Hideki Uzumaki

Hideki Uzumaki

Post TS Hide

Hideki Kano Uzumaki

Kanji 秀樹事
Rōmaji Hideki
Also Known As The Shy Shinobi
Hideki of Teleportation
Almighty Savior
The Iron Lion
Age Pre-Timeskip - 19

Post-Timeskip - 23

Gender Male
Height Pre-Timeskip - 5'11"

Post-Timeskip - 6'5"

Weight Pre-Timeskip - 163 lbs.

Post-Timeskip - 342 lbs.

Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Kingdom Ares
Occupation Shinobi
Level MAX
Experience N/A
Bounty 1,092,400
Family Hima (sister)

Rest deceased

Allies Kiryso
Apollyon Ruthaven
Enemies Those who believe in destruction
Status Alive
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Hideki Amon Uzumaki, born Hideki Kole Uchiha, is a young, 23 year old Uchiha/Uzumaki mixed Shinobi, Knight, Magus, and Bender. Hideki was born to Kajin and Letacia Uchiha in the Uchiha District of the Kingdom of War, Ares; and he is a young warrior who aspires to find world peace as a member of Eos. After the arrival of the Tailed Beasts at the stadium in Hera and their subsequent defeat, Hideki offered to become the jinchuriki of the one tailed beast, Shukaku, and the beast was successfully sealed inside of him. After leaving Eos for 4 years and travelling around the world, Hide bathed in the River Styx a second and third time and gained much new abilities, and now travels the world as a nomad.


In the past, Hideki was best described as being a shy and introverted person, who wa heavily insecure about his abilities and doubted that he could even give the world the slightest bit of hope. However, Hideki was also a very kind person who enjoyed making people feel better about themselves; he enjoyed this because he was never able to do the same for himself, and was so dependent on the happiness of others in order to feel happiness himself. He was also very honest, not enjoying to lie as he went by the classic saying "honesty is the best policy".

Despite his usual kind nature, there were times where Hideki snaps randomly, as he is often haunted by his past and being able to do nothing to save his family. Even though, if Hideki does snap, there's a large chance he'll stay angry for a while, as he does harbor a dark side. In this dark side the most usual personality differences are hypocrisy, lying, sudden thirst for bloodshed, and, if severe enough, he may even go completely berserk.

When berserk, he loses most of his sanity and chooses to destroy and/or kill everything in his path, no matter what. As a child, he had a similar problem, where he'd throw a tantrum and be completely senseless to reason. The only thing that calmed him down was a small music box his mother would play, which would calm his nerves, and send him to sleep. When he wakes up, he has no recognition of the events that happened when he was berserk. This leads to confusion when people speak to him about it. However, in the end, Hideki is kind, observant, honest, and will give his all if it means protecting who he holds dear.

After the death of Hideki's family and clan, he somewhat grew more cold. While overall still a positive and cheery person, Hideki often spaces out moreso and may or may not have violent bursts of rage. He also has received more of a bloodlust, being less hesitant to kill and more willing to do more brutal things. For example, instead of putting them out of their misery more quickly, Hideki will, for example, telekinetically choke them intead of decapitating them. He also seems more quick to give sudden attitude bursts to members of his team, although, this still isn't that often.

After getting Shukaku sealed inside of him, and after Eos split up for four years, Hideki decided to bathe in the River Styx twice to improve his abilities drastically. However, seeing with the curse of the River Styx, Hideki's mental state degraded drastically and he became far more cold, distant, and dark. Hideki often stays silent much more often and doesn't respond or comment on things unless he feels the absolute need to. When he does comment on things, it's often cynical and/or negative; showing a great change from how he used to be. Hideki is also much less tolerant to crimes and the like, and will punish someone severely for just about any type of crime. Hideki is also willing to go to much more extreme methods to achieve world peace, and he recognizes now that it will require severe agony and pain to achieve his goals.


Hideki is usually depicted as being a decently muscular individual who stands tall at 6'5" feet. Hideki has somewhat large, silver eyes that are noted for their unique ability to perfectly shine when put under moonlight, which happens to enchant most females he comes by. Normally however, Hideki's eyes still shine but are unable to romantically enchant certain females. Originally sporting somewhat long, reddish-orange hair typical of his clan that fell directly over his eyes, after bathing in the River Styx twice more, Hideki's hair turned a dull white and grew a few centimeters. Hideki's hair is still kept messy and casual, as he sees no use in combing it. Hideki is a young man of very muscular physique, sporting a six pack and very noticeable biceps and triceps. While originally sporting a fair skin tone, Hideki's extensive bathing in the River Styx led to him gaining tanned skin.

For clothing, Hideki typically only wears a high collar, flexible armored vest that covers his complete torso, excluding the open sleeves which leave his arms exposed. This armor is extremely hard and dense, being weighted to help Hideki constantly train in weighted environments. This vest sports individual detailed areas with extra upported metal to guard his vital areas. From his hips down, Hideki wears black pants of the same flexible material as the vest, being decorated with straps of valyrian steel to ensure absolute protection. For shoes, Hideki wears black boots that go with his pants. These boots have steel plating on the shins, and then they have steel plating on the toes and heels.

Background Edit

Part I: The Begnning of TragedyEdit

Hideki Kole Uchiha was born high-class, well known warrior known as Kajin, and his wife, Letacia, with four siblings, in the kingdom of Ares. Hideki was born as one of the two middle children in his family along with his year-younger sister Hima; and due to their closer ages, they became closer than the others in their family. Hideki's father, at first, althought strict and somewhat mean, treated his kids fairly and loved them very much. Hideki's mother Letacia was an extremely kind woman; and although she did not spoil her children or choose favorites among them, was relatively close with all of them; althought it was Hideki specifically who could be called "momma's boy". 

As soon as Hideki became 4, his father began to train him as he had trained all of his older siblings. The training started out relatively easy as his father wasn't exactly cruel at the time, but he still expected much from his son and he pushed him harder than he had pushed any of his other siblings; this was because Kajin saw much potential in his son, more potential than he had witnessed in his two older brothers. As soon as the training began, Hideki almost immediately proved amazing in his tasks; often even impressing his father with how easily he seemed to learn, and then take charge of whatever he had to do.

Since he lived in a small portion of Ares almost completely inhabited by Uchiha and few other clans, Hideki usually had many friends to play with aside from his siblings, and often spent time with them all. His life at home was ordinary, he did small chores around the house and didn't ask for much. In general, Hideki seemed like the perfect child; always doing what he was told or asked. He also had a good relationship with all of his siblings; often giving them things of his own when they were down or upset. His mother would often take him and his siblings to festivals of sorts; and they always found it to be a fun, group activity. However, what saddened him was how his father never joined along, as he was almost always busy with work of some sort.

However, besides his life at home, his training had gotten far more dull to him as it began getting repetitive, so he asked his father for more challenges. His father, shocked his son had gotten so used to the training and how he had became such an expert at it at 4 years old, chose to give him more challenging activities. Most of these included striking down swallows in the air; either with a bow and arrow or kunai or shuriken. Hideki, despite not even earning his sharingan yet, eventually got the hang of these activities and began even doing it as a way to pass time.

