Aiden post ts
Also Known As The Nintaijutsu King
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 175 lbs.
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Kingdom Hermes
Occupation Ninja, Knight, Mage, Magus
Level 43
Experience 1500/43000
Bounty 330,750
Family Meh
Allies People He Likes.
Enemies People He doesn't like.
Status Alive
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  Aiden is a Shinobi from the kindgom of Hermes.  He has focused his training around taijutsu and augmenting it through chakra natures.  


Born to a Hyuga mother and a mysterious father,  Aiden had very high expectations on him growing up.  His training was fierce and began from the day he could walk.  His father trained him nearly exclusively in fire release and taijutsu.  Due to Aiden's rather exotic heritage, Aiden was born with the byakugan, massive chakra reserves, and an affinity for fire release.  While there were no real conflicts in the world as Aiden was being raised, his father still pushed him to his limits and beyond them.  By the time his parents felt he was old enough to move out and live life on his own, he was a master of fire release and had gained a particular affinity for his own fire release chakra mode.  Aiden had been raised to believe he push himself past any limit he comes across, and he decided he would do just that.  He would master all five chakra natures and every form of nintaijutsu one could imagine.


Aiden has a fairly stoic personality around those he does not trust, but quickly lightens up when he begins to consider someone a friend.  In combat he is known to get very excited.  He enjoys fighting and considers it a hobby.  While fighting he remains chipper and upbeat, even when his life in in danger.  He enjoys a challenge and will often wish to fight his enemies at their full power, no matter how much stronger than him they may turn out to be.  Aiden can feel incredible anger in cases of extreme turmoil, such as the death of a close friend/relative, or when someone murders many innocents needlessly. He has a simple, practical view of the world and is somewhat naive to the world around him. Because of this, many people incorrectly assume him to be somewhat stupid.  Aiden is extremely energetic, single-minded, and hot-blooded. Despite his very passionate nature, Aiden has also shown strong instincts, able stay focused at the mission at hand, rarely losing his composure, and notice the presence people around him, even recognising his friends.  While Aiden spent very little time doing any real fighting before the events of RP began, he spends nearly any waking moment that he doesn't spend eating, training.

Azure BeastEdit

During his training with Thane, Aiden partially conquered the Azure Beast and learned to use it's power as will.  Being the bearer of the Azure Beast greatly increases the reserves of all energy sources Aiden has access to.  It also grants him a power up known as the Azure Release.  The azure release greatly enhances all of Aiden's abilities.  It greatly enhances his physical strength and speed, as well as the potency of all other attcks.  While using the azure release, all of Aiden's attacks take on much darker colors, and he himself gains glowing purple eyes and a dark blue aura.

Aiden now has access to a unique eye ability known as the Eye of the Azure.  Due to the Azure Beast's enhancing nature, Aiden's Byakugan is enhanced greatly, more than tripling his normal visual range, and allowing him to see all forms of energy as he normally would just chakra.  Aiden also possessess a mystic eye that allows him to see the flow of the world.  Seeing the flow makes it very easy for Aiden to avoid attacks, as they infringe on the flow and create ripples.  These ripples themselves push Aiden away from the oncoming attack before it can reach him, making it seem as though he is merely being moved around by a breeze.  This same power can be used to amplify attacks as well.  Using a bladed weapon, by slashing along the flow rather than against it, Aiden can cut at whatever distance he wishes, and ignore conventional defences.  The slash moves extremely quickly, leaving very little time for his opponent to dodge.  The Eye of the Azure also has a few abilties unique to it.  The other and most prominent ability is that it grants Aiden telekinetic abilities specifically designed to be used on other people.  It is limited to those within his direct line of sight, and can be resisted If the opponents physical and mental strength is close to his own.  After fully mastering the power of the beast, Aiden's use of the Eye improved greatly, giving him not only foresight showing how his opponent will attack, but showing him exactly how to dodge while wasting the smallest amount of movement.


