Ian Emiya was a Soul Reaper and Hunter originally from the kingdom of Gula. He is also the weapon partner of Katu Otsutsuki

Ian Emiya
Req Ian
Also Known As The Weary Traveler
Age 14
Gender Male
Height 5'3"
Weight 143
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Kingdom Gula (Formerly)

Acedia (Formerly)


Occupation Soul Reaper


Level 19
Experience 8,038/19,000
Bounty 29,000
Family Father (Deceased)

Mother (Deceased)

Sister (Unknown fate)

Brother (Unknown fate)

Allies Katu





Shin Kira


Enemies Exo
Status Deceased
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Ian is a very quiet and shy person due to his early mistreatment and abuse by his parents. Ian is extremely calm, never panicking, even in the worst situations that would make a normal person kill theirself. Ian, despite his calm nature, will show extreme emotion when he has to. Such as if Katu gets into danger.


Ian has short, straight blue and purple hair styled in an undercut and sharp, intimidating grey eyes. Belying his rather short stature, his physique is well-developed and heavy with muscle from extensive 3DMG usage. The slight furrow beneath his eyes are at odds with his otherwise youthful appearance. Aside from his constant frown, his expression is calm, and his unflappable demeanor oftentimes makes it difficult to guess what he is thinking. He is most often seen in his military uniform, and wears it with a black version of the Survey Corps' hooded cloak when embarking on extramural expeditions. Whether in civilian clothes or uniform, Ian is always seen sporting his white cravat.


Ian was born in the kingdom of Gula by two loving parents. Ian was treated relatively well, and was trained as a Soul Reaper due to his unique ability to see spirits. Ian had a much older sister and an older brother whom looked after him and cared for him greatly. When he was only seven years of age, his mother died from a serious illness and his father became a drunk to cope with his sadness. Ian's father constantly beat him, and no matter how much his siblings pleaded for him to stop, he didn't. This caused his siblings to leave, as they also started getting beat by him. Ian eventually ran away, as he couldn't deal with it anymore.

Ian began his life on the streets. Ian had to scavenge for food, and it was rare to find. Ian finally left Gula in search for other kingdoms. During his travels, Ian met a young boy about his age named Krao. They both were in search for food, so they agreed to travel together. For about two years, the two boys stole from houses and stores, and never got caught. But one fateful day, they were travelling in a large forest, trying to make their way to the next kingdom, but they encountered a large, 15m titan who chased after them. They tried so hard to escape, but Krao was caught by the titan. Ian tried his best to prevent Krao from dying. Ian stuck his hand out to him as he was in the titans mouth, Krao reached out also, but they were too late. The titan chomped down, sending Krao's arm flying out. Ian screamed at the sight of this, and he was filled with rage. Ian's eyes got sharper and more intimidating. Ian grabbed a metal blade the boys had been carrying around with them, and he ran up the titan's arm as he reached for him, he got to the back of his neck and began slashing and cutting as fast and hard as he could. Ian had killed the titan.

Ian had later ran to the closest kingdom there was, Acedia. He asked many people to take him in, just for some food. All refused, until he stumbled upon one house. He met a guy just five years older than him who actually took him in and fed him. Ian has lived with him to this day.


Ian has a wide variety of Soul Reaper abilities and such as seeing spirits. Ian is also classified as a Visored. Meaning he has acquired hollow like powers and will use them when he has to.