When he was about five, Hideki's youngest sibling and third sister was born; Hilana. Adoring his little sister, Hideki was often the one who voluntarily took care of her when their mother or father was away, although the other siblings often helped as well. However, Hideki was still fairly young so he had to depend on his older siblings for some things. They looked out for eachother, commonly taking care of both their little sister, and the family in general. They all were happy, and it seemed as if nothing would change that.

Finally, when Hideki became six, his father began to act..strangely. He started acting more distant from the family and more focused on his job as a mercenary than usual. This led to the family getting somewhat worried, as he also began to act more on-edge, and even pissed off. Although this bothered Hideki and the rest, he chose to ignore it, thinking that it would soon go away. However, he was very wrong. One day, when he had gotten home, his sister informed him that their mother had been gravely injured in one of her missions, and could no longer use her legs. Heartbroken and feeling extreme need to see his mother, he rushed to the hospital, just for his father to stop him. "You're not allowed to see your mother." he said, causing Hideki to burst out, "Why?!". Hideki doing this not only startled his father as Hideki had never burst out before, but startled himself. His father, narrowing his eyes, responded with knocking Hideki out by putting him under a Sharingan genjutsu.

Hideki woke up the next day; his sister's birthday. A little confused at what had just happened, Hideki got up from his bed and looked around. The family was outside, playing in the large meadow of grass by their house. Hideki decided to join them; to which he was greeted kindly. However, he saw his mother in a wheelchair and instantly broke down, his mother eventually calming him down by playing a music box. Hideki eventually calmed down, and fell asleep again. The next time he woke up, he woke up to the sounds of yelling from the living room; Kajin and Letacia were fighting, much to his surprise. And they were arguing about Hideki. Hideki decided to ignore it and cover his ears, and eventually, he decided to sleep, again.

After waking up again, Hideki noticed it was time for him to leave to the academy; Hideki also remembered, that today was the day he graduated earlier than the others. Gladly getting dressed and leaving; he didn't say a word to anyone else. After graduating and going home; Hideki entered the house, and looked around; where was his mother? She was almost always out in the living room watching things, moderating the family, especially since every member of the family besides her and my father were there! He thankfully heard footsteps a few moments later, and he was ready to shout out and hug his mother, tell her everything that had happened. Instead, his father came out. He told everyone else but Hideki to leave, and after they did, he walked up to Hideki; asking him if he graduated. "Uh..yeah! I graduated! Are you pr-" Blank. His mind went blank. His father had just punched him in the stomach. Looking up at him, he was greeted with another punch across the face, and eventually, a kick to the back of the head. "You're not good enough." said Kajin, his voice as cold as ever. He continued to beat Hideki senseless, telling him how he was a failure, and eventually Kajin kicked him into the wall; knocking him out.

Hideki was woken up by his sister, Hima, shaking him, asking if he was alright. He responded with a simple nod, and got up. Hideki couldn't really remember what had happened; a side effect of hitting the back of his head against the wall. Hima responded that he had been out for five days. Shocked, he asked what day it was, and she responded, the first of May; Hideki's birthday. A little overjoyed at this fact, Hideki quickly grabbed his sister by the hand and ran out to the living room, where his family; all except his father, was waiting for him. They all had some fun for about 3 hours, until Hideki started feeling a little sick, to which he decided to relax a little, and eventually, after four hours of watching some television and going out to restaurants with his family; he decided to sleep.

About three days later, Hideki was walking home with his older brother after they had just finished training. His brother was proud that Hideki was getting so good at his training, and thought his father would be too. Upon walking to the door, they both saw his father standing there, and almost like it was on signal, his brother had to leave them. Hideki was a little bothered, but wanted to ignore it and continued walking to the door. His father let him inside, then shut the door behind them, looking down at Hideki with arms crossed. Hideki was a little scared, when he suddenly remembered what his father had done; he had beat him senseless, then knocked him out. Hideki was about to run but, it wasn't possible at that point, as his father had just kneed his stomach, punched him around, and then finally, he elbowed him back. Hideki looked up, before he saw his father kicking his stomach with extreme force. Hideki coughed up blood, and was about to yell for help, before Kajin finally ended it by chopping his neck and knocking him out.

Part II: Hate is BornEdit

As Hideki grew older, his training grew more intense, and his beatings grew more brutal. Despite the beatings by his father, Hideki continued on with his life happily and nearly without a worry. Often he would help his mother, bringing her food and drinks amongst other things, and commonly bought her presents. It was also around this time that his younger brother, Apollo, began to grow stronger bonds with him and look up to him. Apollo admired Hideki's strong will, friendliness, intelligence, and downright skill. Hideki commonly would train with Apollo when not busy with something else; always congratulating Apollo's accomplishments; even if they were small.

It was also around this age that Hideki began training with a sword. Due to his father, being preoccupied with work (and preoccupied with beating him when he was home), Hideki simply began training under his brother and a fellow Uchiha from the district named Keno. Keno often trained Hideki in kenjutsu, as Hide had always seemed interested in it. Upon first beginning, Hideki's skill with it was already above average; and only a few months in his training, he'd be able to beat most other sword fighters in the world. However, like always, Hideki never bragged at his skill and thought it was normal. Keno and Kine (his older brother) were impressed with his skill and continued training him. Keno would train him with kenjutsu and taijutsu, while his brother would cover ninjutsu and genjutsu. He rotated between them; and he began to get even better almost by the day. 

This training however, also taught Hideki how to deal with more of a beating, and therefor, allowed him to moreso accept his father's beatings (physically, anyway). His father's beatings would happen maybe, 3 times every week. He began getting used to them emotionally, to, suddenly not very much caring for his father's reasoning behind it. Hideki also began to train in the bow and arrow, and as a result, began teaching Apollo. Apollo proved to be very good with the skill, and Hideki was proud of himself for being able to teach his little brother. Hideki, Apollo, and Kine would often go hunting together; often catching the day's meals for the family. While Hima, Hilana, and Kira (Hideki's older sister) would take care of their mother and do other things during the day. Their father, however, grew very absorbed in his job as a mercenary, and began leaving for trips about 3 days out of the entire week. This however, led to the family being more stressfree, as the father was somewhat putting them under tension.

Hideki, now nine years old, was growing to be a fine shinobi and someone that the entire family adored and cared for. Hideki would often invite Apollo (and occassionally Hima or Kira) to watch Kine and Keno train. Hideki and Apollo greatly admired their skill and battle prowess, as watching their battles was entertaining. His sisters usually didnt think much of it, but he still, nontheless, appreciated them coming and thanked them. Hideki was kind to everyone in his family, even his father, whom he often referred to in honorifics even though his father had been mistreating him. Hideki had improved greatly as a shinobi, and began even impressing the elders of his district. Hideki never once grew arrogant in his abilities, and barely noticed them. However, for some reason, Hideki began to feel like something was tearing apart; something was going to go wrong. he just knew it.