Chakra ControlEdit

Aiden, courtesy of being a Hyuga, has managed to refine his chakra control to an extreme extent, such that he is still capable of using the Clone Technique, Medical Ninjutsu, and even the highly precise Gentle Fist style even with his massive reserves. This Chakra Control reduces chakra loss by an extreme extent, allowing Aiden to seemingly fire endless combination techniques which can completely remake landscapes.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

One of the primary focuses of Aiden's training, and his person favorite form of engagement, nearly all ninjutsu usage by Aiden is used to augment taijutsu. Through his byakugan, Aiden has great clarity of vision and a near 360 degree view of his surroundings. The optical prowess of the Byakugan makes Aiden nearly impossible to hide from or sneak attack. Aiden's physique is nothing short of super human due to his intense training. He is extremely fast and eventually trained with his father to greatly increase his formerly lacking strength.  He can currently lift up to 60 tons without the aid of the symbiote, and near 200 tons when utilizing 100% of his muscles.  As a Hygua his combatc speed is also extremely high. His fighting style is quite refined, mixing elements from gentle fist as well and many other forms of taijutsu allowing for Aiden to have great diversity in his fighting style.  Due to his training with Thane, he became extremely proficient in all means of conventional and unconventional weaponry, there is almost nothing he can't find a way to make a weapon out of.


Due to his lack of physical strength, Aiden focuses much of his training on speed.  He is naturally fast enough to blitz nearly any opponent and has even gone so far as to develop his own techniques to enhance his speed.  Aiden ia highly skilled in the Body Flicker Technique so much so that he developed what he simply calls, Body Flicker: Style 2.  The user will combine Chakra Enhanced Speed with the Body Flicker in order to reach a high level of speed that greatly surpasses the original. The user must first channel Chakra Enhanced Speed to their feet, then vitalize their entire body to greater extent. The user will be able to match speeds of the Swift Release: Shadowless Flight Technique with ease. The speed of the user is increased to a level where no smoke is created but an afterimage of the target formed do to their speed. This technique is dependable because it doesn't cost much chakra to use and the user is able to easily change direction when in use. This allows Aiden to easily dodge most attacks and out maneuver almost any foe.  His speed is so great that the resulting afterimage can lead opponents to think he is using a clone technique.

Gentle FistEdit

As a Hyuga,  a large portion of Aiden's training is focused on the use of the gentle fist.  He is skilled in the typick 64 and 128 palm techniques, but has decided to take things a bit further for his own usage.  While nearly all of his "improvements" are elemental but there are a few which are not.  This technique is meant to be used to quickly incapacitate a target by making them temporarily unable to utilize their chakra. The fist of which is the Genttle Fist Art: Pressure Finger. The user will begin by flowing a large amount of chakra into one of their fingertips then proceed to strike the target in a central chakra point. At the moment of contact the user releases the stored chakra from their fingertip directly into the targeted chakra point causing a resonating wave of chakra throughout the target's body that strikes the rest of the tenketsu in their body and temporarily shuts them down up to 5 minutes. The resulting wave of chakra that resonates from the chakra point that was stricken causes a reaction that causes the target to be repulsed several feet away from the user. This technique does not cause the death of the targets unless they them self try to build chakra, however being struck by the user may cause possible unconsciousness.

Another is the Gentle Fist: Confined Death technique.  The user strikes the opponent with one fist, lifting them in the air. Hitting them with another fist in the heart, the shock wave form from it causes the heart to overload, causing a spreading affect across the body, quickly overloading all tenketsu within the targets body. Because each tenketsu is also overloaded, the shock wave cant escape the opponents body, and destroys it from the inside out, quickly causing a bloody explosion.

Aiden has aslo created a technique that is sort of a combination  of the Body Blow and Body Flicker technique.  Rather than vitalizing ones body, the user will vitalize the tenketsu in their legs and feet, then rapidly release the chakra in short but continuous bursts with each step they take allowing the user to achieve tremendous speeds that the eye cannot keep up with. The speed of the user is augmented to the point that it seems as if they are teleporting from one place to another. Even the famed Sharingan has trouble keeping tabs on the user due to their speed. This technique can also allow the user to ascend through air at incredible speeds as well. The user can turn sharp corners without resistance and in a split second and can easily change the direction they wish to go.

