levels. Seventhly, Jessica was simply born with far more expansive inner universes than most, so expansive in fact that she would burn less of her Cosmo and produce far more energy than most. It should probably be noted that Jessica is said to have latent embers of Dunamis mixed with her cosmoenergy, though Jessica is unaware how to actually harness this power. Those who expand the power of Cosmoenergy to the point that Jessica has are granted an extreme longevity bordering on a complete and total lack of aging, as those who have ascended to the sense of miraculosity are said to be capable of living on for millennia without any sort of known limitation. In fact, most Saints who have ascended to this level have died only because they were killed, and even then, for a vast majority of times, this death was willingly committed. As a result, it can be said that Jessica has attained what one can only describe as eternal youth, due to her inner universe, or cosmo, effectively becoming maximum, a measure of her life-force. Jessica is a unique Saint due to all of these several factors as well as the magic she decided to learn, and with a level of talent unseen since Regulus of Leo and the demigod Tenma, with enough effort Jessica can learn techniques that are even foreign to her own constellation, and teach an individual disciplines that she does not even know herself.

  • Cosmoenergy Empathy: Cosmoenergy is deeply related to one's emotions, and has the ability to grow in strength according to the emotions being radiated by the individual according to the nature of their cosmo energy. In fact, by simply managing to perceive cosmoenergy, Jessica can use it to assess the emotional state of the person who's cosmo she is sensing due to having a fair idea of how each individual emotion should affect their cosmo. Indistinguishable to most, Jessica's ability to perceive their emotions is what allows Jessica to act upon it. By flaring up and manipulating her Cosmo, Jessica naturally gains the ability to perceive the emotions of others naturally, due to Cosmoenergy's connection to the emotions of individuals. Jessica's cosmoenergy is incredibly reactive to emotions such as hope, happiness, determination, willpower, desire, love and surprisingly anger, becoming noticeably more violent/powerful in flow with love being such a powerful amplifier that it allowed her to temporarily transcend senses. It is for this reason that Jessica first discovered the first property of her semi-unique idea to make a full discipline out of the most basic forms of cosmoenergy manipulation. An evolution of her Sixth Sense technique, Rayneira, by infusing her emotions into her Cosmo, Jessica can, thanks to her mastery of the original forms of cosmoenergy manipulation, wrap the individual within her energies and effectively disperse the emotion into them as well, allowing her to cause peace and serenity to those in a panic, restore hope to the hopeless, and give courage to those who have lost it. Fundamentally the same principle as her primary manifestation of Cosmo impregnation, Jessica is said to gain quite the empathic capabilities through this discipline and is even said to subconsciously integrate an advanced version of this in her singing after learning how to use this power.
  • Cosmoenergy Impregnation: Jessica, as a sufficiently powerful Saint is capable of tapping into the power of a technique referred to as Cosmoenergy impregnation, an incredibly versatile technique that is considered to be quite rare in the Saint world. Jessica is capable of imprinting her cosmoenergy on whatever she desires and imbuing it into the object. As a result, Jessica is capable of accomplishing a vast variety of feats, such as temporarily granting an individual the ability to use techniques otherwise inaccessible to them via her Cosmo regardless of knowledge. This operates by Jessica's consciously and willingly imbuing her Cosmo into others, transferring a speck of her consciousness that explains to the person how to use the power they have been granted, and she can rip this bestowed cosmo away from them at any time, even manipulate the techniques used by creating this Cosmo. In the case of Rayne, Jessica can enhance Rayne's cosmo and In addition, Jessica can heal the injuries of others through impregnating them with Cosmo, filling portions of their inner universe with parts of her own immeasurably expansive one, though this may not have the same capability to grant individuals techniques. Impregnation sees use again in the fact that it can be used to enhance the durability of objects and barriers, granting her superior defensive capabilities and the ability to use even a stick as a powerful weapon. Jessica is also capable of impregnating herself with her Cosmo, amplifying her physical attributes beyond what her level of awakening the Cosmo already does for her. Jessica's clothing is already impregnated with Cosmo, giving it superior durability. Finally, with the House of Cancer, Jessica's house in Erebus, the Sanctuary, and to some extent Rayme, Jessica is capable of impregnating it to the point that techniques can be executed over a vast distance in order to protect her homes. There is a strange rumour that a Saint can impregnate the womb of another, perhaps derived from the ability of a powerful enough cosmo/cosmo of a god to irradiate the child and grant them a fraction of this immensely potent cosmo that Jessica totally hasn't been trying to study whatsoever.
    • Concentration: Jessica can concentrate her cosmoenergy to different regions of her body at will, increasing her defensive capabilities and sheer striking power greatly.
  • Cosmoenergy Constructs: A technique that has it's uses in all disciplines of cosmoenergy manipulation, Jessica can bend the shape and form of her cosmoenergy to her will, causing it to take on any shape she desires, even incredibly complex ones. Jessica can create energy-based platforms out of thin air, create walls of non-elemental/non-disciplinal cosmo when in a pinch, and even form weapons out of her cosmoenergy. This allows her to create constructs such as weapons out of simple spheres of cosmoenergy, and then use them in combat, changing the properties of the damage inflicted from the most basic of techniques. This can also be applied to every form of cosmoenergy manifestation she is aware of, allowing her to say, create what would appear to be entities out of this power. 
  • Cosmoenergy Attacks:
    • Maiden's Burst:
    • Pulse:


  • Hearing: As a bonafide musician and skilled singer, on a level that many may consider superhuman, Jessica demonstrates an incredible talent in the third sense, and a natural sense at that, the sense of Hearing, one of the five natural senses needed to strengthen and enhance the power of one's Cosmo even further. As this is Jessica's natural affinity, she is most prodigious with the enhancements provided by this particular sense. Through her mastery over the sense of hearing, Jessica is capable of utilizing several sound based abilities as an offshoot of one of her talents, which in turn enables her to become an incredibly powerful opponent, and allows her to utiilize her music and sound to connect with others on an incredibly deep level, linking and transmitting this sound directly to the brain rather than through the air so that even blocking their ears does not stop her sound from playing, as well as allowing her to create incredibly powerful auditory illusions, that seem to be incredibly difficult to break even if one should break their eardrums. Through her mastery of this particular sense, Jessica is given an incredible level of perceptive capabilities. For example, Jessica demonstrates an astonishing mastery of the sense of hearing, allowing her to perceive the feelings and emotions of those around her through both the sound of their heartbeat, and their movement, essentially granting an advanced, or seemingly clairvoyant sense of empathy towards others should she so choose. Additionally, Jessica demonstrates the ability to pick up on the most minute of alterations to the body based on the sound emitted, from the movement of the muscles and the low frequencies emitted from the contraction and relaxation of said muscles, or their blood flow, something which has actually allowed her to effectively avoid most attacks with incredible ease. In fact, it is this ability especially alongside her mastery of her vocal chords to allow her to demonstrate the phenomena known as absolute pitch (apart from her natural affinity to such a skill). Should Jessica ever be blinded, which she cannot be through the effects of any form of the concept of darkness, Jessica can see through the usage of this sense, as well as hear in ranges well above and below the normal hearing range. However, Jessica can stop her hearing for quite some time to access the second attribute of Sensory Deprivation, the accumulation of Cosmo.
  • Taste: The key to her awakened mastery over all things pertaining to her voice and vocal affinities, Jessica has in turn greatly strengthened and awakened her sense of taste, something which in turn renders her ability to speak and use her voice at perhaps one of the highest points it could possibly rest at. As a master of this sense Jessica's voice is considered to be quite legendary in potency, as well as her tongue's sensitivity. Jessica can learn things about people by simply tasting something they ate or drank previously or taste chemicals in the air for a variety of reasons, even the smallest amount of such a chemical.
  • Nyx, Mother of Discordia: Thanks to both her utter mastery of the sense of Taste, as well as her unique capabilities to utterly control and manipulate each aspect of her voice especially when utilized in tandem with her similarly mastered sense of Hearing, Jessica is capable of, like many Saints, creating incredibly powerful ways to use her particular mastery over such a technique. With this particular technique, Jessica can bend the wills of those around her and hypnotize those who have heard it, working incredibly well with those who possess weaker wills, or those with a lesser sensitivity to the Cosmo, or even those with a lesser sensitivity to both of those senses on a supernatural scale. Considered to be a unique ability known as Charmspeak, Jessica can embed this within her music and even channel it directly to the brains of others without having it travel as an airwave. However, Jessica has also shown the ability to lure persons towards her with a minor tweak to how the power works.
  • Paralysis: By humming a melody and utilizing her Cosmo to propagate the sound across the battlefield, Jessica then goes offkey for a small period of time, or changes the type of sound her lips produce, in turn creating a sort of musical-cognitive dissonance in those who hear her music, given that the melody travelled through the air and struck her foes. While Jessica can, in fact, use this ability without the enemy hearing it in the traditional sense, the power's strength is still somewhat dependent on that particular ability granted that it had not been heard conventionally. However, assuming it was heard conventionally, the listener is paralyzed.
  • Discharge: Through the use of her voice or a musical instrument like a violin, Jessica is capable of emanating a powerful attack through Sound. By channelling her Cosmo along with the sound waves generated by either her voice or instrument, creating an incredibly powerful shock of extreme voltages, that cause the area to be filled with this electricity or with flowers in the form of a small tornado. The soundwaves themselves are of an extreme frequency capable of propelling the opponent through the air and destroy the enemy's armour as well as their actual body.
  • Healing: By hearing the resonant frequency of her particular target through her incredibly powerful hearing, Jessica then imbues the object with a powerful melodic soundwave containing that particular frequency. As a result, through her melody, the object in question begins to heal the damage previously dealt to them, seemingly being reconstructed by the continuation of the sound wave. Jessica can also apply this to herself to heal from injuries in battle.
  • Rhythm:
  • The Sixth Sense: Intuition: Jessica has the sense of..
  • The Seventh Sense: The Sense of Miracles: has the sense of..
  • The Eight Sense: Aryakshiki: ...Aesthetic cause it's in Req and stuff