Hideki began to observe strange happenings around his district; specifically, Kine, Keno, and Kira, began acting strange; talking to random people around the street, acting mysterious. This weirded Hideki out, a lot, as whenever he asked them about it they'd change the subject. Another strange thing he observed was, amongst seeing his mother, she seemed busy all of a sudden, In a rush. Whenever they spoke, it was quick, and then she was out the door to her job as a military communications expert. Tension around the district seemed to multiply; and Hideki became more...stiff. He began to lose his happy-go-lucky personality day after day; although he still retained a calm demeanor and was kind to those around him, he began getting distant; something most of his siblings thought he was incapable of.

With Hideki growing more distant, he became more interested in his training. Kine and Keno began noticing that Hideki started getting even stronger; he was truly a prodigy, someone capable of doing anything and being skilled at everything he does. However, Hideki's distance from others led to Apollo becoming sad and somewhat alone; Hideki no longer trained him with the bow and arrow, or anything, they barely spoke to eachother. Hideki was turning his back on his family in a sense, and he knew he was, but he thought, "they turned their backs on me first. Father started beating me, my siblings started ignoring me, even my own mother doesn't want to speak to me anymore. I'll turn myself into my own warrior; I don't need help."

On his tenth birthday, Hideki decided to become his normal cheery-self for just one more day. He decided to spend time with one member of his family at a time for an hour at a time, then bring them all together at the end. He did so, and in short, he had a good time. His family had stopped their mysterious activities for the day and spent time with him. For Apollo, Hideki, feeling generous, had bought him a present instead; a new bow and arrow so Apollo could practice his skills even more. Hideki was gifted a new sword by Keno; a silver, three foot blade with a small black hilt. Hideki thanked them all for the day and almost went down in tears; he loved his family. They never turned their backs on him; he had forgotten how much they loved him.

Kajin had been away on a mission for two days, and he was still scheduled to be away for two more. This gave Hideki some freetime without the beatings, he could train harder and harder all he wanted; he was free to be himself. He decided to go out hunting with Kira, as it had been a while since it was just the two of them. While hunting, she struck up a conversation with her brother about their father's strange behavior. As the conversation continued, he told her about the beatings. Disgusted with their father and feeling a deep sympathy for her smaller brother, she planned to fix things; she planned to set their father straight. Despite Hideki claiming it was fine and that she didn't need to do anything, she ignored it and consulted Kine, Hima, and Keto about it.

Hideki needed some time alone again, so he went out into the kingdom to do some extra things such as shopping, playing games, and other things. It would be his day off from training, he thought. However, feeling lonely, he brought Hima around eventually so they could have some bonding time. They travelled around and shopped, ran around, fed the Turtle Ducks in the pond, and visited the fountain. They finally got to bond again, something they were both thankful for. Upon coming home however, they found their lives would be far different than they were expecting.

Kira, Keno, and Kine were all laid out on the floor and bloody, their mother was off her wheelchair and on the floor, looking up at Hilana. Wait. Hilana. She wasnt moving. She wasn't breathing. She wasn't doing anything. Her eyes were wide open, but there was not trace of blood anywhere. She was dead. Hideki had broke then. His pupils began to rotate rapidly, eventually turning into a sharingan already with two tomoe in one eye and one in the next. He was enraged. Bones shot out of his left side, his canines grew into fangs, and his nails grew sharp. He was done. His father stood above the bodies above, looking at Hideki with a calm look on his face, gripping his sword, Kubikiribocho, tightly. Hideki charged but their father easily sent him back with a kick. Every hit Hideki tried to land, his father countered perfectly. Quickly, Kajin put his son under a sharingan genjutsu that depicted him murdering all of Hideki's siblings except Hima, and then left. Realizing he was in a genjutsu, their mother (dying from her illness), quickly grabbed a music box and began to play it. Hideki snapped out of the genjutsu and went back to normal, falling infront of his mother with tears in his eyes as he snapped back to his senses. They exchanged a brief, heartbreaking conversation, with his mother finally telling him to live, for her, and telling him to run away with Apollo, far away, as the others could handle themselves. Reluctant but ultimately following her wish, Hideki grabbed an unconscious Apollo and fled. 

Part III: The Long Road AheadEdit

Pain crept up Hideki's legs as he walked, and walked, and walked. "Keep walking," he told himself, "you have to get away." He could barely process the events that had just taken place; how is it possible? How is it possible that his life could turn into hell in just a night? But that didn't matter to him, really. All that mattered was getting Apollo to safety; getting himself to safety. As he treaded along the dirt path, he couldn't help what wonder what could've been; could his mother have not been crippled? Could his father not have grown abusive? Could everything, right now, be different if he changed something that he himself did? Although he could never know this, it lingered on his mind for a long time.

It was miles now, they've been walking for miles. They were very far away from the Uchiha district now, and were in the middle of Ares by this point; they had passed the capital, Hideki was thinking. He knew because he had visited the capital just days before, and they were certainly passed it. However, Hideki was still unsure of what to do; should he find somewhere to rest? Should he keep walking? Despite being unsure, he mainly thought about what was going to happen now. He had to change things; not just in his family, but in the world. That was his resolution. He would change this world; he would make it better; he'd make a peaceful future. That was the moment he, Hideki Kole Uchiha, pledged to bring peace to the world; by any means necessary.

After about two more hours, Hideki finally stumbled upon an abandoned house in a deserted area of the Kingdom. It was in fairly good shape, and so he thought he and his brother could rest. Upon entering the house, he quickly ran throughout it to see if anyone was currently in the house. Relieved upon discovering that there was no other presence in the building, he quickly rested himself and his brother upon the couch in the livingroom; and as he layed down, he looked to the ceiling and thought about what he could do to ensure his brother's safety, but before he could finish his thoughts, he fell asleep.

Hideki woke up a few hours later on the same couch, and tried to recall what had happened the night before. Although he couldn't recover every single moment, he got the gist of what happened. After he stood up and looked on the couch next to where he was for Apollo, he realized he was not there. Quickly beginning to panick, Hideki ran out the door to discover Apollo sitting infront of the house in the grass. He approached him slowly and asked him what he was doing out there. "Trying to forget." he nonchalantly responded, still looking off into the distance. Hideki replied, "I'm sorry, Apollo..I really am sorry that I let this happ-" he was cut off, "No, you're not! This is YOUR fault! Maybe if you had stayed home with us, if you hadn't let him hurt mom, then we wouldn't be in this mess!" Apollo had yelled back at him, finally looking his brother in the eyes. Hideki looked down and sighed, "You're right," he stated, "this is all my fault." Apollo seemed to go silent after that, looking back at the distance and beginning to ponder about what to do. Hideki figured himself he should leave him alone, and went back into the house. Apollo came back inside the house about 20 minutes later and apologized to Hideki; stating that nothing they could've done would have prevented it. After that, Hideki decided to tell Apollo his goal; he would achieve world peace, make everyone happy, stop wars, and last of all, he would protect Apollo and Apollo would help him achieve it. Apollo, although reluctant, agreed to help him; and they decided to leave the house and set off. Hideki however, still had some doubts that they would be able to achieve world peace; but he decided it was best to ignore these, and they left.