Elemental Gentle FistEdit

Channelling any of the elements into his fingers, he may coat them with extremely dense amounts of Elemental Chakra whilst unleashing Gentle Fist techniques. Coating them with 1 or more elements allows him to drastically enhance the power of his Gentle Fist techniques, such that even users with armour have no choice but to avoid his techniques or be impaled by his finger.

If he were to enhance his finger with sufficient lightning chakra, it is said that this Elemental Gentle Fist can mimic a Hell Stab. In this manner, the Elemental Gentle Fist is incredibly dangerous, as even if the attacks miss, the residue elemental chakra on the finger also serves to severely harm the enemy. Combined with Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm, Aiden may unleash massive blasts of elemental techniques from his palms as well.

When combined with the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, Aiden's technique may also be able to direct elemental chakra within the enemy's body, not only blocking the Tenketsu, but also filling it with elemental chakra to damage it, preventing reactivation.

With mastery over the Byakugan, Aiden has managed to develop Elemental Armour of his own. Using the principle behind the Palm Rotation technique, Aiden releases molded Elemental Chakra from each of his Tenketsu, creating an extremely powerful defense which can not only cover the user, but also generate shockwaves if enough elemental chakra is expelled at once. He can use this ability for all of the elements he has under his control. With this technique, he can either cut through nearly anything (lightning), or burn practically all obstacles (fire armour).  This technique can actually be used to greatly enhance Aiden's fire release chakra mode, and serves as the basis for other chakra modes he plans to learn.

With the development of the Elemental Armour, the Elemental Rotation needlessly follows. Expelling elemental chakra rather than normal chakra, Aiden can execute an elemental rotation which repels the opponent by a far greater extent than a regular Palm Rotation. Considering the fact that Elemental Chakra is stronger, a Rotation which is far larger and more powerful can also be unleashed as well. This can only be done as a result of Aiden's precise chakra control and mastery over his own chakra flow (via tenketsu).

Destruction FistEdit

Aiden has also managed to create a version of Gentle Fist of his own, called Destruction Fist, which is a far deadlier version than the Gentle Fist. This technique is aimed to kill, not to subdue, and as such it is rarely used.

Using the massive amounts of chakra Aiden possesses, Aiden coats his finger with immense amounts of chakra, utterly overloading the the Gentle Fist. Doing so, when he strikes at the enemy's tenketsu, the massive chakra burst would not only block off the tenketsu, but also severely damage it in the process, causing severe pain if the target ever attempts to channel chakra through that Tenketsu. When infused with sufficient power, the Destruction Fist may even annihilate the tenketsu, preventing its use ever again throughout the user's life.

This also leaves behind lingering chakra from Aiden, which Aiden can freely use to convert into elemental chakra, dealing further damage to the target.

With his destruction fist, Aiden has developed what he calls Eight Trigrams: 128 Deaths. This technique is used by vastly overloading the Gentle Fist technique, combined with tinges of powerful elemental chakra and twisted around into a maelstrom of annihilation (similar to Rasengan), Aiden becomes capable of killing an enemy in one blow. This technique, as such, can kill the enemy 128 times over. With the very first attack alone, the chakra used in the Destruction Fist utterly destroys the Tenketsu within the enemy's body, with the chakra exploding within the tenketsu system itself. This damages nearby tenketsu as well and renders them impossible to regenerate (for regular shinobi). Aiden then repeats this for different parts of the body, utterly destroying the tenketsu everywhere repeatedly, causing extreme damage to the target in the process. Normally, a person would die from the first hit alone, but against any immortal or extremely durable enemies, this technique is incredibly formidable and painful.  This is arguably Aiden's most devastating technique, but has another can be used to push it even further.

Elemental Destruction: Gentle DeathEdit

Combining the elements with the Destruction Fist serves to make this variant of the Gentle Fist even more terrifying. Summoning the power of the elements, and utilizing his own extreme control, Aiden literally molds a complete jutsu and contains them on the very tips of his fingers, and when he strikes the enemy with, for example, a Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, from the tips of its fingers, it causes extreme damage upon impact, as if the Fire Release Great Fireball was concentrated into the tiny portion struck by Aiden's technique.  Aiden often uses this technique in conjunction with the chidori.  While it will not cause as much damage due to a smaller area of effect, it allows Aiden to pierce virtually any defense by taking the already incredible piercing ability of the chidori and condensing it down to a single point.