  • Nature Communication: By harnessing the power of a Saint, Jessica has demonstrated a supernatural connection with and immeasurable control over the natural forces in her surrounding vicinity, a characteristic said to have only been seen in two Saints in all of history, both of the previous universes and this current universe, allowing her to gain some degree of control over the winds around her, and even communicate with animals so that, say, fish appear completely willingly into her hands instead of having to be through fishing, but even more importantly, Jessica demonstrates an incredible awareness of everything occuring around her, gaining a tremendous boost in tracking capabiltiies as well as being given a sense of precognition, which often manifests in battle in a similar manner to Kenbunshoku Haki. Jessica can bend these winds in order to augment her movement speed once more. Jessica can communicate with trees, and even the very waters, and even go so far as to accelerate the growth of plants. Finally, Jessica is capable of seemingly vanishing and temporarily fusing with the cosmos of Nature and reappearing at different locations, with her speed and offensive power being drastically empowered after re-emerging. However, perhaps the greatest characteristic that comes about from harnessing the power of Nature Communication, is that by remaining motionless, Jessica seemingly has an inexhaustible pool of energy to draw from, and is what Shinobi refer to the Saint equivalent of Sage Mode. By naturally remaining still and firing off techniques while remaining still, Jessica can put incredible amounts of power into a given attack, hyper charging it beyond its limitations.
  • Sekishiki: This refers to a cluster of stars found in the Constellation of Cancer, said to be a portal of supernatural energy that souls use to reach the Afterlife. As a result of being a part of the Constellation of Cancer, Jessica can harness and manipulate this otherworldly power due it being her birthright like second nature and is one of the few individuals that has been considered to have attained a mastery over the energies of the cluster. In addition, those who wield the power of Sekishiki effectively gain the ability to harness the a portion of the power of the Eighth Sense itself without even being knowledgeable of the Seventh Sense or exactly how their own Intuition operates, allowing her to maintain her life, consciousness, and full control of her mental faculties within the Afterlife without much difficulty, as well as enables her to keep the last two should she somehow be killed, which in turn allows her to harness the power of Eight Sense to effectively enable an individual to reincarnate into the bodies of others. By harnessing the power of the cluster, however, Jessica can be granted the gift of being able to perceive and interact with disembodied souls, departed spirits, and other non-corporeal entities in ways that are considered to be completely impossible to most humans, having the power of the cluster coursing through her veins at all times. In addition, by tapping into the power of the cluster, Jessica gains an astonishing ability to combat spiritual threats, as well as harness similar powers, originally being a fighting style that proved crucial in defeating an actual god of death, and makes the otherwise cheery pink-haired girl an incredibly formidable opponent in battle due to her full-fledged training to become a Saint as a teenager. This is a very rare manifestation of the Cosmos, and a select few actually demonstrate the potential to wield this.
  • Spirit Sight: Jessica has always been able to see spirits, something that was a natural talent that she demonstrated from about the very few first stages of her training as a Saint, said to be attributed to her innate talent with Cosmo as a girl, and can casually interact with ghosts as if they were corporeal entities. This is only further extended by the fact that Jessica is capable of effectively manifesting her imaginary friends as a young age, having such a complete level of mastery over simply the perception granted to her by the power of the cluster that she was able to perceive even her own spirit as three separate aspects of her own being, and have them embodied within her elemental cosmo. 
  • Control over Souls: Jessica, as a talented wielder of Sekishiki, is capable of communicating with souls and the spirits of the deceased and can attract souls and spirits to her presence without much difficulty. Jessica's incredible control over souls and spirits is noted to work in a manner different from other spiritual based occupations such as Meisters and Shamans, in that they utilize either the very aspects of the Underworld and manifest them, as well as utilize the immense unawakened sensitivity of spirits remaining in the area to generate powerful attacks while simultaneously sending them back to the afterlife. This also allows her to, once souls are freed and escape the thralls of such beings, send them back to the afterlife in a powerful explosion that is a result of bending the Big Will to move souls back into the plane of the dead. In addition, Jessica can use the lingering souls of the environment around her to charge up several powerful moves, vastly enhancing the powers of what previously were mere Cosmo-energized blasts of power. Since the acquiring of a newfound talent with this technique, Jessica has been noted for summoning the incredible power of a master of Sekishiki to the table, taking her power to even higher heights. As the years have gone on, Jessica's talent has increased to the point that she has practically achieved a similar level of capability to the Saints of the previous universe, in the fact that her regular physical attacks can affect the intangible beings in the environment/surrounding area by directly striking the soul of the opponent, bypassing the elemental material their body is composed of to attack the substantial soul of the particular individual.
  • Control over Fire-Faust: The Control over Fire-Faust is the ability that allows the individual to control terrible flames, capable of burning and even exploding souls, harnessing the power of the flames of Yomotsu Hiraska that seemingly feed on the souls of whatever it touches and can strike down the might of even those who consider themselves to be immortals. Usually, these flames have a limit in the fact that they seem unable of burning a spirit protected by a body, but Jessica has learned how to use this ability to affect those within their bodies, a type of technique she reserves for beings she considers to not be human whatsoever.
    • Hetacombe of the Spirits: An extension of her ability to harness these blue flames, Jessica can engulf the souls around her in these blue flames or simply attract them to the flames, which creates an immensely powerful explosion/chain of explosions depending on the number of souls used, which, when used and combined with large numbers of spirits, has been known to injure even gods at the height of this technique's potential. This also allows Jessica to seemingly obliterate most forms of spiritual attacks by engulfing them in explosions that use their very essence to propagate and is a devastating attack against even beings with spirits protected by bodies.
  • Cancer Blade:
  • Control over Sekishiki: The Control over Sekishiki refers to the ability to control the passage to Meikai, located in the Messier cluster 44, in the constellation Cancer, said to be the pathway to the Afterlife. This skill is primarily used to send souls to the Afterlife, and can be used in combat, to send the enemy to the Yomotsu Hirasaka, or to send ghosts to their judgment, ending their suffering on the surface.
  • March of the Spirits: This particular technique is a particularly powerful one, as it actually enables her to invoke the souls of those who are actually willing to assist her in combat, combining their energies into a powerful gigantic ball of cosmo/cosmic energy, which she can then fire at her opponents to deal tremendous amounts of damage. Invoking the power of all those slain on Erebus during the most recent Civil War, Jessica can condense their power into an immensely powerful ball, said to be capable of injuring even the gods themselves.
  • Hell Wave: By concentrates her cosmic energy at the point of her finger, and firing a potent golden-pink aura, Jessica can envelope her enemy in the energies of the Sekikishi in addition to her Cosmo and drag them to Yomotsu Hirasaka, separating their soul from their body and dropping them into this unique World of the Dead, pulling the entirety of their soul into the realm at which point they find it nearly impossible to escape if they themselves do not dominate the Cosmo of the Sekishiki cluster.
  • Underworld Passage: By tapping into the power of the cluster once more, Jessica can use these energies to create spheres of cosmoenergy which she can then direct at her opponent with blinding speed, sending them flying up into the air before dividing into several smaller spheres as the enemy falls. These smaller spheres strike the opponent and explode, causing chasms which give this technique the appearance of placing her opponent into the Underworld.
  • Infernal Ciranda: An extremely powerful technique, Jessica condenses the energies of the cluster into both hands and forms spheres of energy, before uniting them into one attack that forms a tremendously massive pair of what can only be descibed as cosmic tornadoes whose winds are said to affect the opponent on both a physical and spiritual level, said to be the equivalent of a natural disaster within the realm of Yomotsu Hirasaka, with extended periods of this time rumoured to have the ability to complete destroy an opponent's soul and send them directly to the World of the Dead.
  • Telekinesis: As a descendant of the Muvians, Jessica's affinity to Cosmo is such that she has awakened the ability to move objects with the power of her mind, enabling her to levitate and control objects on a scale that extends even to odours and fragrances without ever coming  into contact with them, and can harness this unique telekinetic capability to effectively levitate or fly, and even levitate others who do not have sufficient control over what is referred to as their stable configuration. This also allows Jessica to harness her Cosmoenergy into yet another rare manifestation of her Cosmos, allowing her to generate and manipulate the "crystal" element, seemingly being able to create almost anything out of crystals, a specific structure of cosmo that is considered immensely resistant to most forms of impact. Jessica can also use this to drastically augment her own physical capabilities by using it in a form akin to tactile telekinesis.
  • Crystal Wall: Jessica, can harness the Muvian aspect of the power of telekinesis in order to produce an invisible and seemingly insurmountable barrier between her and her opponent, reflecting almost any attack with the same power and speed one uses to fire against it, wounding the aggressor with the power of their own blows. The crystal wall can be destroyed by exploiting extremely minute points in the wall and shattering them, however, this is usually quite difficult to actually pull off in combat. Jessica can also collect the crystals from her wall and reform them to her desire, for example, using the crystal wall as a bridge to pass over what would normally be impossible to pass over, providing an easy escape route for civilian evacuation, or just covering the fists of those who blindly charge the barrier, a feat that makes dealing with lesser Saints quite an easy task due to their common mistake of focusing on fist-related techniques. However, unlike what the Crystal Wall may appear to suggest, this also applies to gas-based attacks and poisons, returning even these back to her opponent.