Part IV: AloneEdit


As a Shinobi as well as a Knight, Hideki has a multitude of useful abilities that he uses to their fullest extent; and is considered a prodigy as he's had a great level of skill with every ability he's given. Hideki has a large variety to choose from; ranging from ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu, bukijutsu, medical ninjutsu, and a multitude of kekkei genkai; including his dojutsu, the Sharingan, and Poison Release. As well as with having telekinesis, and not to mention three chakra natures, Hideki almost always has something to back up on.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Hideki is an extremely adept and proficient combatant when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and is in over-peak physical condition for a human being. Hideki has been trained in martial arts nearly his entire life, and trained harshly in order to develop extreme levels of physical strength and dexterity. Hideki commonly uses his advanced physical ability in combat, focusing it into taijutsu; and he is quite capable of taking extreme amounts of damage and dishing it back out. Hideki has learned multiple combat styles, being knowledgeable in an extremely large variety of martial arts. Hideki, using his peak physical condition, can move at speeds that most men would be unable to even come close to moving; and is strong enough to kill a normal man by simply punching him. He is also extremely durable; and due to his regeneration, can take life threatening wounds without much worry and can heal from them in a short while. This is greatly amplified by his status as an Uzumaki and Uchiha, possessing huge reserves of powerful chakra and stamina, and due to bathing in the River Styx, has gained great regeneration, physical endurance, enhanced physical strength, and all around enhanced senses.

  • Physical Strength - Hideki is an extremely strong individual with supernatural levels of strength, being able to lift 70 tons normally and using chakra enhanced strength being able to lift about 75 tons while exerting absolutely all of his physical strength. Hideki often uses his great amount of raw physical strength greatly to his advantage, delivering bone shattering kicks or ground-destroying punches. Normally, Hideki is able to dent and break through every single material that isn't valyrian steel. This is due to his bathing in the River Styx, three times, which granted him his great level of physical prowess. While enhancing his strength with chakra, Hideki can outright kill large beasts or opponents with a single punch or kick, and is capable of denting or breaking through literally anything that isn't as strong as valyrian steel. Hideki can exert about 65 tons of force in his normal state, meaning he can kill just about any above average or even elite warriors with his strength alone. While enhancing his physical ability with chakra, Hideki is able to exert 77 tons of strength in his attacks; a clear increase from before, making a barrage of his punches life threatening to nearly any man.
  • Physical Speed - Hideki's most amazing and noticeable aspect is his great levels of physical speed. Hideki has trained in speed tactics and such for his entire life, and is one of the fastest members of Eos, if not the fastest. Hideki can move far above the speed of sound normally, being able to blitz opponents purely by circling them while running; and by travelling can reach a designated area in an extremely short period of time (depending on the distance). By enhancing his body and other things with chakra, Hide can move almost twice as fast as he can normally at extremely blinding and fast paces. Hideki can also enhance his speed with lightning release, and even normally he moves at such a speed that opponents with extremely fast reflexes or even something like a Sharingan can barely track him; while him using chakra or lightning enhanced physical speed is literally nigh-impossible to track to most opponents. However, Hideki's speed is most certainly increased by his mastery of Body Flicker. Hideki has mastered body flicker to such an extensive level that he has created two new advanced forms of it in order to suit his needs. Body flicker is done by the user vitalizing their body with chakra in order to move long distances in short periods of time. While this distance normally depends on their chakra levels and the elevation of said place, Hideki can go extremely large levels of distance and overall use the technique an almost immeasurable number of times in battle. This means Hideki is almost completely impossible to hit unless challenged by someone of similar or greater levels of speed.
  • Durability, Regeneration, Life Force and Stamina - Hideki, due to being an Uzumaki/Uchiha as well as bathing in the famed River Styx (as stated above), can take extremely large levels of damage and still continue on fighting; having an extremely large and supernatural pain threshold as well as inhumane levels of stamina. Hideki's body has been trained for most of his life to take extreme levels of damage and make it through just fine, giving him an amazing level of pain tolerance and dexterity that surprises even the most experienced of warriors. Hideki can make it through having limbs cut off, being stabbed, having internal organs ruptured or destroyed, and even being cut in half without completely passing out from exhaustion. Hideki also possesses an extensive level of regeneration, being able to heal from things such as cuts, stabs, and even limb loss in no more than a few minutes at least. This is boosted by his Uzumaki cells, speeding up the regeneration process by a large margin. Hideki can heal from something like being cut in half in a few hours or so, but with minor medical-nin help and healing, he can regenerate from being cut in half in only a few MINUTES. Hideki can also increase his muscle mass and overall density by enhancing his body with chakra, allowing things such as cuts or stabs to not even harm him. Hideki's stamina is also nothing short of extraordinary; due to being an Uzumaki, Hideki has an incredible life force and incredible levels of stamina; being able to last a total of 17 days in straight combat without showing the slightest signs of fatigue. However, this all depends on the damage sustained. However, Hideki's extremely, nearly unmatched chakra levels and stamina are of great use to him in battle; as he can to great chakra-expending techniques repeatedly without tiring or losing proficiency in battle. 
  • Reflexes and Agility - Due to extensive training, Uchiha heritage, and bathing in the most legendary river to exist; Hideki has quite impressive reflexes and levels of agility, being extremely nimble and careful when it comes to combat. Hideki is a sensor-type shinobi, meaning he can detect opponents or attacks before they arrive or hit him. This gives him somewhat of a "sixth sense", and allows him to use his levels of speed to avoid attacks and such. Hideki's reflexes are also enhanced with his Sharingan, which slows his perception of time down and gives him somewhat of a precognition; meaning he see's attacks being performed in slower motion and can therefor come up with proper counters and such to them before they're fully dealt out. This, mixed with his amazing speed, allows him to quickly overwhelm opponents by countering their techniques before they're even finished utilizing them. Hideki's sharingan combined with his sixth sense allows him to avoid most techniques rather easily and effectively.


Hideki, as a master of three chakra natures and possessing two kekkei genkai, is quite proficient in the use of ninjutsu. Ninjutsu seems to be Hideki's main focus; as he often implements it into his fighting style, even using it in his taijutsu. Hideki has a wide variety of ninjutsu techniques which stems from his three chakra natures; Hideki can create large blasts of fire, shape the fire into dragons, and even create wall sof it to block out opponents. With his wind, he can spit out wind blades of chakra to cut up opponents, make large blasts of it to push people back, and enhance his weapons with it to increase their cutting power. And finally with lightning, he can create beams of it to pierce and shock opponents, enhance body parts to create sharp blades out of it, and like before, enhance his weapons with it to increase their cutting power. However, Hideki is also profound in using all of his natures at once; as all of them enhance eachother in some way. Using wind to increase his fire's potency, fire to increase the ferocity of his lightning release attacks, and using lightning to carry his lightning further.