This can be coupled with Destruction Fist: 8 Trigrams 128 Deaths to deal far greater damage.  The use of these two techniques in conjunction is a trump card used by Aiden only if he intends to kill his opponent and only if he intends to end fights quickly.

Aiden has also developed a powerful defensive technique known as the Deflecting Palm. Deflecting Palm is an advanced defensive technique that relies on the perfect tenketsu control of the Gentle Fist Art. As an opponent delivers a strike, Aiden creates a field of chakra almost instantly before impact, stopping the attack completely. The deflective force is strong enough to push the bones out of the opponent's hand if they attempt to punch through it.

Gentle Fist Art: Infinity BarrageEdit

Gentle Fist Art: Infinity Barrage is a technique that usually results in the target's death, this technique is also used to easily break through defensive maneuvers and techniques. In order to pull off this technique the user must be strong mentally and physically and must have a keen sense in the use of taijutsu. The user will first channel Chakra Enhanced Strength and Speed to both of their arms and hands, then they will take the Hyuga trigram stance, if the target is in the trigram they are doomed. The user will appear right before them and deliver a barrage of full-power strikes to the target's chakra points at tremendous speed, the strikes are so fast that even the byakugan has trouble keeping up with it. It appears as if the user has over 1000 hands that are viciously puncturing the target's chakra points. Even if the target manages to block a strike the speed of the users hands will instantly overcome their defenses. This technique also can be used to break through walls and even break through susano'o. The user of this technique usually will continue to strike the target until they are dead. When Touma had used this technique on an enemy he had hit all 361 chakra points 15 times completely destroying their chakra network. Even if a person were to survive they would no longer be able to be a shinobi due to the tremendous damage inflicted on their chakra network.  If this technique were combined with Destruction Fist or Elemental Destruction: Gentle Death it is likely to completely exhaust Aiden, but it would suddenly become much easier to list the things he can't kill. This is considered by Aiden to be a trump card technique used a last resort.

Fire Release Edit

Aiden primarily uses fire release for his fire release chakra mode. This chakra mode has a similar concept to the famed lightning release chakra mode, though it is used primarily offensively. This technique can make taijutsu attacks far more devastating by launching fireballs with punches, inflicting close range fiery explosions when powerful strikes land, and tiring out opponents. The sheer heat generated by the chakra mode can quickly lead to dehydration in an opponent especially if they remain close to him. This chakra mode can also be used defensively, as the intense flames can block many non-elemental attacks, and protect Aiden from nearly any fire based attack.  By engulfing his body in flames, and using the flames for propulsion, Aiden is actually capable of high speed sustained flight.

Lightning ReleaseEdit

Aiden also has a natural affinity for Lightning Release, learning the Chidori under his mother's tutelage, being able to easily strike through and severely injure most targets.  Aiden normally uses lightning release techniques for singular, powerful targets, while his fire serves more for crowd control.  Aiden also has his own variation of the chidori that plays in to his style of close quarters combat.  By enclosing his fist just before he makes contact with his opponent.  This leads to a blunt impact rather than a piercing one, and is followed by an explosion of lightning centered on the point of impact.  Aiden aslo has access to Lightning Release Chakra Mode, massively enhancing his speed and reaction times while it is active.


