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The Hunters Association is a fictional global organization appearing in the Japanese anime/manga series Hunter × Hunter. The Hunters Association is responsible for the testing and licensing of "Hunters," a person that has proven themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity. With the passing of the examination, a Hunter is rewarded with a license to go almost anywhere in the world or do almost anything. Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, mystical places, and the unseen wonders of the world.

Hunter LicenseEdit

A Hunter License is a type of card given exclusively to Hunters after they pass the Hunter Exam. It proves the status of the owner and has multiple benefits. It also grants the ability to kill without facing any legal consequences. A hunter license also grants access to guarded information as well as being an easy way to get a job just by showing it.

Hunter CommandmentsEdit

  1. Hunters must hunt something.
  2. All hunters require a minimum level of martial proficiency. Being able to use Nen is the minimum level necessary.
  3. No matter what may happen, one who has become a hunter will never have their title revoked. However, no matter the circumstances, a hunter license will never be issued a second time.
  4. Hunters may not hunt their fellow hunters, except for those who have committed atrocities.
  5. Hunters who achieve extraordinary accomplishments in a certain field will receive a star.
  6. Veteran Hunters who have received a star, become superior officers, and have had their students receive star will receive two stars.
  7. Hunters with two stars who achieve extraordinary accomplishments in multiple field will receive three stars.
  8. If the hunter in charge does not receive a minimum level of support, then they will have their post removed. In this case, the minimum level is the support from the majority of his fellow hunters. If the seat of chairman becomes open, an election for the next chairman must happen immediately. The vice-chairman is to be left in charge until the new chairman is decided.
  9. The chairman decides how new hunters are chosen. But in order to make a great change in the existing method, he must receive support from the majority.
  10. Everything not written here is to be decided by the chairman, vice-chairman, and their advisers. The chairman has the right to choose who becomes the vice-chairman and advisers.


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