  • Crystal Network: Jessica can create an extremely subtle crystal wire netting that traps anyone whoever touches it and prevents almost any action by the victim, including actions such as teleportation, almost as if inducing a paralysis that works on movement beyond normal human capabilities.
  • Crystal Robe: A much weaker variant than the Wall, Jessica is capable of wrapping a miniature wall around her body to protect herself from minor injury and further damage. In addition, by applying the robe to specific areas, for example, wounds, she can accelerate her body's healing factor by allowing it to clot faster as well as removes the chance for infections to get into her body.
  • Telepathy: As a powerful wielder of Cosmo and a descendant of the Muvians, Jessica demonstrates a natural aptitude for telepathy that could be drastically more powerful if she actually trained it, with even it's untrained power being incredibly devastating and contributing to an immense telepathic potential for her. Fundamentally, telepathy is the ability to mentally receive or transmit information, allowing her to communicate with individuals using just the mind, and even conceal her psychological cosmo in order to hide/shield her mind from external telepathic influence, and Jessica can even go so far as to enter the mind of another once in physical contact, allowing her to save others who might be suffering from psychological or even emotional trauma.
  • Telepathic Mind Reading: A Saint, being naturally enlightened to the power of Cosmo, is capable of demonstrating a vast swathe of potential sub-senses. Strong in the field of psychic Cosmo usage, Jessica is capable of reading the minds of the weak-wiled, and penetrating the mental defenses and safeguards, atleast to a limited extent, of those with even a stronger will than she does. This enhances her ability to read and predict the opponent's next move, one of the key characteristics of a Saint's fighting style. This also allows her information gathering and reconnaissance abilities to be amplified greatly.
  • Mental Blow:
  • Illusions
  • Elemental Cosmos:Jessica has a natural connection to the Element of Darkness, due to her afffinity to the light element being so strong that it cast an incredibly thick shadow over the majority of her cosmoenergy, thus it can be said that Jessica's Cosmo attribute is more Twilight than Darkness, however, the way that her Cosmo manifests can be considered to be both the conventional form of Darkness as well as a unique manifestation of Cosmo that is referred to as control over the Darkness, which revolves around the ability to control dark forces in general, an unclassifiable discipline of cosmoenergy manipulation. This combination produces an immensely dangerous force that Saints of Erebus refer to as "Ebony", that many consider to be an amalgamation of a other elements as well as pure energy masquerading under the banner of darkness, and perhaps they would be quite right. In the presence of Darkness, most elements produced from Cosmo with the exception of Light begin to weaken, empowering her own element relative to their weakness. Also, the nature of Jessica's Darkness as "Ebony" enables her to access the power of this dark energy, which in turn gives her Darkness a sense of resillience against the power of Light-based Cosmo unseen in traditional Dark-based cosmo, making her element the best of both worlds. 
  • Ebony Plasma: Jessica, through the ability of harnessing Ebony, is capable of harnessing a power considered to be quite similar to the extremely powerful Lightning-based Cosmo technique referred to as Lightning Plasma, a technique in which up to one hundred million plasma beams per second are fired at the speed of light itself at opponents in all directions, forming a network of ebony that converges on the opponent that is needless to say, very difficult to escape. However, ebony combined with this releases black rays that can block and break incoming attacks, effectively serving higher defensive purposes as well as similar offensive purposes as the original technique.
  • Ebony Rapier: Jessica can summon a bolt of black lightning by concentrating her ebony into a single ray and strikes the opponent with an immense level of force more powerful than the traditional lightning bolt would do of a similar magnitude. This black lightning paralyzes the target as it navigates through the body.
  • Sparkle Rapier: A beautiful attack consisting of Jessica creating a huge amount of hands made of dark energy. They fly around the enemy making circular motions, making this attack resemble a horizontal cyclone. When the target is close, all hands converge on a single point to pass through the opponent's body, similar to a sword. They directly hit the body, going through all kinds of armor as if it was not there. The causes of damage to the enemy are made inside, directly to the internal organs and blood vessels.
  • Judgement Lances: Accumulating his energy in both hands, Jessica creates countless ebony spears and launches them quickly against the enemy. The spears hang around the opponent and create a kind of "cage", which holds him, making it nearly impossible for him to escape. Granted that one can manipulate the darkness element they can break out relatively easily, however, if they cannot it is incredibly difficult to break free of conventionally. She can also use these spears as an attack and punch her opponent. This can be considered a " special technique" of the regular darkness element i.e, it is not Ebony as the Light element has no effect on the Darkness in this case.
  • The Dark: Jessica throughout all her life has been closely associated with three figures known as the Dark, which happen to simply be the effects of her overwhelmingly powerful Cosmo interacting with the childish concept of imaginary friends. Regardless, at the current day, these beings are as real as any other entity, and to some extent, represent portions of Jessica herself, which is why they may spontaneously appear or converse with her in the event that something is going wrong. While before Jessica had to settle for recreating the Dark in the form of darkness, upon achieving Miraculosity as well as Ebony and a higher extent of Cosmoenergy, Jessica gains the ability to fully incarnate them from the conceptual form to an actual physical form to assist her in battle.
    • The Knight: A warrior of righteousness and an entity that completely lacks the ability to lie, the Knight answers Jessica's call as quickly as possible, and is said to flicker into existence almost instanteously rather than have to pop out of her body. The Knight takes the form of a man ten feet tall who attaches himself to Jessica and wil defend her regardless of the situation, occassionally even manifesting himself without her request should he feel an attack is sufficiently powerful and that Jessica is caught off guard. The Knight in terms of physicality is immensely physically powerful capable of clashinga gainst some of the strongest of powerhouses in both armed and unarmed combat with incredible ease. Due to being in the paradoxical state of being a seperate entity that is not a seperate entity, Jessica can utilize her Cosmo to summon him or he can summon himself, but due to being a seperate entity that is not a seperate entity the Knight as well as the rest of the Dark can persist outside of Jessica's body for as long as they want. Thanks to the nature of their incarnation, should their manifestation be slain they will remain perfectly fine within Jessica's body. The Knight demonstrates the ability to precognitively tell when attacks are coming his way and can quickly block and counter simultaneously these effects, as well as manipulate it's own seemingly limitless external stores of cosmoenergy as an entity who has awakened the Eight Sense in battle to replicate some of Jessica's techniques should he ever need to. Jessica's Knight can shift in size at his own individual will or Jessica's will, and manifests himself with a blade made of cosmo infused with Jessica's determination.
    • The Stallion: A beast of unparalleled loyalty and partner to the Knight, Jessica can either summon them alongside each other or individually. The Stallion, in base, takes the form of a gargantuan beast with immense movement speed and the ability to utilize it's own Cosmoenergies in a manner similar to The Knight. The Stallion can be manifested partially, around Jessica's legs to drastically enhance her already completely ridiculous speed, or around her arm to transform every blow into a truly devastating attack. Due to being a being that possesses the Eight Sense and being summoned by a Saint of Cancer, The Stallion is incredibly adept at dispatching all things spiritual in nature, having the ability to see and perceive/feel the spirits in the environment, detect the presence of an incoming signal of spiritual energy new to the environment, interact with spirits as if they were physicial entities and destroy them all together or alternatively, banish them. Being such an immense creature, Jessica can utilize the Stallion as her avatar for fighting against things on the scale of Tailed Beast and Susanno should her smaller and more dainty form be in sufficient for fighting the type of foe in question. When summoned around Jessica, the Stallion can effectively act as a surveillance system to protect Jessica, and even demonstrates the ability to use her magic.
    • The Damsel: To be Added... (cba to continue)
  • Magic (Cosmo):
  • Clairvoyance:
  • Magical Flight:
  • Magic Barrier:
  • Teleportation:Jessica, as a Saint who is also a Muvian, demonstrates the ability to teleport over incredible distances and even teleport others provided that she makes physical contact with them, or has impregnated some object they are holding or is otherwise on their person so that teleporting the object has the potential of teleporting them as well. Jessica can teleport the object solely, as well as teleport entire groups of people, and she can also teleport to areas she has impregnated with cosmo as well, allowing her to seemingly blitz opponents who should theoretically be much faster than her.
  • Starpoint Fist:
  • Sensory Annihilation: This ability allows Jessica to withdraw all the senses from the opponent; all five regulars plus to some extent consciousness, leaving the opponent completely incapable of activity and lose the capability to be considered as possessing the characteristic or irritability, one of the characteristics of living beings. However, this technique is rendered wholly incapable of affecting any being who has attained the Seventh Sense.
  • Atomic Destruction: Allowing Jessica to bypass conventional durability, the most basic technique of all Saints may also be the most utterly astounding power available to them. Jessica is capable of destroying the atoms of a substance, and as atoms form everything from organisms, water, air, light, and everything else in the known Universe, this ability allows Jessica to obliterate defenses, and be more readily capable of defeating solid elemental attacks.