​Ton Ton no MiEdit

Aiden has consumed the Devil Fruit Ton Ton no Mi, allowing him to increase his weight at will.  His weight increases in metric tons and can increase from anywhere from one to ten thousand metric tons in weight.  This allows Aiden to put immense amounts of force behind his attacks.  Aiden will primarily use his Devil Fruit to multiply the strength behind his physical attacks manifold, or make himself nigh impossible to move due to his immense weight.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Due to Aiden's naturally heightened senses and reflexes, his Kenbunshoku Haki is quite powerful.  Using it alongside his Byakugan and Mystic Eye makes it nigh impossible to hit him with most conventional attacks.  Coupled with his enhanced eyes, Aiden is capable of sensing and detecting people and threats from many kilometers away.  Aiden is capable of combining withown training, already being able to predict an opponents actions through muscle movement, Aiden becomes an absolute monster in hand to hand combat, being able to match or surpass those usually much faster or even more skilled than himself.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Aiden typically uses the invisible armor granted by this form of Haki to enhance the defense already given to him by his symbiote. The combination grants him a nigh impenetrable defence, allowing him take all but the strongest attacks and come out unscathed. Aiden often uses his Haki to enhance the durability of Red Edge, making the already durable blade even less likely to be damaged in combat.


Aiden's knight ability is called Devour.  It allows him to devour various things to achieve different effects.  If he consumes a matieral, his body can temporarily mimic the properties of the material.  He can consume attacks of any type he has access to, in his case, chakra and magic.  By consuming chakra based attacks, he can either fire them back, or digest the attack and add the chakra from the attack into his own reserves.  He can consume fire in the same way a dragon/devil/god slayer would be able to, which invigorates and heals him.  He is capable of consuming any attack that is not too massive, as something that it too big will overwhelm him before it can be sucked in.


As a magus Aiden is highly skilled in reinforcement magic. With his mastery over reinforcement, Aiden can shape nearly any every day object he comes across into a more usable and helpful form.  He is able to change the shape of random stones and harden them into usable weapons. He can also take an already powerful weapon and enhance it even further.  His skill in reinforcement can also make his already effective equipment much more deadly.  By reinforceing the existence of Red Edge, it is able to gain abilities far faster than it would otherwise, and is more effective for causing blood letting injuries.  The fire power of his magnums is augmented.  Aiden is also capable of applying a reverse effect.  Using similar concepts, he has reversed engineered reinforcement magic and has become capable of weakening or even destroying things on contact.  Due to the nature of reinforcement magic, it would be incredibly difficult for him to use this on another person's body, but he can use it on any equipment they might be using. 

Aiden's magus abilties are enhanced great by the possession of several Class Cards. The first class card comes from the Caster formerly called Medea.  This grants Aiden Caster's magical prowess, as well as several other abilities.  Aiden's now greatly improved magical prowess grants him an extremely more powerful version of reinforcement.  His ability to increase the quality of items in greatly enhanced, being able to make even basic items strong enough and powerful enough to fight with some of the strongest beings in the world.  With his level of reinforcement, he is also capable of augmenting himself to extreme degrees.  He is also capable of taking his weakening abilities further.  With Caster's magical prowess, he can easily break down almost any non-living substance to the point that it shatters.  It also becomes far easier for him to weaken another person.

The second class card in Aiden's possession grants the abilities of the Saber known as King Arthur. This gives him access to the Noble Phantasm known as Excalibur Proto. Excalibur Proto is far more powerful than the traditional Excalibur, but has terms that must be met before it's full power can released. In order to use it's full power, the fight must be honorable, and the opponent must be more powerful than the user. When these conditions are met, the blade becomes capable of releasing a massive blast that is capable of engulfing an entire city. If the conditions for using the blade are met, victory is almost guaranteed due to the destructive power of the blast.

The third class card in Aiden's possession grants the abilities of the Archer known as Oda Nobunaga. This card is highly situation, but almost guarantees victory when used for it's specific purpose. The Archer card grants immense boosts against enemies with high levels of divinity, and high levels of mystery. The noble phantasm Three Thousand Words creates three thousand guns that do massive damage to those with high divinity, high levels of mystery, or are proficient in the use of mounts. He also gains access to a reality marble that is so damaging to those with high levels of divinity, they find it difficult to even exist within it's confines.

The fourth class card in Aiden's possession grants the abilities of the Assassin known as Hassan. He gains the ability to divide himself, creating clones with his strength divided between them. Due to the ability of presence concealment, this card is widely used for recon and scouting, as it is not very well suited for direct combat.

