Yosaku GGB
Also Known As Saiseya God
Age 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Gender Male
Height 2.2 meters
Weight  ??? tons
Blood Type
Professional Status
Occupation Chef
Level 33
Experience 7,000 / 33,000
Bounty Beli} 214,300
Family None
Allies None
Enemies None
Status Alive
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The top Saiseya of the Gourmet Foundation. His job is to ensure no species of creature is driven to extinction by over hunting. He is also capable of healing any kind of creature, or even reviving them from extinction. He currently resides in the Gourmet World with Bisani Toribra, acting as his substitute should Bisani not be there.

Ganchoku, like Bisani, is a master in most things Gourmet, however he has taken the opposite path of his “brother”, despite growing together since birth and braving the Gourmet World. Currently, his strength partially exceeds Bisani Toribra’s, courtesy of his constant training throughout the eons they have lived.

Background Ganchoku was born in the Gourmet World and lived in solitude since young, until one day he met the man who would change his life, Bisani Toribra. Soon after, they did almost everything together, eating, sleeping, fighting and growing.

As they continued growing and fighting, both became extremely adept in their own areas, Bisani in Knocking and the Gourmet Cells, Ganchoku in Physical Endurance and Knowledge. Ganchoku, as a result, has become an extremely formidable foe in his own right, yet he is nowhere near Bisani Toribra in his prime.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ganchoku is an incredibly powerful man, and similar to his brother Bisani, he is capable of entering Planet Supreme on his own; however he requires access to his dimensional storage of calories to fight there, though the energy he regains is much more than that lost.

Muscle MaximizationEdit

The ability to maximize the power output of each part of his body. With constant training, pushing himself towards his limit, he has allowed himself instant access to all his power, and the ability to continually fight in his max-powered state for a long time without losing Energy. This has saved him a lot of trouble in many battles, ending them before it is even started.

This muscle maximization has also boosted his physical capabilities beyond previously established limits, unlocking the full scope of his muscular strength for use, removing all inhibitions for his power without damaging his body.

Ancient RevivalEdit

Nobody knows how this technique is done, except Ganchoku himself. He utilizes an ancient technique, allowing him to course life through the veins of the target creature, pulling upon the very spiritual bonds linking the soul to the body, and reviving the target with it.

When this technique is used on him, his physical stats multiply several thousandfold, as he opens up the pathways to every nerve and tendon in his body, allowing him full access. Furthermore, unlike his brother, he is able to access a limited amount of Spiritual Energy, which is the main cause of this powerup.


Like his brother, Ganchoku is an incredible master in the art of Knocking, and is on par with his brother when he enters his “Knocking Master Form”. He has mastered Knocking to the point where everyone’s nervous system is but a whim for him to manipulate. With but the most casual of glancing blows – even grappling battles or clashing, he is able to redirect the force to disable large clusters of nerves throughout the opponent’s body, making any battle with Ganchoku an incredibly dangerous one.

Supreme RoutineEdit

The advanced version of Pre-Shot Routine. Aside from improving the concentration an accuracy of the next attack, it also enhances the strength of his blows for 3 minutes by a phenomenal amount, whereby even casual, unnamed attacks match the strength of his previously, full-powered blows.

Food EnlightenmentEdit

Ganchoku has attained Food Enlightenment, a state far exceeding that of Food Immersion. Similar to Bisani’s Food immersion, this has been ingrained into his very body and mind, to the point where even altering his state of mind won’t weaken the strength of his blows. However if Supreme Routine is used, Food Enlightenment is augmented even more than before, and the strength of his blows is enough to utterly crush most foes without any seeming exertion.

Aside from that, is the energy requirement for his attacks. After Food Enlightenment, almost everything has seemingly no cost to it whatsoever, allowing him to spam attacks with impunity. This also makes him feel much lighter and more powerful, crushing previously unbeatable foes.

Lastly, is the ability to store food in the form of fat/muscle. Unlike Bisani, Food Enlightenment allows him to store all the gathered food in seemingly another dimension, allowing him to manipulate his mass at will. Throughout the many eons he lived, he has stored an unfathomable amount of food within his dimension, granting him incredible strength.

Presence AvatarEdit

Ganchoku’s Presence Avatar, unlike Bisani, isn’t summoned out into a physical entity, rather, Ganchoku’s very core spirit manifests itself, courtesy of him entering Food Enlightenment. This Presence is the sole manifestation of his Gourmet Cells and almost all of its untold potential, and is far more powerful than Ganchoku.