Jessica, as a Mage has demonstrated tremendous skill in the usage of Magic Power, a source of Magic stored by her Magic Origin within her body. Jessica has demonstrated an immense amount of Magic Power which is made most noticeable by her extensive skill in the forms of magic she possesses, to the point where she is capable of utilizing a Chaos Art and even subverting it's otherwise immense cost with Cosmo. Producing a powerful magical aura, Jessica's magical power is often such that it becomes emitted as if some sort of monster and beast from her body when emanated in large quantities, and can, though vastly inefficient, used to protect her in dire situations due to it's raw density. As a Mage, Jessica's raw magical power in terms of ethernano storage and conversion is said to be unparalleled within Astrea, having honed it alongside her talent with Cosmo from an incredibly young age, and was actually born with an incredibly expansive reserve of Magic Power within her Magic Origin. Still only on her first Magical Origin, Jessica has shown enough magical power to easily surpass and put to shame many who consider themselves S-Class in reserves of Magical Power and have additionally unlocked their Second Origin. Jessica is even capable of transforming her aura into what would appear to be a vortex out of sheer magical energy, causing the winds to blow at incredible speeds before stabilizing it. Accumulating enormous amounts of Ethernano with every breath, Jessica has a vast capacity for magic power.

Darkness God Slayer MagicEdit

In a similar vein to all forms of Slayer Magic, Jessica's magic is no different. Jessica's magic is a type of Lost Magic that allows her to transform her physiology into that of a God, changing her own Magic Origin with the holy energy and divine power transforming her body to match the Gods of her element, utilizing offensive, defensive, and even supplementary styles. As a Darkness God Slayer, Jessica is rendered completely, utterly invulnerable to any form of onslaught involving shadows and darkness. Like all other God Slayer styles, this magic revolves around the manipulation, usage, and consumption of a type of element. This magic also involves bodily transformation. In Jessica's case, the element is darkness. Jessica's unnatural darkness can be used to envelop and protect her body from attacks, especially those intended to blind her. At maximum potential, Darkness God Slayer Magic is rumoured to grant the user the ability to "sense the darkness" within the hearts of others, detecting their negative emotions with ease. While it is extremely destructive, it can also be defensive or just be used casually. Like all God Slayer magic, Darkness God slayer magic is black, though many would argue that it would have been regardless of being a God slayer magic due to the nature of the element of darkness. Jessica's unique form of Darkness is said to have a freezing effect, having temperatures reaching below -196 degrees Celsius, or -321 degrees Fahrenheit, with even just -55 degrees Celsius proving enough to practically freeze human in skin in less than a second once exposed. The darkness continually devours all heat/sources of heat, replacing the heat with temperatures low enough to cause the instant freezing of most liquids. While the temperatures may fluctuate depending one what the user wants, and the fact that it is possible to heat up the Darkness, the temperature cannot exceed -17 degrees Celsius, or 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Those who encounter this Darkness will not experience warmth when shrouded by it. The darkness utilized in this form of God slayer magic has been known to take on physical form, allowing the user to bludgeon or cut opponents with it. Jessica can also mold the darkness into different shapes and forms, allowing them to create weapons, armors or more dynamic creations such as animals and other beasts to attack their foes. In addition, God Slayer Magic inherently cannot collide with, clash with, cancel out, or be cancelled out by other attacks, unless said attack is of a God Slayer class, as in a similar manner to Flame God Slayer Magic easily going through the ordinary flames of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, though, however, defenses on the other hand have a much better chance, though the immense power of God Slayer Magic may still enable them to be more easily overwhelmed. In addition, like all God Slayers, Jessica is capable of reconsuming her own element to gain back magical power and stamina even if created by her own magic, a step above regular Slayer Magic. The Darkness capable of being absorbed by a God Slayer also extends to negative emotions.

  • Darkness God's Phantasmal Scream: Jessica, as a Darkness God Slayer, is capable of employing a spell similar to the standard Bellow attack used by other God Slayers. By inhaling a certain amount of air and then completely expelling every last bit of the inhaled air from her system quickly and rapidly, her Slayer Magic enhanced lungs capable of forcing out air and intaking it on a level considered inhuman. By doing this, Jessica release a deafening shockwave of darkness.The strength of the shockwave is determined by the amount of air he intakes. Even without taking in a large amounts of air, it is capable of destroying objects with ease. Upon training her power and learning about the Chaos Art of Aetther Forge, Jessica is capable of manipulating the trajectory of the beam, splitting the shockwave/beam to hit several targets in a single usage. Each beam possessing, or the entirety of the shockwave possessing the inherent heat absorbing ablities of Darness God Slayer Magic, Jessica is capable of freezing targets with the power of Darkness usually in a single hit, in addition to the almighty power of regular Darkness itself. If not possible to hit the target in question, the shockwave leaves behind orbs of darkness, that wil continually hunt for their target unless it is impossible to reach them, locked on like an etremely advanced homing missile.
    • Darkness God's Condensed Shot:
  • Darkness God's Wave: Jessica is capable of releasing a wave of darkness with a mere swing of her hand, impacting the opponent with great blunt force and power enough to push them back. She also uses this to effectively counter fast-moving attacks or multi-directional attacks. Jessica is also capable of employing this technique through her feet, stomping on the ground and releasing an omnidirectional wave of darkness, effectively serving as both a defense and offense. When used by her feet, the spell is refered to as Darkness God's Quake. Jessica is capable of using this power to rend the Earth, cut the skies, and even disrupt incoming enemy spells if they are being cast at the time and of a size that she can reflect. In addition, this shockwave can be used as personal protection, in a sense stopping her from having to face the total onslaught of a powerful energy beam-esque attack should the need arise.
  • Darkness God's Blessing: Jessica is capable of enveloping items and weapons in shrouds of Darkness, greatly augmenting their defensive prowess and combat efficiency. With this ability, this allows Jessica to effectively improvise with the most mundane of objects, effectively utilizing them to great skill while in the heat of battle. As for actually, fully polished, skilllfully crafted weaponry, the power of the weapon is increased immensely, effectively enabling her the opportunity to fight off more powerful swordsmen, freezing their weapons and armours upon impact, absorbing the inherent heat from everything around her.
  • Darkness God's Spears: One of Jessica's more simple spells, Jessica creates a spear made out of pure darkness, utilziing the weapon as a projectile or as a physical weapon, forming a powerful weapon in the hands of Jessica, her primary form of weapon based combat being the use of polearms. If chosen to be thrown, it produces an incredibly destructive explosion upon impact. She can also utilize these spears in rapid succession, though this increases the difficulty in controlling their trajectory. In fact, this spell was the first to foreshadow her being capable of utilizing Shade Forge, as the form of creation is exactly that.
  • Darkness God's Saint of Darkness: A spell with two attributes, Jessica is only consciously capable of using one of them. The user shifts their body into pure darkness energy, a technique that increases their mobility and erases their corporeal form, thus negating all physical attacks upon their form and limiting the amount of damage they can receive from others. By wrapping their body around the targets, they can weigh them down immensely and wear down any protective gear they have, being unable to be shaken off, as their body has no physical form, and their efforts will just ensure they waste precious energy. They can also induce the freezing effect on the opponent, freezing them right there and then. This increases her transportation speed greatly, to the point many a person actually believes that she can teleport.
  • Darkness God's Hand: Jessica is capable of gathering magical energies in the atmphsphere and compressing them on and in one of their fists before unleashing a powerful elemental magical energy projecting punch, a devastating blow that can cause even piercing, penetrating damage, ripping through lesser forms of Elemental Magic and most defenses if left unprotected, due to the sheer power of the spell. Many say that the only way to properly defend against this spell, is to evade.
  • Darkness God's Foot: Similarly to Jessica's Darkness God's Hand spell, Jessica is capable of gathering magical energies to her feet, compressing them into her feet. As one's legs are said to be 7-8 times more powerful than one's arms, this spell is often used simply for overkill and boredom.
    • Darknight Identity: Jessica is capable of utilizing a power awakened from her darkest and negative emotions to achieve a great power from using this state, and can allow it to take control over her body at times. However, Jessica has also learned to accept it, fully enabling her to control her new found strength. Gaining shadow markings on her body, both her physical and magical performances grow sevveral times, as well as attaining higher levels of Darkness Manipulation. As the first sentence only said awakened, not utilized by, it infers that is capable of switching emotional sources later. Jessica's Darknight Identity draws from her positive emotions, and allows her to partially and fully embrace this Darkness, with her power being enhanced five times over.
      • Enhanced Magical Power: As this power is connected to her magical source/Magic Origin, their magical performance becomes enhanced due to their power being further tapped into. This increases her magic power and the power of her spells in a similar manner to Drive in Dragon Slayers.
      • Enhanced Physical Power: Jessica is capable of utilizing the power of her Darknight Identity for enhancing her physical capabilities. While being affected by the Darknight Identity state, almost all of her physical features and characteristcs rise many times, allowing her to accomplish amazing feats in their performance.
    • Shadow Stealth: Shadowsinker is a core aspect of Darkness Based Slayer Magic and one of the magic's most powerful assets; effectively, it's a more effective version of the Shadow Body spell, which is a darkness-based version of the Elemental Body ability of Elemental Magic, which allows the user to let physical and magical attacks pass harmlessly through their body when they're transformed; but Shadowsinker is a permanently available ability - Shadowsinker enables the user of Darkness God Slayer Magic to transform their body into shadows, allowing them to sink into the ground in order to roam around freely at high speed and teleport. This shadowy from grants the caster near unparalleled speed and an immunity to harm when transformed; essentially granting them the status of semi-flight. With Shadowsinker, the user is capable of closing the distance between themselves and their enemies, and can even use it go through them, attacking and then re-materializing continually as a form of a 'speed blitz'.
  • Unison Raid: Twilight God (with Rayneira):

Shade ForgeEdit

An existence similar to that of a Molding Magic, allowing the user to create and manipulate therie element into various shapes and sizes, Jessica Lockhart, employing this powerful spell, belonging to a group of spells known as the legendary Chaos Arts, is capable of shaping the ether manifested through th Chaos Arts into anything she wants at the time. Surging magical energy outwards briefly, and beginning to undergo a relatively complex process to shift her magical energies and other particles into the energy form known as the Sacred Aether. Jessica is capable of shaping any manifestation of her magical power into any form she would like, and due to the complexity of this creation, the power of constructs created with this power is far beyond regular Molding Magic, and the potential for creation is nigh-limitless, such as creating weaponry, and even stabilized energy columns that erupt from the ground. Albeit the immense power of this spell already, Jessica can combine this power with the power of Darkness itself, enhancing it's capabilities with the overwhelming power of Darkness God Slayer Magic. Capable of creating countless items by simply shaping her magical power and thinking about it, lacking need for the use of proper modification technique to brung her thoughts into reality, as a Darkness God Slayer and user of Shade Forge, Jessica can draw any darkness or shadow from any source almost endlessly, and like Darkness God Slayer Magic's regular form, Jessica can utilize all the properties of her magic, increasing the power of everything she creates. However, the cost of utilizing her own Darkness God Slayer Magic rather than transforming other Darkness into it is relatively high. However, through Jessica's mastery of the Darkness element of Cosmo, Jessica is capable of combining her own miniature big bang energies with her Magic Power to produce quite an impressive feat. While Cosmo tends to be extremely useful in changing an element to specific structures an forms, ranging from a beam to the full construct of an animal, Cosmo users tend to lack in the sheer magnitude and raw power of the Darkness that Slayers can create, limiting their potential for diversity. However, Shade Forge is capable of taking the Darkness emitted by Cosmo and combine it with the powers of Darkness God Slayer Magic to reach an unholy union that should probably have never actually been discovered.

