An «Occupation» virtually decides a characters powers and abilities on the Requiem Wiki. There are many different types of Occupations for users to pick from; these occupations vary depending on which series the occupation is based upon (aka the Base Series). The Base Series is also an important factor as it determines the powers and abilities of aforementioned Occupation, e.g. a chef in Naruto is much weaker than a chef in Toriko.


List of «Occupation»
OP Req
Naruto Req
Bleach Req
Pirate Shinobi Shinigami
Fairy Tail Req
Mage Magician Magus
Shaman King Req
Knight Requiem
Shaman Knight Alchemist
Toriko Req
Hunter Req
Soul Eater Req
Bishokuya Hunter Meister
Bender OCC
Beelzebub Req
Exorcist Bender Demon Contractor
Deadman Wonderland Poster
Caster occ 2
Seiya Req
Deadman Caster Saint
Martial Artist occ
Magic King Candidate
Hero occ
Martial Artist Magic King Candidate Hero
Psyren Occ
Stand User occ
Trainer occ
Psyren Stand User Trainer
Magicknight occ
Huntsman occ
Blazer occ
Magic Knight Huntsman Blazer