Gula- the Kingdom of Shadows is one of the seven kingdoms of Requiem. The kingdom is very discriminative in which there is clear friction in those who are strong and those who are weak. The latter being forced to farm and being sent to almost suicidal battles. It is run by the Walker Family (the royal family of Gula) with the current King being Gabriel Walker. Warriors that hail from Gula have the ability to sink into the floor and reappear anywhere within a 4 mile radius.


As recompense for their transgressions Requiem himself cast an enchantment on the kingdom condemning it to an eternity without light, because of this it is always night time in the kingdom.


The Walker Family has very strict views on power, claiming the the weak are not beneficial to the strong and should therefore be condemned to a life of misery and suffering. Because of this, the education is split into Bloomers, those who are considered geniuses and Weeds, those who are considered untalented. With the bloomers going on to have the successful jobs and the weeds going to have stationary jobs.


Gula is one of the smaller seven kingdoms being roughly the size of Maine. As stated before it is completely slated in darkness therefore sometimes it is tough to roam around it. The capital city, Phoenix is approximately the size of Chicago.