  • Fire Release - Hideki possesses the chakra nature of fire; meaning he is able to generate and control fire from basically anywhere. Using Fire Release, Hideki can create dragons made entirely of fire, create spiral blasts of fire, create waves of fire to burn down multiple opponents, and even enhance his weapons with fire. When he does enhance his weapons with fire, he keeps the fire on them by focusing his chakra specifically into the blades. This allows his strikes to cut and burn at the same time, and he often releases the fire on the blades in the form of blasts to harm his opponents. Usually, Hideki combines his fire release with his wind release to create a deadly combination. The wind is typically used to enhance the fire release, and make the flames stronger by feeding them more oxygen. Hideki often combines them by spewing fire at something and then blowing wind on the flames to create a sudden burst of fire. Hideki also combines his fire release with his fire bending to create more devastating attacks.
    • Fire Release Techniques
      • Fire Style: Cinder Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Flash Fan Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Flaming Palm Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Phoenix Fire Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Smoke Screen Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Great Flamethrower Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Fire Bird Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Flame Bullet Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Flame Shield Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Blazing Hand Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Fire Dagger Jutsu
      • Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb
  • Wind Release - Along with his fire release, Hideki possesses the chakra nature of wind. The wind chakra natures gives Hideki the ability to control the air around him and morph it into what he pleases. For example, Hideki can blow air out of his mouth in the form of blades to slice opponents. Along with this, Hideki can drastically improve his blades with his wind release; giving them a sharp, wind edge. But his wind's main advantage is it's ability to enhance his fire release. Wind blowing into the fire feeds the flames more oxygen, therefor letting them to get larger and expand. Hideki also does this by enhancing his blades with wind, and then with fire, making a deadly combination.
    • Wind Release Techniques
      • Wind Release: Air Bullet Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Wind Blast Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Great Wind Blast Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Air Spiraling Blast Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Whirlwind Prison Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Snapping Air Bullet Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Devil's Speed Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Breezing Wind Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Wind Arrow Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Violent Wind Twister Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Air Wave Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Wind Explosion Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Needles of Wind Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Great Breakthrough Jutsu
      • Wind Release: Wind Dragon
  • Rasengan - The Rasengan is a technique created by the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, Minato Namikaze, and was created as a means to create powerful jutsu without time-consuming hand seals. Hideki then learned this technique after a two week break from the rest of the group. The Rasengan consists of molding your chakra to it's highest possible point, creating a spinning blue ball of pure chakra which grinds at it's opponent and subsequently explodes. The said explosion is extremely powerful; a full power rasengan being able to destroy a large area and if powerful enough, being able to kill an opponent by breaking their spine or crushing their organs. By using a mix of his telekinesis and chakra control, Hideki has learned to throw Rasengan's or shoot them from his palm; similar to a blast of energy. 
  • Big Ball Rasengan - Over the timeskip, Hideki has learned to create a much larger and more powerful version of the Rasengan known as the Big Ball Rasengan. The BBR (Big Ball Rasengan) is performed similarly to how the user performs the traditional Rasengan; they compress spinning chakra into their palm, however, they focus more chakra into it; successfully creating a much larger and devastating Rasengan. Because there is even more chakra being compressed to a higher density, the ball releases its energy immediately on contact, thus increasing its destructive power beyond the Rasengan's. Hideki's large reserves and extensive bathing in the Styx, as well as added Jinchuriki chakra levels allows Hide to use the attack a great amount of times in battle. While using Snake Sage Mode, Hideki is given larger chakra reserves and therefor can perform Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan. This technique is even larger than the BBR, being the size of large beasts and can devastate an area in a single attack.
  • Rasenshuriken - During his extensive training over the four year timeskip, Hideki has mastered the use of Rasenshuriken's. A Rasenshuriken is an extra large Rasengan enhanced with a blade or multiple blades of elemental chakra. These blades usually spin rapidly and constantly hit the target upon contact; doing whichever affect the element normally does while spinning rapidly, before the Rasengan itself explodes in a large wave of chakra and whichever element was used; causing collateral damage to the required target. Hideki can use Wind Release: Rasenshuriken and Fire Release: Rasenshuriken. However, Hide's most powerful variant is the Blaze Release: Rasenshuriken. Due to having Amaterasu in his right eye, and the ability to control the flames in the left; Hideki can use a much more dangerous variant of the Fire Release: Rasenshuriken. Upon impact, the four blades of black flame around it rapidly slash and burn the target severely; if not downright killing them. After this, the Rasenshuriken explodes and spreads black flames over a large area; damaging or killing multiple people in the process. Hideki can use this attack about six times in a single day, and after that he is left somewhat fatigued.


Due to his large stamina, chakra reserves, three chakra natures, body flicker, his bathing in the River Styx, and the fact his bones are harder than steel, Hideki is an extremely proficient user in taijutsu and uses it just as much if not more than he uses his ninjutsu. Hideki focuses on the strong fist style of taijutsu; commonly enhancing body parts with chakra to make them stronger. Being skilled with Poison Release, Hideki can freely manipulate poison and use it to his own advantage in almost any situation. Due to this, Hideki is often known to cover specific parts of his body in poison, with the poison instantly transferring to the opponent upon contact; sinking into their skin pours and entering their bloodstream. Hideki's bone structure is also harder than steel; meaning a punch with him is capable of breaking and shattering bones rather easily, and, using lightning to enhance his punches or kicks, can punch a selected area such as the ribs to break them, and then let out a vibration of electricity to paralyze the opponent before finishing them off. Hideki is also fond of striking pressure points. Hideki can use his great speed and knowledge of human anatomy to successfully strike all pressure points in the human body in under 12 seconds; rendering them paralyzed and immobile. This makes it easier when he is not aiming to kill or injure his opponent, letting him paralyze them without causing any true harm. Hideki also uses leg weights; about four padded down on each leg, covered by his boots/leg warmers. Each weight weighs about 8 tons each, meaning Hideki carries 64 tons everyday, and is still a fast and dangerous combatant. Upon taking these off, Hideki's speed increases to an even greater amount and he is able to easily blitz opponents (considering he can do it just fine normally). His sharingan also greatly assists with his taijutsu, as it allows for him to copy basic hand movements and it also has a slowing factor; allowing for him to see things in slow motion in order to accurately come up with a counter to the attack before it hits; however, this doesnt necessarily mean he's fast enough to do it.


Hideki, being trained in the arts of the shinobi his entire life, is able to properly utilize genjutsu and commonly uses it; although not to the same extent as his Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. Hideki, due to his sharingan, often uses visual genjutsu to trap his opponents. Such as capturing them within his own world that he can manipulate, or simply paralyzing them with the eyes themselves. He also uses sound genjutsu, emitting high frequency screams and other noises to disorientate and trick the opposite opponents brain into thinking things are happening that are not. With his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Hideki is able to perform much more complex and mentally devastating genjutsu on certain targets. Hideki's genjutsu with the EMS is capable of performing so much mental strain on the target that they pass out, similar to Tsukuyomi.