The fifth class card in Aiden's possession grants him the abilities of the Rider known as Achilles. This passively makes him invulerable to attacks from opponents without certain levels of divinity, unless they strike at his heart or his achilles heel. He gains access to a duel field, allowing him to challenge a person to a fair fight. If the opponent accepts, they are taken to a realm where Aiden's invulerability will not apply, and no outside help is allowed. Rider, who "doesn't know when to give up", can continue fighting for a time even after either of his weak-points, his heel and heart, are struck.

The sixth class card in Aiden's possession grants him the abilities of the Lancer known as Karna. The first thing he gains is the passive ability called Discernment of the Poor, which allows him to see through an opponents character and attributes. He will not be deceived by excuses and deceptions from words. It expresses the power to grasp the true nature of the opponent possessed by Karna, who was blessed with the opportunity to inquire about the life and value of the weak due to being someone without a single relative. He gains an incredibly high level of divinity, and a nigh immunity to fire, due to his status as "The Son of the Sun."

He can instantly bring his spear, a form of bluish-white light appears and it seemed to penetrate through Lancer's right hand. Lancer's spear is a massive length of iron, which he utilizes its sharp tip and immense weight to bring about destruction. Lancer's spear-work does justice to Karna, whose name has echoed in every corner of the world. It is all the more impossible to fully receive the constant attacks of a spearman that has stepped so far into the domain of Gods. His spear roared, cleaving the air apart, and his every thrust was like cannon fire, throwing out roaring gusts. Lancer's destructive force comes from his immense physical strength and his transcendent technique. Lancer's spear possesses power proportionate to an A-rank attack, even without being activated as a Noble Phantasm. It does not even need to be said that Lancer and his spear holds the advantage in terms of range. The head of the weapon alone is easily over one meter in its fearsome length. However, having a wider range naturally slows the speed of attack. A small amount of time is lost with every thrust as the spear must be pulled back.

The armor he wears is an absolute defensive Noble Phantasm that possessed the radiance of the sun, granted to him by the gods. It could protect against stakes, blades, hammers, or any kind of attack, regardless of whether it was physical or magical. In his fight against Lancer of Black, Karna easily matched the thousand stakes. Without paying any care to the stakes that stabbed countless times all over his body, from his feet to his right shoulder to his left flank to his elbow, neither his movements nor his strength changed at all. His Noble Phantasm was negating 90% of the damage from the stakes. They were reduced to mere scratches that he could heal while fighting. However attacks from within his body were a single exception.

The seventh and final class card in Aiden's possession grants him the abilities of the Berserker known as Vlad the Impaler. The noble phantasm known as Legend of Dracula is passively activated in this form. It is considered a trump card and last resort by Aiden, due to the fact that it is massively more powerful than anything else he possesses, but costs him his sanity. Upon activation, Aiden's skin becomes vary pale, his cloak becomes black, his eye become a crimson red, and his hair turns black and droops down.

His physical strength becomes such that he can easily overpower other Servants to a surprising degree and throw any of his mass-produced spears with such force that they casually surpass the speed of sound and match the power of a Noble Phantasm. His movement speed is compared to teleportation, allowing him to quickly move around the battlefield to target the long-range Archers even while battling three close-combat Servants and ten golems. His healing happens at such a rate that he is healed faster than he can be damaged, allowing him to easily counter strong attacks simply by allowing them to hit and letting his regeneration quickly repair the damage. He can prioritize certain aspects of his regeneration so as to allow himself to move even under constant assault. Within this state, physical attacks that would normally hurt and kill a Servant no longer affect him, allowing him to remove projectiles from his body without a single drop of blood leaking out and take strikes to the heart that would destroy his spiritual core without issue. He can use his transformation ability to become a giant dog to attack enemies and easily dodge attacks and quickly remove projectiles as a flock of bats or mist, but targeting the bats with magecraft or using flames on the mist can still damage him.


Red EdgeEdit

Red Edge began as a simple oversized sword.  Although some would say it was too big to be called a sword.  It was too big, too thick, too heavy, and too long.  It mas more like a head of metal with a handle.  Red Edge possed a unique ability, the ability to gain abilities based off of things that it killed.  The sword is still capable of gaining more abilities if it encounters defenses it has not had to deal with before.  Aiden possesses a pair of guantlets with all the same abilities should he wish to enagne in hand to hand rather than sword combat.