This Avatar is capable of growing to any size it wants, and exert an untold pressure unto its enemies with his sheer strength, with the Avatar being capable of replicating itself, multiplying its strength, or drawing upon. The only limitation to this ability is that he temporarily forsakes the ability to use Ancient Revival on himself to increase his power.


After eons upon eons of healing many creatures and reviving them, Ganchoku has attained an intimate understanding of healing, its purpose, and what it stands for. With it, he is capable of rejuvenating all his injuries seemingly instantaneously, even replicating himself billions of times with the use of 200 thousand calories per form. The lower cost is a result of him attaining Food enlightenment.


Having guarded the door to Bisani Toribra’s place for many years, he has mastered the art of instinct to the point where even the toughest of battles are actually just him “sleeping on the job”. This is a testament to his true skill and ability to react and strike at weak spots instinctively.

Biological ExpertEdit

Ganchoku is an expert in all things biological, to the point where he is capable of freely intermixing different biological species together to create new, exotic creatures. All these creatures he has created is currently being stored within the toughest enclosure on the Primordial Gourmet World, so powerful that they have the potential to match some of Planet Supreme’s stronger beasts.


Having eaten a Heraku before, he possesses the capacity to regenerate into as many copies as his cells have, provided he has the nourishment.

This nourishment can be further gained by all the creatures' souls which he can summon through his vampire ability.

It has been enhanced to a maximal level ever since he has converted the souls he has into Spiritual Energy. Thus while he has only one life, his regeneration is now at a never-before-seen level.


Ganchoku is a vampire who has absorbed all the souls of those he has killed. For example, he has absorbed over a trillion lives from all the creatures he has killed for food. Examples include anthills.

Ganchoku is also immune to all vampire weaknesses and since he's half vampire half gourmet world creature he has infinite nourishment due to his own blood and the countless creatures he has eaten. He also has no fear of water,daylight, etc. and has gained the regeneration of a vampire.

This is further enhanced by his Heraku level regeneration, rendering him almost impossible to defeat physically

Uncountable LivesEdit

Ganchoku has an uncountable number of lives stored within him courtesy of his initial self having eaten countless beings over the course of his life. He can summon all of them (high CL beasts, etc.) at any time in battle. This also gives him an extreme endurance.

Recently he has converted this into Spiritual Energy, as he has perceived it to be "unfair" when dealing with others without as many lives as himself. He now restricts his life ability severely, applying only when he defeats certain kinds of people.


Ganchoku is also a Shaman who has absorbed all the abilities of the uncountable number of lives he has taken. This has brought his Gourmet Cells through the roof in terms of power.

After buying a Sableye, Shedinja and Deoxys, he ate all of them, gaining their souls and assimilating their abilities.

Wonder Guard from Shedinja only applies to Ganchoku's back, to encourage you to "face him like a man"

Using his Saiseya abilities, he then revived all 3 pokemon.

Later, he also bought Alakazam, gaining over 5,000 IQ after eating him. This vastly enhanced his intelligence and control over his abilities, allowing him to calculate things at far faster rates than what his reaction speed would suggest.

He then promptly revived Alakazam.

He then sold Sableye, Deoxys and Alakazam, (while still retaining their abilities) and buys Metagross, Blaziken and Regigigas.

Metagross grants Ganchoku a practically indestructible and strong body, alongside another boost in intelligence akin to Alakazam, Blaziken grants him incredible leg strength, continuous Speed Boost in battle and fire melee attacks (enhanced by Chakra as well). Regigigas grants Ganchoku incredible defense and strength

He then revives the 3 pokemon, and sells Blaziken.

He can only use a grand total of 3 active abilities from his pokemon. Passive abilities such as Wonder Guard, 5,000 IQ, Sableye's immunities, Regigigas' passive strength and defense, and Metagross's defense

Pokemon AbilitiesEdit

Double Team




Leech Seed

Destiny Bond





Rain Dance

Sunny Day


Future Sight

Blast Burn

Hydro Cannon

Frenzy Plant

Hyper Beam


Swords Dance

Servant Abilities Edit

His Servant, Juugo, was eaten by Ganchoku, granting Ganchoku natural chakra absorption (for use in all his chakra techniques). Ganchoku promptly revived Juugo soon after. Juugo serves as Ganchoku's tank in battle, absorbing huge amounts of Natural Energy to increase his defenses. Ever since Ganchoku refined Juugo's control. Juugo has become an extreme physical powerhouse far exceeding the Nine-Tails Naruto in Physical Strength.

Ganchoku has then become the strongest of Sages, being able to use his perfect chakra control to store extreme amounts of chakra into different segments of his body. This allows him an extreme amount of natural strength and overall higher reserves.