Hideki is very skilled in bukijutsu as a skilled long range combatant, and often implements it into his fighting style. Hideki carries with him many scrolls that all contain multiple weapons, rather they be shuriken, kunai, senbon, fuma shuriken, or even swords. However, Hideki's most efficient use of bukijutsu is with his poison release. Using poison release, Hideki is able to enhance any of his weapons with his poison; simple slashes being able to make a person dizzy and disoriented, while full out stabbings from a sword with the poison is enough to completely kill someone. Hideki, however, often uses bukijutsu; mainly for support and to distract opponents while he works on a main attack with ninjutsu or taijutsu.


Perhaps Hideki's most focused skill besides his ninjutsu and taijutsu; Hideki is an extremely well versed user in kenjutsu, seeing as his Kingdom ability enables him to materialize swords any time he pleases. Hideki can use a wide variety of swords; ranging from dual wielding them, curved blades, broadswords, longswords, broadswords, and even knives. Hideki uses blades in almost every battle he's put in; they seem to serve as his main branch of attacking. Through them Hideki uses ninjutsu, enhancing his blades greatly with his chakra and chakra natures. Hideki is even capable of wielding two of the Seven Ninja Swords; Kubikiribocho, the iron broadsword capable of regenerating if broken through the iron content of the blood, and Kiba, the twin thunderswords that are said to be the "sharpest blades on the planet". With his swords Hideki has unimaginable skill, using his body flicker and swift release to quickly shred up opponents without wasting much chakra. Hideki is also able to generate them through seals, and is capable of shooting them like projectiles at opponents. Hideki's main weapons became Kanshou and Bakuya, as well as Excalibur. Hideki is able to use K and B fluently in a manner that is often said to be elegant; performing powerful sweeping strikes and slashes. While using them, Hideki's movements are commonly related to dancing by the opponent. With Excalibur, Hideki performs powerful strikes and has elegant bladework as it is his favorite weapon. Although often using it in it's normal state, upon activating it and turning it into Golden Excalibur, Hideki's strikes are able to shatter bone; not that they weren't able to already.


After his second time bathing in the River Styx and leaving the group Eos for four years, Hideki travelled to the home of the snake sages in an attempt to learn senjutsu. Hideki was successful with learning it, learning how to gather natural energy in order to increase the power of his attacks. With his extra reserves, Hideki successfully learned Sage Mode. This is motly shown by the purple pigmentation around his eyes and the slitted pupils he gains. In Sage Mode, Hideki's physical ability overall drastically increases; making him able to lift up to 90 tons, Hideki is already a dangerously fast combatant, so his levels of speed are increased a tremendous amount. Hideki's sensor type abilities become greatly enhanced, making him able to sense things from a much farther distance away. The main disadvantages of Sage Mode are met with Hideki's use of Shadow Clones; allowing him to successfully create two clones that constantly gather natural energy while he fights, and as soon as he runs out himself, the clones disperse and give their share to him. Seeing with learning Sage Mode from snakes, Hideki began to be able to summon snakes normally. The snakes he summon all contain the same acidic poison he can utilize in themselves and will often spit it at opponents. Hideki's snakes swear complete loyalty to him; and will fight on his behalf if they need to. With his summons, Hideki has even learned how to create snake clones to trick opponents.

Body FlickerEdit

Hideki is a very skilled user in the Body Flicker Technique; by using the Body Flicker Technique, Hideki can move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination. However, Hideki's practice with the technique and his far above average chakra reserves allows him to use the technique much more than the average human could. This makes him one of the fastest observable shinobi in the world, and his use of these techniques has led to his moniker, Hideki of Teleportation.


Hideki, as a half-member of the Uchiha clan, carries their signature kekkei genkai and dojutsu; the Sharingan. Hideki gained his sharingan when he was 12, as he was put under a genjutsu that showed his entire family being killed before him, he activated it. At the time, it only had 1 tomoe in each eye, however, as the years went by, Hideki's training allowed his sharingan to fully mature into three tomoe in both eyes. With his sharingan, Hideki is able to accurately see the flow of chakra, with his sharingan separating people by the color of their chakra. Along with this, Hideki's sharingan allows him to read the movements of his opponents; his sharingan is able to put everything into slow motion for him, so he is able to come up with a decent counterattack to an opponents assault before they even finish with it; this however, like before, does not mean he can always counterattack it in time. His dojutsu also allows him to copy hand movements and such; allowing him to copy handsigns an opponent is in the middle of comitting and being able to perform the same jutsu; however, he cannot do so if he doesn't possess the nature of the jutsu itself. 

  • Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan -
    Hideki's Susano'o
    Upon the murder of his family and clan by the King of Ares, Hideki had initially awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan, but was unable to use it afterwards due to small memory loss. However, after leaving Eos; the Mangekyo Sharingan awakened again, and he used it henceforth after. However after a skirmish with his father; Apollo, his brother, was killed. Filled to the brim with rage, Hideki went berserk and went on a rampage. After so, Apollo, still barely alive, offered his eyes to Hideki. Upon taking them and implanting them in his own eye sockets, Hideki gained the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. The EMS grants Hideki three abilities. In his right eye, Hideki is capable of performing Amaterasu; the highest level of fire release, Amaterasu produces black flames anywhere within the user's field of vision, making it nearly impossible to dodge. These flames are capable of burning through anything except for chakra or chakra enhanced objects, but will not stop until the target is dead or the user cancels them. Hideki's second EMS ability, which links directly to Amaterasu, is Bukinososa. Bukinososa was an ability originally possessed by Shin Uchiha due to his Mangekyo Sharingan, and is now used by Hideki. Using Bukinososa, Hideki is able to telekinetically manipulate any tools after branding them with a special mark on both of his hands. Hideki demonstrates refined control, able to manipulate multiple weapons at once to attack his opponent from various angles as well as perform surgery on himself if the need arises. He is likewise able to manipulate his multiple targets together in unison to form a myriad of shapes for further versatility in battle. Hideki can create multiple weapons with Telumkinesis, and then manipulate them with Bukinososa in order to be able to shoot them at opponent's rapidly like arrows for a devastating assault. He can then enhance the weapons with Break and Knight of Honor, making them even more deadly. The third and final ability gained from Hideki's EMS is Susanoo. The Susanoo is a giant, humanoid being that surrounds the user and fights of their behalf. It is the strongest ability of Hideki's EMS, and he could only use it fluently after a few months time. When activated, Susanoo forms around Hideki and becomes an extension of his will, acting and attacking on their behalf. By default, Susanoo is anchored to its user and they to it: in its less developed forms it will move around with the user; in its more completed forms the user will be suspended within Susanoo, being brought with it as it moves around. This connection allows Susanoo to shield against physical attacks, one that becomes more difficult to penetrate as it is manifested more fully. If it is damaged, Susanoo does not regenerate and it can only be repaired either by advancing it to the next developmental stage or by dispersing it and then forming it anew. Hideki is able to simply use a susanoo ribcage for defense, use an arm to slash or grab opponents, and is capable of using Incomplete to full body. Hideki's susanoo takes on a red coloration. 
  • Amaterasu/Blaze Release Chakra Mode - By utilizing his mix of amaterasu, blaze release, and firebending and then combining it with his Fire Release Chakra Mode, Hideki is able to successfully use Blaze Release Chakra Mode. Blaze Release Chakra Mode (BRCM) is an extremely useful and deadly ability that Hideki shows great skill in using. Hideki envelops his entire body in a layer of Amaterasu that he uses blaze release to manipulate, and then he is able to then completely improve and increase the deadliness of his phyical attacks. For example, upon punching a target, Hideki is capable of completely killing them by burning through their bodies with Amaterasu. Hideki is also capable of using the flames offensively; gathering a ball of said flames into his palm and throwing them like a bomb. Hideki can also spread the flames just by controlling them with blaze release, making them go off of his body and travel to a target in an attempt to burn them.