  • Static Shade Forge: The first of the two methods of utilizing Shade Forge, Jessica is capable of the creation of inanimate objects at will, and can form almost any weaponry at all, and in a similar manner to Molding Magic, can seemingly create anything from nothing. Jessica can jab darkness into the soil below, and can potentially cause the soil beneath her to become converted into shadow if necessary, from which she can manipulate and shape the newly formed shadows in any manner she pleases. However, if the soil in question was to be somehow empowered, or mystically infused, Jessica will find it much harder to utilize Shadow Erosion on.
  • Dynamic Shade Forge: The method of armies, Jessica is capable of using the second form of Shade Forge, creating familiars forged from Darkness. These familiars are formed when Jessica focuses more magical energy into the formation of their Shade Forge magic while envisioning a guardian of sorts, enabling her to manifest them from Darkness. Possessing a black, smoky colouration, soft glow, and at times, hundreds of eyes, Jessica can go beyond creating animals of darkness, and even to human body parts and full humanoid beings, capable of using them for transportation, offensive capabilities, and diversions. In addition, Jessica can choose either to command them or grant them free will and thought, and, on rare occasions, can summon avatars of foes defeated.
  • Cosmo Alterations

  • Shade Forge:Darkness Gauntlet: Jessica is capable of utilizing her Darkness cosmo to envelop her arms and greatly increase her striking power apart from weapons, considered her personal version of Darkness God's Blessing. This can also be applied to her lower limbs.This strike often emits a shockwave on it's release, and the actual impact usually freezes the portion of the body she comes into contact with.
    • Shade Forge: Dark Chills:Jessica is capable of creating a dome of pure darkness that completely envelops the environment and completely negates the opponent's sense of sight, completely blocking it off and forcing them to utilize some other form of sensory perception, as Jessica is now able to completely unleash an onslaught of attacks on her now blinded opponent, effectively attacking them as a completely invisible entity.
      Shade Forge: Bomb of Chaos:Jessica condenses the murky darkness into a small sphere, shrinking it in size and solidifying it, then grabbing it and throwing it at her target, which when comes in contact with something, it explodes into a large explosion of darkness. The size varies however, depending on how much darkness Jessica has stored and how much she condensed it and made unstable.
      'Shade Forge: Divine Avatar:Jessica is capable of utilizing her Darkness God Slayer Magic and then take advantage of the fact that Cosmo can breathe life into constructs, e.g, turning a torrent of water into the direct shape and form of a dragon head. Jessica can effectively create a clone of herself, capable of everything she can, with several drawbacks. Firstly, the God Slayer Magic utilized by the Copy will be much weaker, with the exception of the Saint of Darkness ability, which is instead easier for the Copy. Secondly, it lacks the durability that Jessica has, though it can attempt to remedy this with Cosmo, though it's durability will still pale in comparison to her own
      • Black Ankh: Channeling her Darknight Identity and infusing it within the metaphorical forge that grants her much higher heights of literal power, and then combining it with the Divne Avatar, Jessica is capable of summoning a very particular manifestation of her shadow itself, the Stallion, taking the form of the Black Ankh of this technique. An incredibly massive being, Jessica is capable of harnessing this creature's full power at will upon achieving this level of mastery of Shade Forge and bestows upon her physical boons as well as additional boons. By manifesting the arms or legs of the Stallion, Jessica can completely block attacks that would otherwise surely annhilate her, as well as attack with enormous force once it is around her arms. While Jessica can summon it to fight alongside her, should Jessica's get enraged the Stallion will envelope her body. It should be noted that this is a Darkness based technique passed down to Jessica by her father, and it usually would force persons to run mad. However, Jessica's control over the darkness allows it to completely wrap around her like some sort of armour without the side-effects of insanity, though protecting others with this is another thing completely. In addition, while the creature's strength is usually proportional to light, her ability to produce vast amounts of darkness somewhat counteracts any feeling of weakness the creature may potentially feel during the day (though nonetheless, it is stronger during the night.)
  • Shade Forge: Barrier of Darkness: Jessica is capable of forging a
    Shade Forge:God of Darkness: Tartarus: Jessica extends her shadows underneath her target, and creates arm-shaped shadows that latch onto her target, restricting their movements, though it is meant to be used to capture a target, it can also be used to tear the target apart using the shadowy arms. However, it can also be used on a larger scale during night, in which she can merge her shadow with the larger shadows of buildings or with the darkness the night reflects to create hundred to thousands of shadowy arms that can effectively take out a large group of enemies.
  • Original Spells
  • Shade Forge: Blade- Shade Forge: Blade is a Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge sub-ability it enables Jessica to manifest a sword composed entirely of darkness for a variety of purposes, most notably for close-range combat. In any case, when manifesting Shade Forge: Blade, what emerges is a relatively simple-looking western short sword composed entirely out of darkness – of course, the wielder of Darkness God Slayer Magic is capable of altering the composition and thus the appearance of said sword thanks to the Shade Forge: Blade being a byproduct of their dominance over darkness, the caster is able to change the properties and composition of any Shade Forge: Blade through thoughts alone into alternate forms as long as it still counts as a "sword"; while normally, it appears as a light-blue sword with a crossguard that points upwards on both sides to resemble extra blades, it can be modified into a plethora of other forms as long as it still counts as a "sword", such as a katana, rapier, longsword, cutlass, zweihänder, jian, and many more. In any case, no matter the form and shape that Shade Forge: Blade takes upon, it can clash head-to-head with regular, solid blades and come off no worse for wear- the weapon is capable of slicing straight through magical barriers of an alloy forged weaponry and armour as well. Each slash released with the blade known to possess a truly incredible amount of energy -both kinetic and supernatural- behind its motion, releasing immense amounts of darkness in every wake that trails along the ground in a similar manner to that of a Sword Beam, flying towards the opponent while travelling across the ground, more often than not dealing large amounts of damage to a target while busting through anything it comes into contact with. While in its solid form, the Shade Forge: Blade can endure even the strongest of attacks, making it quite effective in blocking and deflecting incoming attacks; and it can withstand getting crushed by a pressurized force. The caster is capable of channeling their other Darkness God Slayer Magic spells. As a side note, by pouring more energy into the weapon's composition, the caster is capable of lengthening and enlarging the dark blade to reach the size and height of skyscrapers, granting the caster the ability to cause enormous amounts of devastation with every swing. The blade is shown to become as light or as heavy as the wielder wishes it to, thanks to its composition, and the power of Shade Forge: Blade is capable of inflicting a deep cut into the opponent's body. Shade Forge: Blade can be utilized as a form of 'blades below the shoulder' in order to enhance the user's own close-combat blows, as even though they are mounted in such a manner, they lose none of their special properties- additionally, if the user already possesses a personalized sword, they are capable of overlaying the casting sequence of Shade Forge: Blade upon their ordinary weapon, causing the Magic Seal to superimpose itself upon the cold alloys of their sword before undergoing crystallization and gaining Shade Forge: Blade as a "protective casing" of sorts, more than doubling the damage their regular sword would be capable of unleashing.
    • Extension: Shard Rider- Extension: Shard Rider is Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge sub-ability and, as the prefix of "extension" would indicate, a variant of the Shade Forge: Blade spell - going further from manifesting a sword of darkness, Extension: Shard Rider involves the caster leaping upon their blade and then propelling themselves forward with a burst of darkness, riding the weapon like a surfboard into the target. In any case, when performing Extension: Shard Rider, the user, while already gripping a Shade Forge: Blade within their hands, infuses this blade with their magical energy,- from here, instead of utilizing the Shade Forge: Blade for direct and close-range melee combat as it would normally be harnessed, the caster focuses the dark energies manifested through the Dark Slayer Magic upon the Shade Forge: Blade as they leap upon the blade as to treat it as a psuedo-vehicle for high-speed transportation; the moment that the caster puts both of their feet upon this blade and commands it to move through mental commands while causing it to resemble a surfboard, specks of dust begin to scatter from its very composition, as the caster begins to fuel more and more of their magical energies into the sword that serves as a solid surface underneath their feet, causing it to resemble a blade-shaped rocket as the caster then shoots forth like a bullet, moving at high speeds to the point that they become nothing but a blur - it's estimated that the velocity that a wielder moves at while Extension: Shard Rider is in motion is much swifter than unsupplemented regular transportation magic, making it a slight improvement overall, best suited for an impromptu getaway. When the caster comes into contact with the opponent, it will knock them down if they are standing, and the jagged tip of the blade they are riding on is capable of piercing all sorts of barriers; addition, it is capable of knocking the opponent back if it is utilized when the user is airborne. The first strike will freeze the opponent with the secondary property of the Darkness, and it is capable of knocking the opponent back if it is utilized when the user is airborne. Additionally, thanks to the sheer velocities that the darkness board moves at, the kinetic energy released by its movements can produce enough force to occasionally reverse an opponent, leaving the enemy unexpectedly open which the caster can immediately take advantage of. When in motion, Extension: Shard Rider is capable of trailing large amounts of darkness in its wake, which can damage the opponent.
  • Shade Forge: Shield: Shade Forge: Shield is a Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge sub-ability - as the name suggests, it enables the caster to manifest a shield composed entirely of darkness. In any case, what emerges is a barrier formed entirely from darkness for the sole purpose of defence – the barrier resembles the form of geometric shapes that connect to form the overall shape of tessellating hexagons and is capable of being modified to suit almost any situation in regards to both its shape and properties. Each transformation that the Shade Forge: Shield undergoes is induced by the caster's mental commands alone, with no real need to pump any magical energies into its composition to alter its shape and sizes. The Shade Forge: Shield acts as a high-density shield that “appears” to be immovable by any outside force, and it can take the form of numerous wide spires of darkness that erupt from the ground, thus reducing the number of elements required for a complete defence. The defensive power of Shade Forge: Shield is absolutely immense; they can protect the caster from almost anything that is aimed towards their form- upon contact with an opposing attack, the strike which is aimed towards the caster's body that touches the Shade Forge: Shield is brought to a screeching halt as its kinetic energy is reduced to zero- this can work against magic, bullets, explosions, and other projectiles; effectively, for a three-hundred-and-sixty degree method of defense, the caster is capable of using Shade Forge: Shield to erect walls composed of massive pillars of darkness as if they were built by hand around their entire body. The spell can also be used for offensive purposes, launching forward to create powerful forces to strike the targets, or to deflect forces sent by enemies right back at them, and they are capable of manipulating such defensive barriers at their will, bending and twisting them to better guard themselves as well as their allies from enemy attacks; in addition, the caster can split the Shade Forge: Shield barriers into their constitutive elements, which they can freely move in midair and employ for offensive purposes. Of course, through the inherent malleability of Shade Forge that's a result of it being an imitation of Molding Magic, a wielder of Darkness God Slayer Magic is able to downscale the size of Shade Forge: Shield in order to transform it into a hand-held shield, specifically that of a buckler, which is a small shield, up to forty-five centimeters in diameter, gripped in the fist with a central handle behind the boss for use in close-range combat. Despite being, well, a shield, Shade Forge: Shield can be harnessed for both defensive and offensive capabilities, commonly throwing the shield at their opponents, using the impressive aerodynamic properties of the shield in order to have the normally defensive weapon tear through the air while ignoring wind resistance and path deflection, smashing into anything that it comes into contact with, possessing mindbogglingly incredible flexibility, frequently rebounding from objects over and over without sacrificing any of its momentum.
  • Shade Forge: Lance- Shade Forge: Lance is a Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge sub-ability - as the name suggests, it enables the caster to manifest a spear composed entirely of darkness. Typically, the Shade Forge: Lance varies greatly in terms of appearance, but it's generally twice as long as the caster themselves is tall - thanks to the Shade Forge: Lance being a byproduct of their dominance over darkness, the caster is able to change the properties and composition of any Shade Forge: Lance through thoughts alone into alternate forms in accordance with the whims of the caster, such as morphing its structure morphed into halberds, a guandao, a trident, bardiches, a pollaxe, a Ji, and many more options are at the caster's disposal. Of course, once brought into the physical world, this crystalline lance is able to be wielded for close-range combat in a similar manner to that of a completely ordinary spear, possessing enough force to cut through solid steel and even pierce through a fortified magical barrier. Because of the inherent malleability of Shade Forge that's a result of it being an imitation of Molding Magic, the caster is able to alter the tensile strength of the dark lance in order to bestow the lance with an innate fragility, as upon contact with a solid surface, the previously threatening-looking lance of darkness seemingly shatters into a dozen or so smaller lances of darkness, which the caster directs towards their target, being launched forward at amazing speeds; resulting in a punching force traveling through the air in the opponent's direction. When in motion and split into innumerable fragments, Shade Forge: Lance is capable of homing upon an opponent, but instead of dodging many an obstacle until it reaches the user's intended target, Shade Forge: Lance functions in a similar manner to that of a drill — grinding through anything that the spear comes into contact with. Upon contact with the foe, Shade Forge: Lance releases all of the darkness energy and magical particles that compose it—exploding violently in a burst of darkness.
  • Shade Forge: Tiger- Shade Forge: Tiger is a Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge line which enables the caster to create a mechanical-looking lion composed purely of darkness to fulfil a variety of purposes - the tiger is symbolic of the white tiger of the four symbols. In any case, when performing Shade Forge: Tiger what emerges is a relatively large sabre-toothed tiger, about as tall as an adult human being; like all other beings made manifest through Shade Forge. Once summoned, like all Dynamic Shade Forge creations, Shade Forge: Tiger acts in a similar manner to a Celestial Spirit or a Familiar, obeying the caster's every command. In terms of specifications, the Shade Forge: Tiger is known to be rather fast and powerful, appearing and vanishing in the blink of an eye while the opponent in unable to track the darkness-forged beast. Possessing heightened senses such as smell and hearing, the Shade Forge: Tiger is capable of reacting well before the enemy; the tiger is also able to sniff out magical auras to track the target down. Shade Forge: Tiger, in battle, often cloaks itself in crystalline energies while racing around and delivering countless claw slash and body-slamming moves; upon getting within striking distance of the foe, Shade Forge: Tiger will revert back to its natural state as formless crystalline energy, electrocuting the target as to clamp down upon them and leave them vulnerable for the caster's next strike. The wielder of Darkness God Slayer Magic has displayed that they are more than capable of simultaneously creating two or more Shade Forge: Tigers, but it has been noted that manifesting more than one diminishes the quality of the creation as they become slightly slower and weaker in power.
  • Shade Forge: Gateway- Shade Forge: Gateway is a Darkness God Slayer Magic Spell of the Shade Forge line enabling the caster to create a "gateway of darkness" for a variety of purposes. Learning how to do so from a singular application of her Darkness Magic that allowed her to open the portal created by Tarianna's father, ever since Jessica has attempted to recreate the same portal as in order for her to control it, the portal had to be made of some sort of her element. By channelling the power of Darkness to accumulate around a given location, and the powers of the Sacred Aether and the Cosmo to mold it, Jessica is capable of producing a hole in what would appear to be anything that allows her to walk through and appear in another location. While Jessica's range is not as great as the range of others, Jessica is known to be capable of summoning this gateway right in front of her, or in the middle of her own darkness attacks even if the size would not usually fit her body (for example, a miniature Darkness Blade).