Shinobi Edit

Using the massive processing power inherent in Alakazam's brain (5,000 IQ), Ganchoku has attained an extreme mastery over Chakra itself. It is said that the amount of Chakra you would need to dig your nose is enough chakra needed by him to create a shadow clone, and generally extreme S-class ninjutsu only require the amount of chakra needed for a normal person's E-rank substitution technique for Ganchoku. Needless to say, all techniques are extremely easy to perform for Ganchoku, atleast, for those he has access to.

His chakra control is so perfect, that he could walk on air itself, possessing the control to release air atoms and attach himself to new air particles almost instantly.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface of his chakra control.

With his insane mastery, he has further expanded upon it by having shadow clones do training for himself, as well as develop his own new rank of jutsu, X-Rank Jutsu.

These jutsu are extremely powerful, normally requiring the reserves of a tailed-beast to unleash, but with his incredible control over chakra, he would only require the chakra inherent in Sasuke's first Goukakyuu no Jutsu. In this sense, all his X-Rank techniques all possess unfathomable power, and often require his perfect control to execute (which also further enhances the potency of his techniques).

Furthermore, his incredible control has also allowed him to wield his chakra like a weapon, allowing him to use it in combat extremely efficiently.

Currently, Ganchoku possesses Fire Release. His control over the fire is so perfect that he can legitimately create fire clones and have them mix into his fire techniques. His largest fire technique is said to be able to turn the entire desert into glass. He is capable of using techniques of other elemental natures (due to practice) but he has yet to perfect them to the same degree as his Fire Release.

This is not to mention his extreme taijutsu affinity (having relied on hand-to-hand combat for ages) which has helped him learn the 8 gates (currently possesses 3 gates, due to level constraints). He is capable of using all the chakra inherent for when the gates are opened, vastly increasing his reserves by a factor equivalent to tailed beast levels.

Ganchoku also possesses Fuuinjutsu mastery, having learned sealing through deducing it from an explosive tag.


Attack on Titan ArmyEdit

Pray and Ganchoku embarked on their first mission today, the reclamation of Wall Maria from the kyojin titans of the land.

Of course, considering the effort required, they were paid quite handsomely.

Despite their relatively low strength, they were capable of wiping out the titans courtesy of the power of Deoxys' clones technique and the invulnerability of the back of Ganchoku. It also helped that Pray used the words "weak point" and applied it all over the Kyojin's body, so they could die from any part of their body being destroyed, instead of just the nape of the neck.

Using the awesome vampire powers Ganchoku possessed, Ganchoku rapidly bit and sucked all the blood of all the Kyojins with his massive deoxys army. This increased Ganchoku's strength to massive levels because this was indeed an enormous supply of blood.

Pray then used Dust Release to clear the entire battlefield of dead Kyojins, in order to make the place more hygienic. The people, being grateful, gave us more money.

During the battle, thousands of Colossal TItans also appeared, as they were not willing to lose Wall Maria. However, the sheer number of Deoxys/Ganchoku clones managed to easily overwhelm them with sheer numbers. Pray also used Earth Release to create Letters on the ground, which then created a swamp which pulled the Kyojins down, allowing for easier elimination.

The battle later ended with over a million Kyojin dead, and the fighters, Ganchoku and Pray were rewarded even more handsomely.

The EXP they gained, even more so.

Money Earned: 50,000 EXP: 50,000

Gigantic Ant Army Edit

Ganchoku, Akuma and Raion joined forces to defeat a gigantic ant army whose size was several kilometers tall. It was an extremely hard battle, considering that they not only numbered in the millions, but also had a Capture Level of above 800. They fought for extremely long, requiring their strongest techniques to even damage the gigantic ants. Soon, Ganchoku turned the ants into vampire versions, after eating some of them and gaining a huge boost in power (calories), allowing him to deal more damage.

Gradually they defeated the enormous army of ants, with increasing forces on one side. It helped that Ganchoku knew techniques such as Destiny Bond which was extremely effective in dealing with the ants. They earned 60,000 gold each and 30,000 exp.

Vampire Elimination Edit

Raion, Pray, Ganchoku and Apollyon participated in this mission, attacking leftover super nazi vampires. During the course of battle, after eliminating the Nazi Vampires, they realized that there was something more terrifying they had designed - Kyojin Vampires. They were extremely agile and flexible, gaining strength in both sunlight and darkness. There were a total of 5 Kyojin Vampires, and each had several hundred lives.

