Jenkins Lestat
Also Known As Officer Jenkins
Age About a year older than Nicholai.
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 256 lbs.
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Kingdom Camelot
Occupation Knight




Level 41
Experience 0/41,000
Bounty 535,000
Family Nicholai Lestat (Brother)

Rest Deceased

Allies Dusk.
Enemies Anyone who pisses him off.
Status Badass.
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Backstory Edit

Jenkins Lestat (More commonly known as officer Jenkins.) is the older brother of Nicholai Lestat. He began searching for his brother after hearing about his involvement with the guild known as dusk. His decision was partially influenced by the fact that he had recently been fired from his job as a city guard and did not take the news well. He began by killing the captain the fired him. He cut him in half, split him open like a frog in science class, and roasted his remains over a fire pit. After this incident, an all out manhunt for officer Jenkins began. This time of fighting the entire city guard gained Jenkins an exceptional amount of skill when fighting against large numbers of opponents. By the time Jenkins escaped he had at least 40,000 kills to his name and alot of reason to find a new home. When he finally met the members of Dusk, he was met with disappointment when he discovered that his brother had been killed just a few days before this arrival.. After this he became the captain of the guard of Area 11 and an honorary member of Dusk.

Personality Edit

In the eyes of many, Jenkins may seem bipolar. One minute he can be going on about justice and order, and the next he can be butchering a man for a minor crime. Jenkins is a hardy believer of trial by combat. He loves a fair fight and would rather be outnumbered than outnumber his opponents.

Combat Edit

Super Human Physical Prowess Edit

Jenkins is an exceptional swordsman, and due to a vigorous training regimen rivaling that of One Punch Man, he has pushed himself far beyond what many would think to be physically possible for a man to accomplish. Even without his occupation abilites, Jenkins possesses super human attributes.  He can lift ten tons, exert at his fullest for several hours without showing any signs of fatigue, sprint at over 300m/s, utilize extremely improved sensory systems, dodge close range gunfire with ease, master fighting styles in mere days where it would take others years, heal cuts in minutes and broken bones in mere hours, move as flexibly as a human possibly can, balance on even the thinnest of surfaces, tolerate extreme amounts of physical pain, remain calm in normally stressful situations, fall several stories with minimal injury, break an average man's bones when they hit him, and if he happens to fight a significantly stronger opponent who is not skilled in hand to hand combat, his superhuman combat skills can award him the victory.  His self-awareness is also so strong that he is highly resistent to the majority of technqiues focused on manipulation of his mind.

Mage Edit

As a mage Jenkins possesses Athletic Magic, which he uses to push his superhuman feats even further. Along with the speed and agility based sandals, Jenkins has also developed an enitre suit of armor that brings his physical prowess to Enahnced Level Supernatural Condition.  Utilizing this magic he can outrun race cars, dodge supersonic attacks, becomes virtually immune to low level attacks like bullets, and multiplies his physical strength tenfold.  Jenkins also possesses Sky God Slayer Magic, which he uses pretty much exclusively for healing purposes.

Shinobi Edit

As a shinobi Jenkins has an incredible focus on Medical Ninjutsu, which he uses obviously to heal injuries, as well as to further enhance his physical properties. Through much practice, he has became an avid used of Chakra Enhanced Strength, speed, reflexes, durabilty, and thought processing.  When utilizing all of these abilites, his physical attributes are multipled immensely, although the amount is determined by the amount of chakra he is willing to put into the techniques.  Due to his incredible combat prowess, and knowledge of chakra points, Jenkins is virutally able to perform the gentle fist technique without the use of a byakugan.  His perception and processiong cabability allow him to mimic his opponents handsigns within 20 miliseconds of their own completion, using their same jutsu with an almost unnoticable difference in time between the two.  

Nature Transformation MasteryEdit

Due to over a century spent training with the various forms of elemental ninjutsu Jenkins has became a master in nrealy all forms of Nature Transformations as well as Kekkei Genkai.  Due to this there is almost no limit to the types of technqiues Jenkins can utilize in a fight.  Also, due to an entire other century of storing chakra and practicing control, there is virtually no limit the frequency at which he canutilize even the most powerful of technqiues.

Bishokuya Edit

As a bishokuya Jenkins possesses gourmet cells whose purpose explicitly focuses further increasing his physical attributes. His gourmet cells push his body past his former limits. Allowing him greatly increased, strength, speed, muscle density, recovery of wounds, reflexes, and combat speed. As well as massively improving all of his senses.  All of these combined with his previou abilities bring Jenkins to insane levels of physical ability.  He can see clearly from miles away, and aim any attack or projectile accurately as long as he can see his target.  He can break the sound barrier casually.  He can lift an extremely large building and just the force generated by him flexing can devastate a small area around him.  His skin and muscle tissue have become so dense, few attacks are able to pierce his skin to even make it to the far more durable muscle beneath.  

Knight Edit

Jenkin's primary occupation is that of the knight. His knight ability may be the most deadly thing in all of Jenkins arsenal. It allows him to temporarily enter a state of Absolute Condition.  Where all of his physical attributes are virtually limitless.  However, this ability can be dangerous if an enemy manages to avoid the swift destruction, as once it wears off, Jenkins is rendered unconscious and completely vulnerable.  He is known to only use this ability in the most dire of situations.  He can also multiply his strength by his number of opponents or split himself into many full strength clones equal in power to his opponents.


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