Celestial Spirit MagicEdit

Celestial Spirit Magic is a type of Magic in which the user summons Celestial Spirits by opening their gates through the use of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys. When a Celestial Spirit Mage receives a Key and opens its Celestial Gate for the first time, they have to set up a contract with the respective Spirit. This contract consists of asking the Spirit which days it can be summoned by its contractor. Possessing the key of Libra, Jessica is capable of summoning the curvaceous Spirit, capable of employing Gravity Magic to get rid of her foes, whether they are a singular entity or a multitude of them. However, she can also adopt the powers of the Spirits she summons.

  • Star Dress: A Celestial Spirit Magic Spell in which the user incorporates the power of a Celestial Spirit into their body by placing the key of the Spirit in question on their chest. The power manifests itself in the form of a wardrobe change (similar to Requip), in this case in the form of a dress centred around the Spirit in question's own wardrobe. Also, the user, by adopting the powers and appearance of the Spirit they choose, also adopts a portion of their powers, being able to make use of their Magic. This adoption of power, however, is not limited solely to the Spirit's Magic, but also includes their Magic Power itself, which allows the user to make use of spells of their own that may require more than one person due to the tremendous amount of Magic Power required to cast it. Due to the Celestial spirits tending to have gargantuan reserves of Magic Power, by utilizing this spell, Jessica, in essence, grants herself more magical power than put into casting the spell.
  • Star Dress: Libra Form: While in the Libra form, Jessica's attire resembles a belly dancer's, consisting of a frilled and striped bikini top along with a patterned loincloth sporting pom-poms at the waist. She wears numerous bangles on her arms and legs, and her neck is also concealed by a thick necklace. On her feet are a simple pair of sandals, and her head is dressed with a zigzagged headband.
  • Enhanced Strength: Libra, while not exactly known for her outstanding supernatural strength, still retains a strength beyond that of a normal human, once splitting a boulder larger than herself with a kick. Jessica has also adopted this power, enhancing her physical strength.
  • Gravity Change: A Magic that allows its users to alter the gravity of a person, either themselves or someone else. Users can lower the target's gravity, enabling them to walk on walls or raise the target's gravity, rendering them incapable of moving. The user can also change their body figure temporarily by using this. The user can also change others' body with this magic. This magic type was the major elemental magic type of Libra, and as a result, Jessica is able to utilize this power, in fact, seemingly better than Libra can herself, though that may be because of the combined knowledge of that adopted by Libra and her own magical experience. Persons usually mistake her gravity and darkness control as that of the Yami Yami No Mi. Due to Jessica's skill with the Gravity Magic, Jessica's own Magic Origin produced a more permanent change, allowing her to use Gravity Magic even outside of her actual Star Dress state.
  • Fall: A spell that quite obviously derives its power from Gravity Change, Jessica can increase the gravity of the targeted location, disabling any foes trapped within the confinements and destabilizing weak magic. Due to being this young, Jessica's range is not that high, though the sheer effectiveness of the ability has not gone down a bit. Directly learned from Libra, Jessica can change the direction of her gravity, allowing her to control something's/someone's trajectory in mid-air and even replicate attraction and repulsion if used wisely enough. When used in a high magnitude, Jessica has the potential to can crush bones and snap other body parts, eventually grinding them into dust, though this is an advanced application and usually fatal, so it is not something she employs often.
  • Suspend: Decreasing a target's gravity, Jessica can, in essence, leave the opponent suspended in mid-air and have them float around as if weightless. With this, Jessica can effectively "lift" weights she logically should not be able to and replicate flight.
  • Black Hole: Jessica activates this by first using Chaos, creating a dark orb between the caster and their opponent. This orb generates its own gravitational field, thanks to the effects of Gravity Change increasing the level of gravitational force and raw attractive potential, drawing in everything around itself, and also appears to increase in strength and size after a short period of time.
  •  Unrelenting Force:
  •   Pull:
  • Nexus:

Heavenly Body MagicEdit

Heavenly Body Magic is a powerful Caster-type magic that focuses and revolves around the usage and manipulation of heavenly or astronomical bodies, harnessing the properties of astronomical objects to generate incredible feats of power, ranging from the manipulation of the energy of the very stars above themselves to the relentless crushing power of the gravitational force. When combined with the gravitational power of her Celestial Spirit Magic from the key of Libra, Jessica gains the power to manipulate gravity on such an incredibly potent level that a powerful magnetic field is discharged, which in turn produces incredibly powerful bolts of lightning.

  • Stellar Energy Absorption: Heavenly Body Magic's basic ability is to grant the user the ability to absorb stellar energy either directly from stars or from people who use said energy for magic. Jessica can also absorb the magical stellar energy from other Heavenly Body Magic users and their attacks.
  • Meteor: Jessica is capable of shrouding herself in Magic with vastly improves her movement speed to even further levels, and even if the opponent was capable of detecting her trajectory, it becomes nearly impossible to catch her, her speed being tremendously improved, as well as granting her flight despite her already being capable of it previously.
    • Meteor Burst: While moving around freely using Meteor, Jessica collects or accumulates speed and motion from the activity around her which she can unleash at a particular moment, in this moment, she releases all of her accumulated speed at once granting her a ginormous boost in her speed for a "heartbeat". While using this, she can negate inertia and friction around her to move at tremendously high speeds without suffering from any harmful effects, allowing her to make sharp turns or attack at once without slowing down. This burst of speed generates a tremendous amount of energy, so much so that, it seems almost as if Jessica is on fire and the opponent struck by her physical attacks are sent flying away with tremendous force. Jessica can perform a burst of speed that allows her to move so fast it appears as if she has teleported, thus taking her enemies by surprise. This technique allows Jessica to leave several speed mirages behind as she moves. As a result of the burst, Jessica's speed, reflexes and perceptions greatly increase for an instant. With this, Jessica can move at extremely high hypersonic speeds.
  • Grand Chariot: While in the air, by putting both hands on top of each other and fingers spread in quite a particular manner, Jessica summons several Magic Seals which then fuse together to make the appearance of a constellation. Each seal then releases a powerful blast of starlight down on her opponent which forms the pattern on the ground before exploding, or the seal can be drawn in the sky before being cast, bombarding an opponent with the countless beams of light rivalling an actual meteor's force.
  • Altairis: The user crosses their arms above their head to begin casting the spell. As they prepare to fire the spell, all nearby shadows are drawn towards them, forming a small black orb which rapidly grows in size and also gains small white lights inside it, similar to the night sky. The user then unleashes the orb towards the target. The orb appears to be incredibly dense and may hold a tremendous amount of gravity to crush the opponent. Its nature is comparable to a black hole, due to its incredible pull on the surrounding materials, people, and light.
  • Rings of Saturn: Rings of Saturn is a formidable binding technique that can also act as an offensive spell. To execute, Jessica raises her index finger into the air and circling it above her head to create a single large ring of stellar energy. Once created, she transports the circular energy ring over her opponent, then lowers and homes it on them. The ring then breaks up into two parts, one binding the targets upper torso another binding the lower. This results in the opponent being gripped and trapped within the circular attack. However, it can be used in an offensive way, which allows Jessica to cut in opponents in four equal parts. This can be achieved by altering the nature of her magic and making the rings razor sharp instead of elastic.
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Sema: The user bows down and points his hands downwards, with all the fingers closed except the index and middle fingers. The user then begins to slowly move their right hand until it points upwards, causing the clouds above them to begin circling around, forming a cyclone as the skies darken. From the centre of the swirling formation, a glowing orb begins to form, growing in size until a humongous meteor emerges, falling quickly to earth towards the intended target. When the meteor hits, the force is strong enough to create a large explosion, which engulfs a wide area and releases a strong hurricane of air, also leaving a large crater in its wake.
  • Corona : Activating this spell causes Jessica's body to be shrouded by a thick aura of plasma that extends about a couple of inches outside her body. This is a purely defensive spell which creates that allows him to coat her entire body in dense corona which enhances her defence and the damage of her physical attacks. Due to the extreme heat generated by the corona, Jessica can easily burn, melt or completely incinerate her victims without coming into direct contact with them. If one were to come in contact with her, due to the defensive nature of her armour, physical contact would trigger rapid corrosive shocks which are followed by a small explosion. The armour does have some degree of ionization capability, though, its mostly used by Jessica in a defensive manner, to rapidly ionize incoming attacks. In addition to the offensive damage the shroud can inflict, it can also be used for defensive purposes, as it acts as a deterrent towards those who wish to attack the user physically.
  • Nova Impact: Jessica raises her hand engulfed in pure stellar energy whose brightness and intensity irregularly increase by a large factor after which she punches her opponent. When the punch connects it sends the opponent flying away and results in a massive stellar explosion which forms a mushroom cloud in the atmosphere much like a nuclear bomb does after being detonated. This spell releases a tremendous amount of thermal radiation, light energy and a small amount of residual radiation, most of its energy is utilized in producing the massive blast which forms the mushroom cloud. However, a very small percentage of the energy (if present) triggers ionizing radiation.
Starlight ConstellationEdit

As a Saint, Celestial Spirit Mage, and user of the Heavenly Body Magic, Jessica's connection to the stars above is incredibly strong, each refortifying themselves and granting her the inherent powers in each field to harness the abilities of the stars themselves, either through the medium of a Celestial Spirit, her own Cosmo, or magically generated starlight. By harnessing and shaping starlight within her, Jessica can effectively recreate and harbour within her a smaller version of the constellation which empowers her, her Saint powers reading that constellation as her new Guardian Constellation. As Guardian Constellations, a forgotten power, empower Saints in a myriad of ways, Jessica's ability to generate the essence of constellations within her allows her to effectively gain powers and traits related to the particular constellation, vastly improving her versatility even further. Each constellation grants Jessica a physical augmentation, which is greater if she is utilizing a strength-based constellation, to begin with.

  • Capricorn: Jessica, through aligning her Constellation with the Earth Sign of Capricorn, is capable of surviving on and adapting to almost any environment, assimilating the powers of hardiness inherently possessed by a specific celestial zodiac. Jessica's body becomes capable of resisting wind friction and air pressure, as well as loses any potential fear of heights.
  • Scorpio: Jessica is capable of seemingly adopting the physiology of a Scrpion at will, as well as produce several other poison based abilities, such as the generation of powerful and lethal acids and poisons. In fact, Jessica can suddenly project a prehensile tail from her back to effectively grant her three arms and a method to defend herself from attacks coming from behind. Jessica gains the ability to protrude stingers, as well as perceive the world arouund her through a seismic sense akin to Earthbending. However, it should be noted she does not have the sand manipulating powers that the Celestial Spirit has only by changing her internal constellation.
  • Azure Dragon of the East: Jessica is also capable of aligning her starlight with the constellations of other arrangements apart from the Zodiacs, including the Four Symbols of the Chinese. Through this connection, Jessica is capable of truly tapping into her near boundless store of positive energies, as the power of the Azure Dragon and it's symbolism with spring means that she is capable of healing those around her, in addition to manipulate the growth of plants and to a greater extent, flowers. However, she has still not been able to use the second stage of this constellation as it is, in fact, a Four Symbol.


Perhaps the purest form of magic capable of being produced by one's Magic Power, Jessica's ability to utilize this type of magic is not something that was unexpected, but it was not something expected either. Enchantment, is defined is the process of "bestowing and transfixing" one's magic, harnessing sheer magical power to manipulate the properties of the target in question in near infinite manners and with limitless potential. The primordial classification of Magic out of The One Magic, this magic has produced all other classifications of magic. Modern day magicians use other forms of magic, her usage of Enchantment allows her to be bestowed the title of Enchanter. Enchantment, is perhaps Magic itself without limitations to specific disciplines, among other things, and grants the user limitless potential andu unrivaled talent in terms of the variety of magical spells and abilities that one might be able of potentiall learning. The potential of this Magic is so vast that one can potentially alter and transmute matter, energy, chemical objects, objects, beings and legendary creatures, as well as do so over vast distances, by changing the particles themselves in a form of particle transmutation, with seemingly no limit to what it can actally affect, creating new forms of magic and achieving a perfectly synergized combination spell as well as a Unison Raid (tremendously more potent and can be utilized with more than simply two magics).

