Hades, the Kingdom of Ruin is the second largest Kingdom of the New World, second to Ares, with an Area of 8.516 million km². It is an island off the main land (where the other four kingdoms) are and is directly opposite to the Kingdom of Ares, with the two being separated by the Raven's Bay (a narrow sea). The current ruler of Hades is Hitoshi who inherited the title of the Count after usurping Ezekiel Strauss the previous leader.


Prior to Ezekiel Strauss' reign, Hades was the worst place in the entirety of Olympus. Crime rates were sky high, people were dying everyday and the ones that were alive were living in poverty. It was only when Strauss gained control of the territories that things started to look up for Hades, unemployment dropped to 4%, towns and cities were being rebuilt and crime rates plummeted. However, this new found Hades came at the price of mass genocide.

When Hitoshi finally took over, it was only then that Hades had finally started to flourish. He established a proper law enforcement system as well as many other things.

The supernatural to human ratio in Hades is 7:3 but despite this most of the population get along, of the 7 kingdoms of Olympus it is by far the most diverse. Despite there being territories, the race of a person does not necessarily dictate where they live. Inhabitants of Hades are by far the most open minded of the 7 and have strong virtues of understanding and appropriate judgement.




Vampire Territory


Witches Territory


Lycan Territory


Ghoul Territory


Territory of the Red Faith

Kingdom AbilityEdit

A person born in Hades is able to telepathically communicate with the Otherside as well as sea spirits of the dead. They also have the ability to manipulate corpses which enables them to build bone structures as well as create distractions for their enemies. It is known as Gravesend.