Knight AbilityEdit

Due to being a knight, Hideki is given a special ability unique to himself; in this case, it is Break. Break is shown to be an incredibly powerful ability which is manifested from the user's will. This ability is very versatile with it being capable of emitting energy blasts, helping the user to resist magic and being used for close combat. Hideki claims that this power makes him invulnerable to corrosive attacks; stating that "my body will not rust, decay, or rot". Hideki most commonly uses Break on his swords; enhancing them with it so that their power is improved greatly; allowing them to pierce through more defenses and overall land more devastating strikes. By combining his Knight of Honor, Break, Telumkinesis, and his second Mangekyo Sharingan ability, Hideki is given an almost complete mastery of swords; and can create multiple swords, enhance them with Knight of Honor and Break, and then shoot them through his telekinetic ability to control them all at once; making a rain of almost unbreakable swords that explode and cause tremendous damage upon impact. 

Kingdom AbilityEdit

As Hideki was born in Ares, he received the kingdom's main ability that all those in the kingdom are born with. In this case, it is Telumkinesis. Telumkinesis is the ability for Hideki to summon, create, shape, and manipulate any weapon he pleases with perfect skill. Hideki employs this ability frequently; showing great to perfect skill with jut about any weapon he uses. Hideki is also able to create multiple at once at any given time, and he has done so oftenly while manipulating them with telekinesis to shoot them at opponents like arrows. Hideki often employs chained weapons instead of the traditional sword or lance. Hideki also often increases their power with Knight of Honor; as normally, these weapons would break upon clashing with Noble Phantasms little more than one time. However, with Knight of Honor, these weapons are capable of clashing with even Excalibur and become much more powerful.

Knight of HonorEdit

Knight of Honor is an ability that was originally utilized by Sir Lancelot of the Lake, and was learned by Hideki during the four year timeskip. Knight of Honor is an ability that allows the user to turn anything they'd like into a weapon. Once Hideki grabs a hold of a certain item, if he recognizes it as a weapon or potential weapon, it instantly makes said object his. Even if he were to grab a hold of another person's noble phantasm, should he utilize Knight of Honor it immediately becomes his. Knight of Honor is also able to be used as some sort of strengthening magic, which is what Hideki uses it most often for. For example, when wielding Kanshou and Bakuya or Enkidu, Hideki will utilize Knight of Honor on said weapons to make them stronger and more durable; making something like Enkidu able to bind those even with low divinity on an extensive level. Hideki also often uses this on the weapons he creates with telumkinesis, letting him enhance them to great heights so that they may clash even with great noble phantasms like Excalibur. 


Over the four year timeskip, one of Hideki's most notable gained skills is FirebendingFirebending is one of the four elemental bending arts, is the pyrokinetic ability to control fire. It is unique among the bending arts, as it is the only one in which the performer can spontaneously generate the element. Firebending is known for its intense and aggressive attacking style and general lack of adequate defensive moves, although Hideki can modify offensive maneuvers to function as a defense, such as creating large walls of fire or shooting down incoming attacks with fire jabs.Hideki uses concentrated barrages of fire to overwhelm opponents before striking a fatal blow. Swift, whirling kicks and punches generate diverse shapes for offensive attacks. This strategy is probably what makes firebending arguably the most suited for offense out of all bending arts. Firebending tactics and forms have required little modification for use in combat, and Hideki uses firebending to it's fullest extent. Nevertheless, quick flurries of kicks and punches allow Hideki to retain excellent mobility around the arena while simultaneously pushing back opponents. Hideki is greatly skilled with firebending, being able to produce insane fire walls, fire whips, fire daggers, fire blasts, and jet propulsion. Hideki often uses his firebending to manipulate his use of Fire Release. By mixing the two, Hideki can use attacks such as Great Fire Annihilation and then manipulate it into a more condensed blast with even more power. Hideki can manipulate just about any fire with his firebending, and so he also uses it to redirect attacks at opponents in order to injure them. Hideki can also use his firebending with Wind Release; considering wind enhances flames by fueling them oxygen, Hideki can enhance all of his firebending techniques with wind in order to make them over twice as deadly. Hideki is so adapt and skilled with firebending that he is able to use the rare ability of Blue Fire

  • Blue Fire - Blue fire is a type of fire bending that is hotter and more deadly than the normal orange flames produced by average firebenders; and also produces more of a combustion affect. Hideki has such a skill with this form of fire that blue flames have become the basic flames produced by him in his firebending. Hideki's flames are able to burn through tons of hard materials and metals, and he is able to enhance the combustive power with his lightning and wind releases. 
  • Advanced Amaterasu Manipulating - Due to Hideki being able to utilize Amaterasu and Blaze Release, he can utilize firebending to manipulate said flames to a great extent. After using Amaterasu, Hideki can then manipulate the already unextinguishable black flames in order to successfully overcome the disadvantages of Blaze Release itself (i.e. making the flames extinguishable). This means Hideki can create Amaterasu fire daggers, fire whips, breath of fire, fire comets, etc. This gives Hideki advanced control over the flames and overcomes the usual disadvantages of Amaterasu.


As a Magus, Hideki's main focus is Reinforcement. Reinforcement is described as the hardest form of Magecraft that is based on increasing an object and/or person's basis to the utmost. To use Reinforcement, a user must get a good grasp of the inner workings of an object, and then pour their magical energy into it in order to alter/change it's fundamental structure. Hideki is able to use this with weapons, such as swords, in order to make them sharper and stronger. However, due to the fact that Hideki possesses Knight of Honor; which can strengthen weapons and objects on a much higher level than normal reinforcement; Hideki mainly uses reinforcement on his body. By using reinforcement, Hideki is able to make himself many times stronger, faster, and more durable. For example, by enhancing his fists with reinforcement and chakra enhancement, Hideki is able to create devastating blows with over 85 tons of force. When using it to make him faster, Hideki makes his already blitzing and overwhelming speed to a higher level; allowing him to move around 3x faster with reinforcement, and then 6x faster while mixing it with chakra enhancement. 