Shape Morphing: The oversized greatsword used by Aiden is not the required form of Red Edge, it takes the shape of whatever would be most useful to the user.  However, akin to the name, the weapon will always possess a red trim, a signature of the smith who forged it.

Magic Recall: One of the basic abilities of Red Edge.  Once it is picked up by a person it bonds with them, and can not be used by another without the owner's permission.  Magic Recall allows the user to return Red Edge to their hand, or place of holstering , with a simple mental command.  This allows someone to fake out an enemy, as they can act as though they are unarmed and helpless before catching the enemy by surprise.

Destroy:  Gained from contact with the Azure Beast, at Aiden's command the sword can release a massive blast of Azure energy that is capable of decimating armies, or obliterating collossal enemies.  This technique is largely used as an anti-army, as it can clear an area up to a several hundred foot diameter around Aiden.  This ability can be combined with Solar Magic to wipe out hordes of powerful enemies at once.  It can be focused to a degree, causing it to take the form a massive beam, colored purple and red normally, and being a bright orange when enhanced with solar magic.

Omnislash: Gained during Thane's use of the blade, the sword gained this ability by adapting to the combat speed of many high speed opponents. Omnislash acts as a temporary speed boost applying to only the user's arms. Omnislash will release 5 attacks from different angles at such great speed, that they seem to be simultaneous.

Toxin Edge:  While fighting many of the creatures of the world with regenerative powers, the sword gained this ability to counter them.  Toxin edge curses the enemy so that all biological regeneration is negated, and will not return for several hours.  This weapon is especially effective against reckless undead, whom have grown reliant on their healing powers.  This ability would normally fail to kill vampires with multiple souls were it not for...

Soul Reaver: This ability was gained battling first rate vampires, whom must be killed several times over due to their storage of stolen souls.  This ability cuts straight into their "vault" so to speak, and can kill several of their lives in a single cut.  On any other person, Soul Reaver can temporarily damage part of the body by making it inactive, as the body's soul would be weakened in that area.  This is especially effective against vampires, meisters, and any others with soul based techniques. It is possible using soul reaver in joint with solar magic to quite literally burn away the souls within the enemy.  Soul reaver can also disturb and cut the bonds between a meister and their weapon partner, making it near impossible for them to resonate souls, and often times forcing them to seperate.

Magic Release: Gained from encounters with various men who wished to claim his life, the weapon is capable of absorbing any magic, chakra, Nen, and various other forms of energy, and releasing it as a blast of sheer force equivalent to the amount of damage the fired attacks would have done.

Caster's Might: Upon aquiring the Jeweled Sword and the dagger known ad Rule Breaker, Aiden decided to forge them into Red Edge, simply for convenience.  The jewled sword casues the mere possession of Red Edge to grant Aiden near limitless magical energy, making magecraft far easier.  From the added addition of Rule Breaker, Red Edge, can cut magical bonds, negating enhantments on items it comes in contact with.  When used in the form of gauntlets, Aiden can sever a connection between a noble phantasm and it's owner, allowing him to use it as his own.  He can also bypass other magical bonds people may have to weapons, allowing him to use any weapon he wishes.

​King Arthur's Wrath:  Upon

The SymbioteEdit

The symbiote is a unique suit given to Aiden by his father.  The suit has a plethora of biological abilities, the most prominent of which is granting Aiden a form of body supremacy, granting him the ability to manipulate his biology on a very refined level.

The first and likely most obvious application is allowing Aiden to passively allow himself usage of one hundred percent of his muscle mass. Aiden has thus gained the ability to tap into their body's true strength without use of the Eight Gates technique. Most people only use about thirty percent of their muscle mass, granting Aiden quite the substantial boost in an area he used lack proficiency in.

Aiden also has the ability to overclock his brain. This can allow them to speed up their learning abilities immensely as well as increase the efficiency of their ability to retain information. This grants Aiden a form of adoptive muscle memory. He is capable of copying almost any physical movement after only witnessing it once. Their skill and information processing abilities are also augmented to the point that he can predict melee attacks through muscle movement and ranged attacks by their trajectory. Combined with their muscle memory, Aiden can counter attacks from nearly anyone who doesn't possess an immense speed advantage over him.

