Connor Moroe

Connor Moroe is a Saint and hails from the kingdom of Gula.  His age is unknown. 


While Connor can sometimes have calm and collected attitude, when fighting vampires, demons, or other non-holy beings, he becomes psycotic and unpredictable.  He specifically holds a unique distain for the Vampire/Demon Contractor/ Soul Reaper, Nicholai Lestat.


Connor is often referred to as such things like "The Bayonet Priest" and "The Regenorator"  "The Shepard of Fire".  These names are both based off the different abilities he posseses.

Bayonets-Connor wields many silver, blessed bayonets, which he can conjure out of mid air and shoot in rapis succession.

Regeneration-  Connor can regenerate to an extent, if a would is too large his regeration can be slowed or stopped all together.

Holy Fire Manipulatio- Connor can conjure flames with a golden color that are increasingly deady to unholy beings.