Indivia- the Kingdom of Waves is one of the seven kingdoms of Requiem. The kingdom is extremely fascist being discriminative and racist to those who are not from there. It is easy to tell who is and isn't from Invidia as those who are have the ability to grow gills under water. Like Cupiditas elections are held every year to decide a new leader.


It is said that Invidia was sunk due to the overbearing weight of the ego of the kingdom's residence.


The current leader of Invidia is a fascist man known as Geko Sarutobi. A man who believes that Invidia is God's city and everyone in it are his angels. Because of this, Invidia is strictly off limits to anyone who is not from there, not that it matters anyway because they cannot stay there for an extended amount of time.


Invidia is around the size of South Dakota with it's capital city, Wave, being the size of Boston. The kingdom is not subject to waves but there are many riptides therefore making it hard for anyone who isn't used to the environment hard to navigate.