However, after the first was annihilated by Pray's Dust Release technique, the rest merged into a Colossal Kyojin Vampire which assaulted all of them. A massive fight ensued, with the colossal kyojin vampire defeating everyone with its power, as they tried their best to restrain it. It was defeated by a massive appetite energy nuke from Ganchoku.

36,000 EXP, 50,000 Gold.

Shinobi Annihilation Edit

Ganchoku, alongside Apollyon Ruthaven eliminated a gigantic army of shinobi. Despite their incredible skills in working together, unleashing massive jutsu such as Army Style: Fire Annihilation, and their massive shuriken kage bunshin no jutsu, they were still overwhelmed when Ganchoku utilized his powerful abilities, such as Kage Bunshin no Jutsu as well as his Harkonnen II, and rapidly annihilated the lot of them with the incredible speed of the armour piercing bullets. Apollyon used many of his Blood Cuts to take the troops down. At the end of the battle, Ganchoku gained a crapload of chakra through the powers of Samehada, and absorbed the souls of the shinobi, adding their chakra pools into Ganchoku by sacrificing the extra "lives" he would get. In turn, he attained many Elemental Release techniques, which would soon be mastered through his 5,000 IQ and perfect chakra control.

EXP: 15,000 Bounty: 20,000

Puppet Attack: Part One Edit

Upon receiving a bounty mission dealing with massive amounts of puppets, Ganchoku readily accepted alongside Nicholai Teslat. Working together, they spent 2 hours fighting the absurdly OP puppet master, who had the power to access all 5 elements through his puppets and have them use the full 8 Gates.

Initially, it was all about dealing with massive scale godly jutsu and the incredible regeneration the puppets had - each of whom could use Kakuzu's threads to rapidly regenerate. Over an extremely long time, dealing with the billions of OP puppets, they were finally outlasted (due to 8 Gates causing much strain on the puppets bodies). However, their chakra was absorbed by the Puppeteer himself, who was too powerful for Ganchoku and Nicholai Teslat to face, thus they retreated to collect their bounty (which involved only the defeat of the puppets).

Bounty: 60,000. EXP: 35,000

Puppet Attack: Part Two Edit

Attacking the Puppeteer alongside Omizu and Pray, after an extremely long battle involving the Puppeteer summoning gigantic hax Earth Golems, using 8 Gates, unleashing massive fires and surrounding himself in Rasenshuriken, the Puppeteer was finally defeated through the use of Samehada.

Bounty: 100,000 EXP: 50,000

Equipment Edit

Prelatis Spellbook

Helena's Nail

Samehada - A sword which can absorb all chakra. Ganchoku uses it in conjunction with his incredible jutsu to make them impossible to absorb.

Harkonnen II - An extremely powerful minigun firing nigh-unstoppable bullets. Ganchoku has made them even stronger by increasing the rate of fire and circumventing its ammo problem through using shadow clones as ammo. Ganchoku can further enhance it with the power of lightning, wind, and fire to make the bullets even more powerful.

Burner Knife - A powerful knife wreathed completely in flames, so hot that the blade within is completely concealed. Using his own fire affinity, he may utilize the flames from this blade to unleash the most terrifying flames in battle. This makes Ganchoku almost impossible to fight in melee, as he may enhance the flames of the blade any time, or use it to unleash his most dangerous fire jutsu.

One of his abilities is to turn the Burner Knife several hundred times its own size. Another is to use it as a medium to unleash his largest fire breath technique. There are still many ways he can use it, but these are all I'm revealing thus far.

Battle Wolf - Ganchoku has bought a Battle Wolf, and made it at the bare minimum as powerful as he is, by providing it with all the food which he has previously eaten, particularly the foods he used to eat in the Gourmet World. This has increased the growth of the Battlewolf to extreme levels, allowing it to grow to its full, extreme size, extremely quickly. Unlike Ganchoku, the Battlewolf does not have reserves and races of all other kinds, but its capture level is definitely far higher than Ganchoku itself, due to its physical traits being at a far greater level. In particular, its speed is a blur even to Ganchoku, and its instincts on a whole other level. Its physical strength is also at the level capable of annihilating creatures with a single slash. Currently it is 100 metres tall, like an ancient Battle Wolf.

Ganchoku has also taught his Battle Wolf the basics of chakra, which has severely augmented the abilities of the Battle Wolf. Namely, it has gained the following abilities:

1) The ability to walk on any surface, which allows the Battle Wolf extreme manoeuvrability, far greater than its regular form. This also grants the Battle Wolf an extreme grip to any surface.

2) Basic Clone Jutsu, the ability to create completely intangible clones which look no different from the original. They are impossible to differentiate through regular means.