Unlimited Blade WorksEdit




Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory is the strongest and most majestic holy sword that symbolized King Arthur, and now symbolizes Hideki. As that which can be called the physical actualization of hi ideals and the symbol of his heroism, it is his greatest and most powerful Noble Phantasm. Excalibur is a typical Western sword with a length of ninety centimeters and a width of twelve centimeters, and it has Fairy Letters inscribed on it to show that it is not the work of mankind. It is normally kept in a normal, unactivated state that still holds great power. It must be activated to unleash its full power, and charging it with energy to slash an enemy, called the gold version, brings about an overwhelmingly superior power.

Excalibur is a "sword that amplifies", converting its user’s magical energy into offensive power and releasing it. It is a weapon of directive energy that converts the magical energy of the wielder into light by accelerating it with his power, intensifying the kinetic energy by convergence and acceleration, allowing for the use of Divine Spirit-level thaumaturgy. It is an "ultimate killing technique" that releases light holding energy equaling Hideki's total amount of magical energy from the tip of the blade once the sword is swung. While the result is what looks like a large beam of light, only the tip of the attack, which is a wave of light that can mow through the surface of the Earth, is capable of doing damage, as the beam is the result of the "dislocation" of everything the attack destroys in its path. Even if it is dodged, those in close proximity can still be temporarily distracted by its intensity.

Kanshou and BakuyaEdit

Kanshou and Bakuya are "married" twin swords representing yin and yang that are Hideki's favored weapons to take out, having become his symbols after wielding them for the past four years straight. Their quality and ability as swords is high due to being made with the best materials and a human sacrifice, and they have shamanistic and ritual aspects as enchanted weapons. The quality of the grips is more important in the practical use of the swords than the ornamental value, and they are noted as being quite big and heavy. They are identical in shape with the only difference being their color. 

Kanshou, the black Yang sword, is covered in a hexagonal pattern, and Bakuya, the white Yin sword, has less of the shine of a polished metal in its ore than it has the haze of a cloud. Though the story of their creation has survived into the modern day, there is no mention of the kind of swords they were or their shape, and it is only a assumption that they were cast swords common to the time period. The only known description was that Kanshou had a black tortoise shell pattern and Bakuya had a white wave pattern. They are rather low ranking compared to other Noble Phantasms, but the dual-wielding style, their experience, and their tracing time make them very reliable. The main ability of the swords is their strong bond with each other, which not only allows them to attract each other, but it is also said they will return their owner even if events cause them to be lost. If one is thrown while the other is held, the thrown sword will return to the wielder much like a boomerang. When both are wielded, magic resistance and physical resistance improve, and their rank as both weapons and Noble Phantasms increases.


Enkidu is a chain meant to bind the gods. The higher the divinity of the target, the stronger the chain becomes. One end of the chain is a handle, and the other end is a spearhead. Hideki is able to telekinetically control the chain, and is able to shrink and elongate the length of the chain at will. If used against a target with no divinity, it is nothing more than a tough chain. However, since it isn't incredibly strong when used against a non godly opponent, he is able to use Knight of Honor to enhance it. This allows it to become nearly unbreakable, but still not quite as strong as when it is used against a divine opponent. When used against a divine being, it is obviously strong enough that Knight of Honor no longer works to enhance it. It can be used in two ways by Hideki. The first is to bind the target, due to the chain being nearly unbreakable, it is incredibly effective at binding things in place, leaving them open for attack. The other use is as a weapon itself, as Hideki can shrink the chain so it is usable as a weapon, and swing it be the handle, using the other end with the spear head to slash up his opponents. He can also increase it's range whenever he wishes, to catch opponents off guard. When used against divine opponents, or when using Knight of Honor with it, the blade of the spear head is very powerful as well, and can quite easily cut through any normal weapon or metals. 


Hideki holds his own Mystic Code that has only been wielded by Taikei Senju; Riptide. Riptide is a strange sword in the fact that, it adapts to it's user in order to fit their fighting needs. This makes it the perfect weapon for Hideki as he can use it for many things; by charging chakra through it, he can create powerful blasts of energy similar to that of Excalibur. Riptide basically forms a spiritual bond with the user; meaning it gains a spiritual connection and will only respond to it's user's own chakra and energy. This means if anyone else tries to wield it, it will usually send a powerful shock throughout that user's body, or they just won't work for them and will be a normal sword that they can't even focus energy through. This sword was destroyed by Hideki when he overloaded it with chakra and made it a broken phantasm.


Kiryso - Originally meeting Kiryso at the Athenian Festival, they bumped into eachother and Hideki's drink spilled on himself. Kiryso tried to apologize, but Hideki said it was alright. As they soon met Karasu and Hitoshi, the three fought off the demons that plagued the festival. They all felt that they knew eachother, and afterwards became a small group. Hideki and Kiryso have a close relationship, and Hideki considers him a close friend and comrade. Hideki and Kiryso rarely ever bump heads, and Hideki often agrees with Kiryso's opinions and ideas.

Karasu - Although not interacting as much as others in the group, Hideki see's Karasu as a close comrade and is willing to help them. Although sometimes they do not agree with eachother, they rarely argue. Hideki commonly agrees with the things Karasu has to say and they often come to the same conclusion about certain subjects or issues.

Hitoshi - Hideki and Hitoshi often have disputes about many subjects. This comes from Hitoshi's brash and violent personality and Hideki's more reserved and peaceful personality. Hideki commonly dislikes Hitoshi's eagerness to start unnecessary issues and will often scold or try to restrain him from doing so. Despite this, Hideki see's Hitoshi as a close comrade and very much so cares for his wellbeing; despite him being a contributing factor to the Uchiha Massacre.

Aiden - Hideki and Aiden seem to be fairly distant from eachother, however, Hideki still would put his life in Aiden's hands in any situation. Hideki enjoys Aiden's fun and somewhat naive personality, and often tries to jokingly comfort him when Hitoshi insults him. Aiden also helped save Hideki's life, making Hideki extremely greatful to have him on the team and showing him as much respect as he can manage.

Karina - Hideki and Karina met after Ryso decided to kidnap her in order to complete their mission. Although not paying much attention to her at first, Hideki soon grew attached to her and protective; starting to harbor some light romantic feelings for her. After the incident at the cafe, Hideki became extremely protective of her and commonly threatens to kill people who say or try to do harmful actions to her.

Solomon - Although not knowing him necessarily well, Hideki is fine with having Solo on the team and see's him as a valuable asset. Although they do not often interract, Hideki is supportive of Solo and considers him family like he considers everyone else on Eos.

Apollyon - he thinks he sux -10/10


"Brave Shine" - Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (ENGLISH Cover by Sapphire)

"Brave Shine" - Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (ENGLISH Cover by Sapphire)

AMV Fate Stay Night 2015 • Archer vs Saber and Shirou

AMV Fate Stay Night 2015 • Archer vs Saber and Shirou

AMV • Fate Stay Night UBW (2014) - Skin

AMV • Fate Stay Night UBW (2014) - Skin