Aiden can also manually increase or decrease the flow of adrenaline and endorphins in his body. If he ever wishes to, he can release these both in excess, effectively nullifying his feeling of pain, and increasing his physical attributes somewhat. The major downside to this is that he can become reckless when his adrenaline levels are too high, and the euphoria caused by a high level of endorphins can be a hindrance in combat.

Aiden also has control over his own reflexes. He is capable of enhancing his reactions immensely, allowing him to track and counter those normally faster than him. If one possesses a style that can be predicted, Aiden can easily see their attack just as or even before it begins, allowing them to dodge or counter far more effectively than they would be able to otherwise. Aiden can also completely shut off his own reflexes. This would widely be used in fights where muscle movements give off false signals, and become a hindrance rather than a help. This will also mitigate if not completely nullify the effects of feints and misdirections, though all movements become completely thought based.

The technique also has some non-combat focused applications. For example, Aiden can control the length of his telomeres. Telomeres become shorter as cell division occurs, causing the body to age. By regenerating telomeres, Aiden can effectively halt the aging process indefinitely. This allows Aiden to always stay in his prime and avoid weakening with time.

Aiden also has several capabilities applicable for disguise and stealth. Aiden has the ability to change his hair color, skin color, and eye color. Through use of these, Aiden can effectively make himself look like an entirely different person. This obviously can not hide him from things like soul sensing techniques, as changing one's biology will not change their soul.

Aside from control over his biology, the symbiote grants Aiden a few other useful applications.  The suit is capable of consuming people or creatures and converting their body into biomass, providing more material for the suit to utilize.  Biomass has several uses, the primary of which being defense.  The suit covers Aiden's entire body, and without any excess biomass, has the same durability as the wearer's skin.  The suit is capable of hardening itself at will without risking flexibility.  The suit is cabable of using biomass for regeneration,  The more spare mass the suit has, the more injuries it is capable of healing before needing a break to regenerate itself.

The symbiote's mass can be shaped into weapons and it's unique makeup makes it capable of mimicing technology.  It can copy almost any mechanical piece of equipment due it's skill in mimicing small details and movements.  As such Aiden is capable of turning parts of his body into guns, and using spare biomass condensed into ammunition.

Noire's EyepatchEdit

Noire's eyepatch was given to Aiden after he lost an eye to a soul destroying weapon, preventing it from being healed in any way.  Noire's eyepatch makes up for his lost vision and more.  The eyepatch doubles the already extensive range of Aiden's byakugan, and provides many other sensory abilities.  It allows Aiden to see soul wavelengths, nen, and various other forms of energy he otherwise could not track.  It makes hiding from him nearly impossible.


Aiden's possession of Avalon grants him extremely potent and rapid healing of wounds. The holder of the scabbard is granted potent healing, allowing for critical and fatal wound to be rapidly repaired to restore the wielder's health. Minor injuries are restored easily, and even large missing portions of the body and destroyed vital organs like the heart can quickly be restored at the critical moment before death. Targeting anything other than the holder's head in order to destroy their brain is futile, requiring for a decisive strike to be landed in order to cause any true damage. Its function as a Noble Phantasm is an "absolute defense" that completely shields its user in the domain of fairies, Avalon, the unreachable utopia that Arthur dreamed of and was said to have gone to after her death. It is the greatest protection in the world that goes beyond defending or reflecting, completely isolating its user in a world completely separate from the regular world. The scabbard dissipates into countless tiny particles in the air and engulfs the user to become a "portable fortress" that shuts out all interference. It is the Bounded Field of the tranquil domain of fairies that keeps out all filth from the outside world, and allows nothing to harm the user that stands in the land of Avalon. The individual is shielded from all destructive interference in the physical realm, transliners from parallel worlds, and multidimensional communication as far as the sixth dimension. It is on the level of true magic, an actual true magic in itself, that transcends all magecraft, and not even the Five Magics can overcome the barrier.