Acedia- the Kingdom of the Sky is one of the seven kingdoms of Requiem. It is a kingdom that could be considered as extremely communist being under the dictatorship of a single individual. Warriors that hail from Acedia specialize in flight being the only human beings in Requiem that can fly.


A myth that surrounds Acedia was that it was risen to the sky by Eirene, the Greek Goddess of peace, so the it's inhabitants could live a life without interference from other Kingdoms.


Acedia is lead by a left wing dictator known as Kuro Dragneel. The way the kingdom is run is very similar to that of Amegakure, in which all residents are constantly under surveillance from Kuro himself, facing the consequences of torture or murder for speaking ill of their emperor. Furthermore, all jobs have the same wage and company revenue is owned and distributed by the Acedia government.


Acedia is a kingdom comprised of several rocks which vary in size and shape. The capital, Skypeia is the largest of these rocks being twice the size of New York city. In order to reach Acedia from the ground, it is required for the people to travel by a mystical force known as Sky Path. Sky Path enables said person to walk on air when in a certain proximity of Acedia.