Camelot- the kingdom of rebellion, is a newly found kingdom founded by it's emperor, Akashi. It is the only Kingdom to be considered a threat by the UKA as it is currently working on an alliance with the Royals of Castamere (the richest family in the world). Warriors that hail from from Camelot have a fairly strong resistance to both death magic and Haoshoku Haki.


Camelot was founded when Akashi and the Revolutionaries grew sick of the UKA and the way they treated relations but within and between Kingdoms. Because of this they left secret messages of a new land that would treat everyone fairly and make sure everyone was happy. Though some were reluctant at first, refugees from all over the world began migrating to Camelot to live there, making Camelot a major Kingdom.


The current leader of Camelot is a young emperor by the name of Akashi, consumer of the Yami Yami no Mi and jinchūriki of the Kyuubi. Despite his age, Akashi has been shown to have immense capabilities when it comes to both battle and leadership being able to force Gula to retreat during the invasion of Acedia and capturing the 5th prince as a hostage. He also brought in a system known as the Occupation Academy in which there is an academy system for each occupation ensuring both adults and children reach their full potential as warriors.