3) Shadow Clone Jutsu, the ability to create solid clones with the same physical capacity as the Battle Wolf. They disperse in one hit, but at the same time are almost impossible to hit.

4) Shunshin no Jutsu, the ability to suddenly enhance the user's speed to untraceable levels. The Battle Wolf is capable of using this to get out of a pinch and to deal damage.

5) Substitution Jutsu, the ability to substitute the user with a log in the extremely rare situation that the user feels as if he/she/it will get hit.

6) It possesses Swift Release, which has further enhanced its extreme speed and the potency of its attacks.

Phantom Beast Herac

Ganchoku has also bought a Phantom Beast Herac, and fed it the Titan Shifter Serum, allowing it to turn gigantic. This has enhanced the growth and development of the Phantom Beast Herac to extreme levels, as not only is it being fed copious amounts of Air (through its extreme size), its ability to be empowered by the sun (titan ability) as well as Ganchoku's food, it has grown to immense sizes, surpassing Heracles only due to the power of the titan shifter serum (though its powers are lesser than that of Heracles). Being extremely powerful, this Phantom Beast Herac has been known to annihilate people through a single breath alone.

Like the Battle Wolf, Ganchoku has taught the Herac how to use Chakra. Overall, it has gained the following abilities:

1) Extreme Regeneration - Titan Regeneration and the Herac's Clonal Fragmentation have given this Herac extreme regeneration.

2) Extreme Lung Capacity - It has a lung capacity which can surpass Heracles, as its Titan Shifter ability allows it to pull in air without fear of repercussions, allowing it to store highly condensed solid air within itself to unleash at a moment's notice. This has also accelerated its growth as it is an Aerovore.

3) Sunlight Absorption ability - It is capable of absorbing sunlight to gain power. This has granted it superhuman endurance without the need for Air, despite it being an Aerovore. Due to there being a secondary source of power, the Herac can dedicate more food to its growth, enhancing its development.

4) Fire Release - This Herac possesses the chakra release of Fire, allowing it to use extremely deadly techniques.

5) Fire Clone Jutsu - The Herac possesses the ability to create Fire Clones, sustained through the Herac's ability to pull in vast amounts of Air. This makes creating fire clones much easier and turns them into effective killing machines as they become gigantic horses of Death.

Heaven forbid they use their huge lungs to breathe out copious amounts of fire - Oh wait, they already do that.

6) This Herac possesses Annihilation Jutsu, a subset which classifies the most powerful of Fire Jutsu, easily exceeding Ganchoku's strongest Fire techniqes.

Emperor Crow

Ganchoku has bought an Emperor Crow, a creature which can grow limitlessly. Giving it the Titan Shifter Serum, it has grown much more gigantic, and can utilize the sun's energy to grow ever larger. Alongside Ganchoku feeding it with top notch foods, the Emperor Crow is now easily atleast half the size of Heracles, and extremely powerful. It is known to create the most powerful of wind storms with but the tiniest movement of its wings.

Like the Battle Wolf, Ganchoku has taught the Emperor Crow how to use Chakra. It has gained the following uncharted abilities:

1) Extreme Regeneration - Its Gourmet Cells, as well as Titan factors, have increased its regeneration to levels enough to negate death.

2) Extreme Speed - Its speed can easily match Ganchoku's Battle Wolf, as it has mastery over the wind.

3) Wind Clone Jutsu - It is capable of creating Wind Clones which create more wind, making the Emperor Crow an extremely deadly creature as the entire sky is its domain. It can easily use the powerful winds it generates to slice many creatures to bits.

4) Sunlight Absorption ability - Like all Titans, the Emperor Crow having eaten the Titan Shifter Serum can absorb Sunlight.

5) Zero Resistance Air Slice Jutsu - It is capable of manipulating the air such that it creates zero resistance for all allies, instead enhancing them. Also, it can casually create passive "Air Slices" throughout all its and its allies attacks, enhancing the magnitude of power behind all their attacks.

6) Wind Style Death Jutsu - It can create storms so powerful that any part of it would be more than enough to serve as a Rasenshuriken. This enhances the power of all attack jutsu done by allies, as this passive effect prevents most enemies from regenerating.

It can work alongside Heracles and Ganchoku to create the most devastating combination attacks.

Cross Tail - An equipment used in Ganchoku's puppeteering. Combined with his Mangekyo Sharingan, these threads, alongside regular chakra threads, have proved extremely powerful in Ganchoku's care. Due to Ganchoku's strength, he is able to use the godlike strength behind the strings to slice almost all opponents to bits casually.

Aside from that, he can use Cross Tail to manipulate the bodies of other beings, if it were to get into their bodies