Cupiditas- the Kingdom of Flames is one of the seven kingdoms of Requiem. The kingdom is extremely capitalist believing that the weak are born weak for a reason. Unlike Acedia, it is not under the rule of one government and elections are held every two years for a new Emperor. Warriors that hail from Cupiditas specialize in the manipulation of flames but cannot generate flames.


It's said that Cupiditas was burned by a large dragon due to the sins of all it's inhabitants.


The current leader of Cupiditas is called Gol D. Rogue, a women of extreme ideals and extrem power. The kingdom is not as harshly run as Cupiditas but is still harsh in the fact that the government does nothing to help those who cannot afford necessities therefore have a lower quality of life.


The Kingdom is mainly comprised of flames and molten rock. However the houses and people are have been developed an immunity to heat, therefore being able to treat the flames as nothing. The kingdom of Cupiditas is roughly around the size of Florida with it's capital, Leere, being roughly around the size of Atlanta.