  • Embodiment of the Magic Spear: Ten Commandments: As the former owner of the incredibly versatile magic weapon, the Magic Spear: Ten Commandments, Jessica, despite only having a basic control over this particular form of magic, otherwise known as Enchantment, has taken the power of the spear and enchanted it directly onto her being. However, due to only currently knowing basic Enchantment yet wishing to do a permanent enchantment, she shattered nine of the forms of her original Magic Spear, but, in return, effectively gave Jessica nine additional magic origins with only one form of magic on a single slot. As a result, Jessica's magic power was multiplied by a factor of ten which only served to greatly strengthen the individual powers of all of her spear's forms. When channeling the power of a particular form, Jessica glows the corresponding colour or colours of her particular weapon.
    • Silfarion: Through this form of Magic, as if learning High Speed Magic, Jessica demonstrates the ability to have an incredibly blinding speed capable of keeping up with some of the fastest opponents, if not completely overwhelming them with sheer speed, as well as the ability to drastically amplifying her jumping capabilities to gravity-defying, flight imitating levels.
    • Mel Force:
    • Ravelt:
    • Explosion:
    • Gravity Core:
    • Blue Crimson:
    • Cannon Spear:
    • Habaraki:
    • Ankoku:
  • Beserker: Enchantment + Evil Spirits from Sekishiki 



While on the island of Erebus, Jessica underwent several events that caused her latent power to emerge, an offensive power known as Break. The powers granted to a user of the Knight occupation are often times versatile and varied, and are symbolic of the desires and characteristics of the person  using it. While Jessica for the most part is a well-mannered, kind woman with the best of intentions/ambitions, upon returning to Erebus Jessica was forced to denounce the expectations and needs of her family, wishing to break free of their restrictive hold on her life. Being given just the power to do so, Jessica has access to an incredibly powerful ability which emantes from the potency of her will. With this power, Jessica demonstrates the ability to emit powerful energy blasts with an enormous amount of vorpal and destructive power with incredible ease, as well as grants her the ability to resist some of the most powerful of magic based attacks. This ability, especially when combined with the Rune Save quality of her Magic Spear, allows Jessica to demonstrate a nearly infallible defense against some of the strongest of magical attacks, as well as some of the strongest of psionic attacks. While Jessica may not be a shinobi, or may not possess an occupation that is required to break out of a special brand of illusionary technqiues, Jessica's Break ability grants her an enormous amount of mental fortitude capable of resisting some of the most powerful of illusions or telepathic influences, literally breaking free from any external influence on her person and allowing her to demonstrate true free will and autonomy regardless of the incredible amount of mental pressure or emotional pressure (in the case of empaths) on her being.

Additionally, Jessica seems to be capable of resisting all manner of corrosive attacks, rendering the entirety of her being immune to powers such as the Sabi Sabi no Mi, as her body will not rust, decay, or rot. As a result, Jessica is granted an incredible immunity, even from acidic gases meant to corrode the body, and can extend such a property to any weaponry she possesses. From being able to clash against the very magical energy that creates incoming spells, Jessica can "breakthrough" attacks that fall beyond a certain level of potency, and when combined with her versatility and speed, end fights before they begin. Due to the power of Break allowing her to resist magic, some of the strongest of magical effects can be resisted, or deflected, especially if used in tandem with Rune Save to both deflect and pierce through the opponent's mystical attacks. Additionally, most forms of defenses are capable of being "broken", as Jessica seems to be capable of shattering most defenses that she faces.

  • Fist Charge: By striking her opponents with physical force, Jessica can cause her opponents to recieve obscene levels of physical damage that can shatter most things her fist comes into contact with, as it imposes the concept of breaking on whatever she touches, even defensive barriers. While those who's abilities are immune to the concept of breaking have an advantage, these powers are quite rare, which allow Jessica to break through some of the greatest of barriers. For an example, Break is the only power that can break through the power known as Wall, a power which is seemingly straight up immune to most forms of physical and magical effects. As a result, when making contact with an opponent, this ability is known for being capable of causing the area touched to break and shatter, seemingly shattering their very bones. Additionally, through the usage of Break, Jessica can effectively bypass the intangible defense of a Logia by "breaking" or cracking their element, thus allowing her to strike the substantial body beneath the particular element.
  • Will Shattering:
  • Liberation:
  • Windless Sprint:
  • Ground Breaker:
  • Revolutionary Deflection:
  • Pierce:
    • Rune Safe Piercing:
  • Unstoppable Force:

Notable SkillsEdit

Nigh-Supernatural Vocal ProwessEdit

As the idol going by the stage name of Lyrebird, Jessica wields an unparalleled level of talent with the art of manipulating her voice, allowing her to easily to recreate any tone or pitch imaginable  and imitate any voice or sound she has heard, easily replicating the voices of others as well as other more miscellaneous sounds such as the sounds of explosions and the background sounds of certain environments. Her voice is noted to be incredibly beautiful in all vocal ranges, from the base, teno, allo, and even soprano tones, and can transform herself into a one woman choir at any time thanks to her ability project several harmonized voices simultaneously and fluently, or even mimic the chatter of people within a neighbourhood. Jessica herself is aware of the fact that her voice can invoke emotions from individuals around her due to the level of skill she has managed to achieve, and often utilizes this to her advantage when attempting to calm or reassure individuals by singing in a particular manner. In fact, Jessica's control over her voice is so great that she can easily replicate the sounds of other instruments or even the sounds of synthesizers, allowing her to easily create songs without the need for assistance from anything or anyone, only needing something to record her music. Nevertheless, Jessica will occassionally sing songs along with other persons accompanying her, so as to not let them feel too inferior, Jessica refrains from utilizing their instrument in her voice or utilizing their vocal range, instead simply using her voice to correct, reduce the noise of, equalize, and add whatever effects she deems necessary to the sound being produce in order to produce the best possible project. 

Jessica's voice can lull individuals into a deep sleep and even convince them to follow the sound of her voice like a beacon, proving particularly effective when combined with ventroliquism. Jessica's talent with her voice is such that she can carry on full conversations with others without moving her mouth even once. Accompanying this talent is an audiographic memory, allowing her to flawlessly recall any sounds she has heard. Through utilizing her voice impeccably well, Jessica can exploit the properties of interference in order to do what people consider sonar transmutation, taking the sound of her footsteps and turning it to the sound of strong wind or negating the sound altogether by propogating waves that result in destructive interference. However, this is not limited only to her person, and she can turn the sound of rain into the sound of burning firewood or even replicate the sound of insects so that plants develop their pre-emptive resistances to them. Jessica can change the tone and quality of any sound and can playfully use the voices of others to change the words that seemingly come out of their mouths, taking their voices and turning their words into whatever she wanted them to say. For this talent, Jessica has amassed a global influence and following, sitting at the number #1 position for each song she has ever released for years, only being rivaled or occasionally displaced by her own songs. Jessica can sing in any range of genres, even purely electronic music thanks to her vocal skill, and if she so desired she could easily pull off rapping.

As a result, Jessica has a platform that can reach the entire world of the Shinsekai, with a range considered to be larger than most political figures which is only enhanced by the fact that she is both a hero to and the Princess of an entire Kingdom. Jessica's platform is not as divided as those of a politician, as music is universal to all regardless of class, colour, species, and creed, and as a result is capable of making messages that perhaps hold larger sways than those of governments themselves due to her status as the greatest name in the singing industry of her generation. Persons around the world look up to Lyrebird as their rolemodel, their aspiration and inspiration, and for some, her words are as if the words of God themselves. As a result, this has assisted in garnering a following for Astrea around the world after she joined from those members who are not in denial that Jessica of Astrea and Lyrebird are the same person, and with even the knowledgeable of those who dislike Astrea from her fanbase (because it's impossible for atleast one not to) being less aggressive to the group than they would otherwise.

Masterful Combat SkillEdit

Jessica is capable of both an incredible talent in hand to hand combat, having practiced both brawling and martial arts extensively during her youth and upon the gradual regaining of her memories, has assimilated this skill into her experience. Notably skilled in most forms of weaponry based combat, Jessica is capable of swordsmanship, lancemanship, and even shieldwork, capable of fighting against masterful users of said combat styles, and even the usage of wire/hammers in combat, despite not actually currently employing them in her fighting style. Touching every aspect of combat, as well as being born to two previously warring clans and recently, trained by them, Jessica's skill in combat's aspects has accelerated to insanity.

Naturalistic IntelligienceEdit

Multiple Intelligences, yaddah yaddah yaddah


  • Magic Spear: Ten Commandments- The Magical Spear of Ten Commandments, which refers to ten forms, wielded by Jessica is perhaps not the Spear one would expect. Usually, the usage of Ravelt, which is reputed to be the "strongest" form of the Spear and said to be capable of shaking the world with a single strike. Reforged by Jessica's alchemical prowess herself as well as imbibed with a certain level of Gravity Magic to begin with, Jessica's spear is said to be incredible durable, having a similar composition to the orichalum and stardust sand used in the production of Cloths, in addition to it's original durability, which makes it incredibly powerful. Proficient in the usage of all ten forms due to her combat prowess and ambidextricity, the young woman is also not hindered by any limited number of uses the Spear might have, as though she controls the magic power being outputted by the spear, her vast reserves of Magic Power allows her to charge the spear and use it almost indefinitely.
    • Rune Save: With this particular spear-form, Jessica is considered to be the bane to most, if not-all magic wielders, as the spear now demonstrates the ability to quite literally cut through magic. An incredibly devastating ability in battle, Jessica is theoretically capable of completely slicing enemy attacks and retaliating completely unfazed given that the ability used against her in question was magical through the use of this spear. Even magics intended to make one intangible prove useless as it is magical in origin.
  • Sacred Swords:, tomorrow
    • Sacred Sword of Creation:
    • Sacred Sword of Thunder:
    • Sacred Sword of Destruction: 
    • Sacred Sword of Light (definitely giving it to Rayne if not already given to Rayne):